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"For too long, Humans have had their way of creating abominations and discarding them like toys. For too long, we suffered under the rule of humanity and the great beasts that have incredible strength. No more! Listen to me my brothers and sisters, the age of the elites has ended! It is time for us, the lowers to step up and claim our place as one of the greats! For we understand well what true torture is, what true pain is, and we will show these mages how the true childrens of magic exist!!"
— Chaor tells his Guildmates

"Nature brings forth life"

Chaor Daigun



Chaō Dēgan


Beast Kin(獣血縁, Jūketsuen)


Magic Beast


Jan 1st


Male Male







Eye Color

Dark Gray(Former)

Hair Color


Blood Type


Guild Mark Location


Unusual Features

Rock-like body

Professional Status

Wild Nature Primal Nexus


Guild Master

Previous Occupation

Independent Mage

Base of Operations


Personal Status


Marital Status



Unnamed Parents(Deceased)
Unnamed Wife(Deceased)
Talia(Adopted Daughter)


Songbird Magic
Super Archive

Signature Skill

Energy Manipulation



Chaor Daigun(チャオー・デーガン, Chaō Dēgan) is the founder and guild master of Primal Nexus, the first guild in history to be made up entirely of Magical creatures from across the earthlands and beyond. Originally human, Chaor went by the name of Bryce Roy, an independent Mage that went through different parts of the earthlands on different job requests to make a name for himself, and later join a guild worthy of his status. As guild master of Primal Nexus, Chaor has made it his mission to bring the age of the magic beasts to the earthlands, establishing their place as an equal among the other children of magic. His compassion and generosity towards his feel creatures, both big and small, gave way for the earning of his nickname, Beast Kin(獣血縁, Jūketsuen), a brother and leader to all magical beings in creation. It is seen that one of the magic creatures that takes residence in Primal Nexus is his adopted daughter, Talia, an exceed that he found as a baby and raised it as his own flesh and blood.


Bryce is known for his thuggish appearance, though this is deceiving of his kind nature. Possessing an unruly mop of black hair that is accentuated by several fashionable spikes, while his bangs frame his face, exposing his forehead, he has been called 'duck-butt' thanks to his hairstyle. Physically, Bryce has a muscular body befitting that of a demi-god; causing the ladies to swoon over him like there's no tomorrow. Lastly, Bryce's eyes gleam a glaring hazel, piercing the souls of his enemies as they lose the will to fight against this unstoppable maelstrom of destruction. Bryce wears a black cape with red lining and gold trimming. Under this, he wears a white robe-like shirt. He wears three belts: two belts around his stomach and another that dangles loosely around his waist.

Now, having become a mutated form "thanks" to a Dark Guild, Bryce shed his name and became the Magic Beast known as Chaor Daigun. In his new form, Chaor has become a hulking brute who towers over most whom come into contact with him—he has lost nearly all of his former attractiveness, instead, he has become a being similar to that of a Golem from ancient myth. It seems as if his body is made out of stone; possessing glowing lines all over his body, his now crimson eyes burn brightly into his opponents' souls. He seems to wear a black vest with numerous symbols upon it; along with black gloves—the shining lines and symbols patterned across his body seem to be a side-effect of his energy manipulation.

When he reverts to his humanoid form by the way of the spell, it has been shown that it is not a full reversion back to his former appearance; causing a crimson aura to surround and compress around him, changing him back, though still, Chaor is known for his thuggish appearance, though this is deceiving of his kind nature. Possessing an unruly mop of black hair that is accentuated by several fashionable spikes, while his bangs frame his face, exposing his forehead, he has been called 'duck-butt' thanks to his hairstyle. Physically, Chaor has a muscular body befitting that of a demi-god; however, unlike his previous human form, Chaor is known to possess rock-like skin that is extremely tough to make contact with without being harmed. Lastly, Chaor's eyes gleam a haunting crimson, piercing the souls of his enemies as they lose the will to fight against this unstoppable maelstrom of destruction. Chaor wears a black cape with red lining and gold trimming. Under this, he wears a white robe-like shirt. He wears three belts: two belts around his stomach and another that dangles loosely around his waist.


