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Changing Magic



Kigae no Mahō



Changing Magic (着替えの魔法, Kigae no Mahō lit. Change of Clothes Magic) is a form of Caster Magic in the family of Transformation Magic. Also called Dressing Room Magic (着替え所の魔法, Kigaejo no Mahō), its sole purpose is for the changing of one's attire, hence the name.


Changing Magic is a form of Caster Magic that allows the user to transmute any clothing worn by themselves or a target into another outfit of their choice. Originally a magic developed by young women, the basic level of this technique allows a woman to take any outfit they possess and transform the clothing to match. The advanced level of the technique allows the user to transform their clothing to match any outfit they can possibly think of; for girls who are fans of clothing such as the Heart Kreuz clothing line to acquire articles of clothing without paying the price.

While the magic itself has no combat value, it can easily be used to embarass opponents who are easily flustered by altering their clothing to something a little more skimpy.


  • Changing Magic debuted in the Fairy Tail spinoff known as Fairy Girls, as one of Juvia Lockser's magics.
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