Centaur Hoof
Centaur Hoof
Name Centaur Hoof
Kanji せんたああ ふふ
Rōmaji Sentaaa Hufu
Symbol Centaur Hoof
Master Franko Casner
S-Class Mages Barbossa Nean





Type Legal Guild
Location Citadelia
"A fairy's light cannot reach a land as far off as ours. Our guild will deliver that light."
— Founder

Centaur Hoof is one of the few legal guilds in the country of Citadelia. It is considered the strongest guild in the country, with their main rivals, Basilisk Fang and Olympus coming right behind them of the five legal guilds in the country. Their name emphasizes speed and power, two important qualities in a mage.


S-Class Promotion Trial



Name Rank Team Status
Ulysses Forge 1st Guild Master, Founder None Deceased
Franko Casner 2nd Guild Master None Semi-Active
Rico Mars Mage Living Link Active
Yukio Heartman Mage Living Link Active
Cole Shatner Mage Living Link Active
Lys Akatsuki Mage Living Link Active
Barbossa Nean S-Class Mage None Active
Jon Earis Mage Black Crash Active
Eagle S-Class Mage Black Crash Active
Templar Johannes Mage Black Crash Semi-Active
Sharpner S-Class Mage Black Crash Excommunicated
Perspire Mage Black Crash Deceased
Boulder S-Class Mage Team Elite Active
Ragnarok S-Class Mage Team Elite Active
Heckman S-Class Mage Team Elite Active
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