Before changing into a magic beast, Bryce Roy was known for his strong will and tenacity for wanting to improve on himself and his abilities, and wanting to prove to himself to those that he viewed as rivals and allies. When he was younger, Bryce was considered to be the troubled child, getting into fights and arguments with anyone that he thought was mocking or judging him because of his status as a poor person
Chair young

Bryce's Ambition

living in the slums. Despite this, Bryce showed ambition for wanting to go beyond what he felt was the boarder between himself and the world in front of him, and after discovering that he himself had magic energy inside of him, he found the goal to becoming renowned in the world. In the time he spent after leaving home and traveling the world, Bryce had seen what the world was: a pit of constant challenges and risks that could either give way to incredible fame and glory if one had the determination to push forward towards their goal. Bryce became the pusher of the world, trying hard and giving it everything towards his desires, even if it meant losing parts of himself in the process. Despite this view of the world, Bryce still found himself to be very honorable and compassionate to those who remind him of himself, and even had a softer side to him that resulted in having a wife who believed and pushed him to continue his travels with her waiting for him when he returned to his home. After he found her dead from a disease that she contracted, it made him realize how selfish was, something he believed to be a weak state of being, and exiled himself away.

After his transformation and exile that was from the end result of his transformation him into a Magic Beast, he lost his sense of humanity and dubbed himself Chaor Daigun. Despite his physical change, some trace of Bryce's old personality remained behind , but focuses instead on the care and well being of the creatures that have been tormented or exiled by humans and their misunderstanding. In his eyes, Chaor sees humans as more nuisances than beings of high status. He did not hate or was disgusted by humans, but felt that they only ever caused more harm than good in terms of co-existence in the magic world. Chaor is known for his kindness and compassion to the magic creatures that are shown to be the less in terms of status, and often helps many to realize how much more potential that they have inside of them. However, despite showing respect to all magic creatures,the only ones he hates and despise more than any are the creatures that hide themselves from the magic world, viewing them as weak and pathetic beings who hide themselves from the world like they were better and more intellectual than other magic creatures. Chaor is known to become angered when someone in his guild is threatened or taken, which cause many to flee as they know that Chaor's anger is said to be as destructive as an active volcano, and it takes almost the entire guild to calm down before he would actually set the entire forest ablaze.



Bryce Roy was born in a very prestigious city to two loving parents who had been designated as lower class by the council there, and forced into the slumps of the city. In his youth, Bryce felt like his parents and many others were often being cheated out of everything that was rightfully theirs, but could not do anything as his own parents had been working hard to make ends meet for them. Deciding then that he would start making sure he and his parents lived good, he began to steal from the higher class, any kind of store or shopping center, he would hit and take as much as he can to help his hard-working parents. The times he got caught or beaten only strengthened his resolve, that he would reach what he desired by any means, even if it brought him to the brink of death. One day when he went shopping with his mother, police from the higher class had recognized Bryce, going to great lengths to find out what had happened to all the objects and products that he stole. When Bryce wouldn't tell them, they focused their attention on his mother, threatening her safety if he did not give up the information and return the products he stole. Right when one of them was about to touch her, the sudden shock caused his magic to erupt upward for the first time, shaking the entire block as it caused the police to flee in fear of the intensity of his magic before he stopped and passed out while his mother took him home. When he discovered what really happened to him, it was at that moment Bryce found the ticket that would lead him out of the slumps, and into the wide world. Despite his hesitance to accept it, his mother and father both agreed that while they couldn't ever leave the place, their son had the chance to make something of themselves, and helped him to begin his training to become a Mage.

Over five years of his life was spent working on his control of magic, still stealing from the higher class for his parents, and running to help improve himself against anyone against him. It was only after the tragic death of his parents from work exhaustion, that sealed Bryce's decision to leave the slums and begin his travel's throughout the regions in order to better himself and gain more knowledge in his attempts to make himself known in the magic world. Over his travel's, he learned to use Songbird Magic and Super Archive, both of which improved himself as a Mage as it took many months to learn and truly harness the full abilities of these magics. At one point in his travel's, he found himself lost in a dense forest, and was lucky to stubble across a blacksmith, who he asked to train him in the ways of the sword to better himself and get stronger. For about two years, he spent learning his own sword style, which at one point wasn't able to be used by any swords that the blacksmith had made. However, one day during a meteor shower, one flew right across near the blacksmith's home as Bryce took it and asked that he make a sword using the metal inside of it. After it's completion, as well as Bryce's finished training with the way of the sword, his new blade Boomklips was finished as Bryce soon left to continue and perfect his new weapon. Over the time he spent traveling, he met a young woman who he grew to love and who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and married her as they began living in one of the nearby towns that he had been too. However, still not feeling the satisfaction that he wanted, Bryce decided to continue with his travel's, leaving behind his wife as he promised to return to him when he found what he was searching for.

At the age of 33 however, would be the day that Bryce's life would change forever as he stumbled upon a town that was being harassed by a neighboring Dark Guild, wanting the towns folk to submit to their rule and worship them to stay alive. Initially, Bryce saw this as his ticket to rise to the top, defeating a dark guild single handedly would cement his reputation as one of the most powerful mages in the world, and took it upon himself to go after the guild as a promise to the townsfolk. However, when he arrived there, his soon discovered that despite his improvements over the years, he alone could not defeat not only an entire guild, but also a Guild Ace and Master, which showed him true despair for the first time in his entire life. However, before the finishing blow could be dealt, the secret weapon of the dark guild, a well compressed entirely of Eternano, would backfire on them as the condense energy could not take the pressure of being trapped deep underground, and like a volcano, erupted into a powerful geyser that hit Bryce directly as it caused some form of mutation as the rocks around him and the area began melding with him while at the same time, destroying everything around him in the process as well. The initial resulted was Bryce being transformed into a golem-like create, who was fully armored and large due to the fluctuation between the Eternano of the well and Bryce's own Eternano. Realizing he needed help, he attempted to return home to his wife, only to find that she had past away while she was waiting for him due to a disease that she contracted, and could not pay for the medication due to his neglect to send her money to help her. All the pain and guilt he felt caused Bryce to forsake his humanity, going into the forests to live his days as his new name, Chaor Daigun.

Chaor had spent years in the thick woods of the forests, avoiding any form of hunters or mages that attempted to claim him or kill him, living off what he could find, and learning the secrets of his new body as he realized that he became more powerful than he was when he was a human being. One day during his searching for food, Chaor heard a small voice that was crying, as he went to investigate what the sound was, he found the remains of an egg shell as he saw a small purple cat-like creature, all alone and afraid with no one else to help it. Feeling sympathetic for the small orphaned cat, Chaor took it upon himself to care for and nurture the infant as if were his very own. A year passed he had made his way close to another town, but what he found there disturbed him as many of the magical creatures from across the earthlands were being captured, and the worst was many of them were intelligent beings that could speak perfect English. Realizing the horror that was occurring, Chaor took it upon himself to destroy and liberate them as he lead them all to one of the thickest forests ever, one that cannot easily be traversed by humans, and where he met a young Raisa Naruuna, who made him understand what he needed to do. With the magic creatures, including both Raisa and his daughter he named Talia, he created the first ever Magical Creatures Guild, Primal Nexus, who's main mission was to become a symbol of true equality between all races in the magic world, with Chaor at the head as the founder and Guild Master.


  • Boomklips(ブムクリプス, Bumukuripusu)is Chaor's signature sword, having had the sword for many years. This sword takes the appearance of a large broadsword that does not seem to have a edge of any sort, simply being flat around that area. The sword is black generally around the blade with two red lines on both sides of the blade. This handle of the sword is black, although Chaor has it wrapped in
    Bryce fight style


    bandages, the reason being is unknown. This sword, as expected, is very heavy. The fact that Chaor is able to utilize it, much less pick up, is a great testament of his strength. Since his transformation into a magic beast, Chaor has keep this sword as a reminder of what he was before he saw truth, and often still uses it when he believes that it is necessary. Despite how heavy it was originally when he was a human, thanks to his transformation into a magic beast, it allows him easier to carry and swing the blade like it was made of air, which when added with his new strength, makes his swings that much more devastating as an example when he was able to slice through a tree nearly twice his size in one swing, perfectly through like it was butter. There is a hidden secret within the blade no one, except for Chaor, knows about. Upon it's creation from a meteor that impacted near the blacksmith who made it, the blacksmith told Chaor of a powerful Eternano inside the metal. It is later revealed that when Chaor can focus his own energy through the blade, then begin to alter the wavelength by vibrating the sword, it can cause a form of destabilization through the sword. However, what happens next requires a bit of lucky, concentration, and perfect sync between both the user and the blade. When any form of spell attack is shot at and hits Boomklips, the reaction causes implosions in some of the Eternano around the air, resulting in a make-shift portal that is created between the gateway through Chaor's sword and another spot as when it opens, it creates a booming sound in the process. When the spell passes through the blade, it sends it to another part of the area, resulting in it hitting something else or someone else depending on the passage that the user made from the implosions of Eternano energy in the area around him. However, an ability like this is only able to be achieved after a long period of Fighting that causes multiple amounts of Eternano to be scattered around the fight area, and also the control for this must be perfect, because if even one miscalculation results from the user's De-synchronization with the blade, the result will be a feedback that can deal heavy damage to the opponent.

Magic & Abilities

Natural Abilities

Immense Magical Energy: When he was younger, Bryce had not recognize his potential as he believed it to be nothing more than improved physique that he got the times he attempted to outrun everyone or outfight everyone. His first awakening to his own magic was after someone attempted to rob him and his mother. The result of his awakening caused half the block to shake fiercely as it caused cracks to appear on the ground due to the intensity of his magic. Since that moment, Bryce often felt incredible anxiety to use that magic at any given moment, because for him, to have the power and not use it means one does not have the drive to want to realize their full potential. Over time as he grew older and felt his power slowly increasing day in and day out, he decided to spend most of his time learning how to control his magic, learning new techniques and new magics in order to better allow for greater heights of magic to grow with each new spell he masters. After learning magic and traveling around the regions for some time, Bryce soon began to reach the pinnacle of his own magic, allowing himself to fully control and use it to it's fullest, which put Bryce around the level of an S-class Mage, which made himself well known throughout the regions as he even managed to unlock his Second Origin in a short amount of time. When he was mutated by a well of Eternano and was transformed into his new persona, Chaor Daigun, his magical energy fluxed as it caused the destruction of the village that the Dark Guild was in, and left half the village in ruins as Chaor knelled in the crater. Since his transformation, it took Chaor quite a bit of time to regain his control of not only his new body, but his impressive increase in magic energy, which made him one of the most powerful Magic Beasts ever to have been brought into the world, and help him reach the level of a Guild Master for his own guild,Primal Nexus

  • Second Origin(二番原解放, Nibangen Kaihō): During his travel's, Bryce trained himself both mentally and physically, wanting to see how he could possibly improve himself even more after reaching his peak, and he caught wind of the second origin, another magic container inside the user's body that holds a reserve of magic energy that can be unlocked through different means. For Bryce, he tried every form of meditation, training, and potions to try and unlock his second origin. Though by a twist of fate, he faced off against an opponent with an unusual magic that caused a trigger to occur when the two collided, and unlocked his second origin, the force of which erupted high into the sky as the end result actually distorted the very space around both mages as his full power was accessible to him. After his mutation into Chaor, his energy had been in a flux, unstable and highly dangerous for him to use any kind of magic until he was able to keep himself from exploding. With access to his full magic energy, it was said that the only time he ever used it was to defend his family and his guild against a dragon who believed them to be worthless, and was even able to defeat him, but left him in a healing state for two weeks.

Greatly Enhanced Strength: Since Bryce first discovered his magic energy, he first attempt to control it led him to begin working out with anything that he could find in his broken down town, and use whatever he could to strengthen himself in anyway. It was because of this training and his growing magic that Bryce slowly began to increase his own natural strength gradually thanks to his Eternano amplifying his muscles and his body. In time, he developed the strength he would eventually need in order to wield the sword known as Boomklips, a weapon said to be nearly double his own height and weight, which he could eventually wield like it was a paper sword in his hands, showing a true testament in how powerful he had gotten during the years of traveling and training with his magic. After his mutation and stabilizing period he had, Chaor's new found strength was said to be unlike anything anyone had ever imagined. At one point in time, while fighting someone, he was able to slam down with such incredible force that his opponent actually bounced back up, which allowed him to also slam him into two walls that caused him to bounce as well, earning his status as the humanoid golem with fists as strong as stone.

Master Swordsman: During his travel, Bryce felt as if he was missing something in himself, and discovered a blacksmith who turned out to be a former swordsman as he realized that the thing missing was a weapon to help him through his times of soul-searching. He stayed with the blacksmith for a few years, learning the art of the sword and perfecting his own style. After receiving his blade, which he named Boomklips, his style slowly adjusted to the blade's massive size and weight, having it focus on him finding ways to use the blade through different methods of attack. In some cases, he focuses on it allowing him to block heavy attacks while at the same time pole vault him to higher heights in the air to cause confusion and lead to sneak attacks when possible. After years of gaining more power, he was eventually able to lift the sword with ease, which later allowed him to swing in very wide ranges, added with the height of his sword, makes for slicing down anything that could be in his path. When Bryce became Chaor, his use of Boomklips was limited due to not needing any assistance when it came to battle, but would still keep his swordsmanship skills in peak condition as he would actually be able to revert back to a humanoid version of his human self, allowing him to use the blade as skillfully as he did when he was still human.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: As a young boy, Bryce often had to deal with the daily insults that those of the higher class often gave him each time they passed him by, and at times had to defend himself when he punched them after having enough of them. His fighting style was completely random for the most part, when he punched, he did the best he could to make sure he would hit the opponent, same goes for when he attempted kick or do anything else in order to ensure him the victory. After he found his inner magic and began traveling, he developed his style to a more redefined method that involved taking an opponent's strength, and turning it against them while also giving himself the chance to beat down on the opponent with as much force as he could produce. Although there were times it left himself wide open, the end result showed as his opponents took more bulk from his own attacks than he did his own, giving him openings to finish the opponent off anytime he could. After his mutation into Chaor, he started to rearrange his order of fighting, since now with his additional strength into the picture and his more durable body, he focused more on making counters and very focused attacks that put a heavy hit onto the opponent when he felt that the timing was right. His fighting style stayed the same of unorthodox, but his intellect to when and how he would use his full force allows him to better have it in a sense that he could make sure that when he hit, it stung and left behind bruises that even opponent's ancestors felt after the fact.

Greatly Enhanced Durability: Originally as Bryce, he often trained himself to the very limit of his capabilities, one being his incredible endurance, muscles, will, and how much he can take before he would either pass out or fall from exhaustion. With each passing day, his energy slowly and slowly began to rise more, which allowed his body to adapt the excess energy to his muscles as he was able to gain incredible strength while at the same time, improving on them to allow his body to take on more powerful hits time and time again until he would eventually start feeling the aftereffects of it the more he stayed in battle. The more he gained experience in fighting against power opponents, the more his body began to adjusted itself in where he was weakening the most, allowing him to have much more greater resistance to more daring attacks that would come after him. When he was struck with the mutation and became Chaor, his body's physiology changed as his once toughened skin became even tougher when it changed into a incredibly durable rock-like structure that made it almost impossible for Chaor to feel any sort of physical damage to his own body. This combined with his magic energy, it greatly increased Chaor's resilience to most attacks that would almost shatter any normal mage's body like it was a toothpick. It has been rumored that with the additional second layer skin of stone on his body, he is also very resistant to different types of magics that can be said to actually burn an opponent or cause incredible trauma to their bodies, and allows it all to be weakened when it is sent towards him as if it were nothing more than a sensation.

Expert Tactician: Despite his headstrong will and tenancy to strike first and ask questions later, Chaor is known throughout Primal Nexus as very intellectual, a statement to this is his ability to use Super Archive, something that requires a very keen eye and perfect attention to details of even the smallest degree. In some cases if and when any person would attempt to try and hurt any of his comrades, he would be able to plan out over thirty ways that the person would take in an attempt, and come up with fifty ways to neutralize them, with only a small percent requiring deadly force. In his mind, he sees everything as if it were a slow formula, identifying and isolating anything's strength, characteristic, movements, and how they react to certain things that allow Chaor to determine a person's true strength and who would most likely win against them. His intellect not only stretches to his analyzing, but to his use of magic as well, as his development allowed him to create numerous spells or help others create new spells with their own magics, taking into consideration how the person moves and how he would use his own magic in a way that they feels comfortable with when in battle.

Enhanced Speed: Back during the time of his human days, Bryce often kept up with his daily training, allowing his body's overall increase of his physical skills, including his most favored, his speed. In his days as a poor person, Bryce always had to go to incredible lengths in order to procure food and supplies that he needed for his parents, in short, he stole everything he could and ran. Over dozens of times, he was seen to be able to outrun most that would try to catch him, making him one very agile and impressive speedster. Over time as he began to increase his body's abilities with his own magic, he began to be able to run in quick sprints, almost leaving behind a trail of dust that made him even more difficult to catch when he needed to. When he was in his prime, it was said that his speed was in incredible ranges, at one point, some even speculated that for every punch he threw, three more were right behind them so quick, it was almost as if they were invisible. After his mutation into Chaor, his speed was shown to have deceased due to his more bulky and heavier physic, though some speed of his remains, it is only able to be used in short bursts and allow him to move quickly, but only for a few feet in front of the enemy.

Magical Abilities

Energy Manipulation(活力操縦, Katsuryoku Sōjū): Is a unique ability that Chaor gained when he was exposed to a eruption of Eternano from under a Dark Guild's building, which caused his entire body to become that of a golem's as it also gave him some unique abilities along with it. One of them was being able to generate a unique form of Eternano that combines both the user's own Electrical field and their Eternano, creating what shows to be a form of Bio-Electrical energy that is able to deal destructive damage to an opponent if it should ever hit. To begin the process, the user begins to let their natural electric energy to appear, surrounding the user as it slowly begins to draw itself into the user's own physical body, slowly charging it as it produces electric sparks of energy throughout the body. Next up the user allows the Eternano to slowly meld together with the electric current, allowing for a merging of an outside bio energy with the user's natural one, creating a powerful mixture that glows a different color depending on the user's own aura. For Chaor, his aura when using this glows bright red as it can cause lines throughout his skin to appear, appearing as if molten magma is attempting to push itself out of his body. When the energy is ready, the uses depends on the user's control of it, which allows him to generate the energy through different parts of his body, and increasing the user's strengths or creating new attacks that involve the user shooting it out of themselves in different manners. The energy itself is also seen to be very bendable, allowing it to move in directions thought only to be impossible for any form of energy to do, and giving the user an advantage when it is in use. There are certain drawbacks to using this magic, the first being that while the user is able to this, their Eternano momentarily merges with their Electric aura, which means no other forms of magic will be accessible to the user until the diffusion of both energies back to their original state.

When Victor is shown to be using this ability, some of his abilities often include generating the energy into his arms, legs, body, and even through his own eyes at time. His own version of the energy is shown to be able to produce energy seeking attacks, which lock onto other forms of energy signatures as the energy can follow the opponent without worrying about it crashing into anything due to it's bendable structure when fired.

  • Boom Gaze(ブームまなざし, Būmu Manazashi): Is the first Ability that Chaor had developed when he first realized how he could use his Energy Manipulation after it manifested itself. In order to use this technique, the user must first allow the merging between both types of natural energies: The natural

    Boom Gaze

    electrical aura that surrounds all living things and the Eternano that courses through the user and the entire area. When the user's own created energy is finished merging, the next step is manipulating the energy to travel up towards the user's head, allowing them to alter it between any part of their heads, mainly the eye regions as it suddenly causes a flame-like aura to emerge from their pupils as they charge the energy in them. When the energy is released, the second ability of this attack activates as the beams shot out target the opponent with high energy from Eternano, acting as a seeker and going towards them at incredible speeds. What makes this spell very interesting is that despite the opponents attempts to dodge or evade this, the beams are capable of bending in multiple directions, solely focusing on the person it has locked on to. However, there are draw backs to this magic, the first being that as long as the user has the seekers still targeting their opponent, they are unable to move or use anything as their gaze must be open to allow the beams to continue forward. The second one is that it is considered possible to evade these beams due to the fact that they do not act quickly at times, and it could be possible to throw something in the way of the beam right before it hits an opponent, dealing the damage to that object instead of the other person.
  • Shock Death(一泡死, Hitoawashi): Is the second Ability that Chaor had created when he discovered that he could use this ability after his mutation. While the energy has been created and ready to be

    Shock Death

    used, Chaor focuses and channels the energy to flow directly into both of his large forearms, causing them to glow bright orange-red as the energy is seen to be flowing out of the user's arms. When the energy is kept in, Chaor's fighting strength in his arms double, meaning when he attacks or throws a punch, a small impact from the energy deals additional damage to the opponent, sending them at times flying when he throws a very serious punch at anyone he thinks needs his full force. The more force he puts into throwing his punches, the more of a secondary impact that is added with the punch. The second form of this ability releases the full amount of energy that is stored inside his arms, either by slamming one fist or both, which can causes a very devastating blow that has been seen to actually create a powerful shock wave that can not only break apart the very ground Chaor stands on, but level anything around them depending on the same force he uses. The drawbacks with this is that like before, no other magic is able to be used when the energy is channeling through their fists, and can cause a dangerous feed back if the energy is not kept under control with Chaor's manipulation in place.

Humashift(化成態, Kaseitai): Humashift is a special, Magic Beast-exclusive spell which allows a Magic Beast to transform into a more human-esque form, and back. It works via having the Magic Beast channel their magical energy into their bodily systems, using their eternano to transform themselves from the inside out, allowing them to remove all animalistic features that they possess upon their body; or do the reverse. The primary advantage of this ability is the greater strength, speed, endurance, magical energy output, and skill aptitude on their regular form will be compressed; allowing them to sneak around stealthily, or without any fears of prejudice. The spell itself is permanent until the user chooses to reverse it, even falling unconscious or asleep, the spell remains active without draining the user's magical power or requiring concentration. The major downside to Humashift is that keeping this ability active requires a large amount of magical energy in a battle; meaning that the user is capable of releasing it; turning a major disadvantage into an advantage. This process releases a giant wave of magical energy from the user's body upon transforming back; which is capable of harming enemies—or it can be absorbed by the user to replenish their magical and physical power. When Chaor uses this spell, it allows him to return back to his human form, only instead of his normal look, he shows to be a form of humanoid golem version of himself, with his red eyes and rock-like skin keeping to it as it allows him to retap into some former abilities he was not able to do when he was in his golem form.

Songbird Magic(鳴禽の魔法 Meikin no Mahou): Is a Caster Magic and Subspecies Magic of Sound Magic that creates Eternano Sonic Shrieks that can be altered to use different forms of abilities depending on the user's choice. The magic begins by the user concentrating their body's, focusing and drawing in Eternano from around the area and concentrate it into a considerable amount. However, instead of absorbing it through their bodies, the user sucks it in through their mouth like a Dragon Slayer, reinforcing their vocal cords as they then channel the energy, and let out a powerful sonic shriek that can cause disruption of energy as well as be solidified to deal damage to a person entirely. When in use, the user is capable of modulating the sonic frequency's, allowing for different forms of sounds to be made, which means different abilities to be made depending on the sound that is modulated. An example of this is seen when a user modulated their voice to sound like a majestic siren, serenading them to come closer to them, allowing the user to strike hard and fast while the people are under their control. Another example of a modulated sonic shriek is seen when a user actually makes the shriek change into a form that can be seen to disrupt or break the condense form of anything in front of them or shot at them, one being when a user shrieked and was able to vibrate the shriek at the same form as a piece of glass, breaking it apart with ease. The last use of a magic like this is that with fine control and memory, the user is capable of modulating their voice to sound like anyone else they choose, despite either not knowing the person or not, all they would need is to hear their voice, memorize it, and replicate it with ease. 

However, with such a powerful magic, there are certain risks when one is to use it, and one risk is that the longer a user has this magic in use, the more risk the user has of losing their voice after using the shriek one too many times. Another risk to this spell is the modulation of the voice, with more modulating done at a certain time, it not only puts a strain on the voice, it can cause severe vocal damage that may take days to recover from, leaving user's unable to talk.


  • Wailing Impact(慟哭のインパクト Nageki no inpakuto): Is unique spell said to be a very deadly spell to those who's main focus depends on their magic's ability and creation. In order to begin using this attack, the user must take in a large amount of air, expanding their lungs as they also manipulate Eternano on their vocal cords to cause a modulation to the release of the air as the magic is altered in a way that allows the spell to actually create shock waves throughout any solid or loose object to become destabilized as it actually makes the appearance of the air around the space when both spells collide cracking as the destabilization eventually reduces the spell and it's effect to nothing more than Eternano energy. It has also been seen that when it hit's a user, the shock wave's destabilization causes damage to a person's body, both internally and externally, as the result is the opponent feeling as his entire body is being shocked from the inside out, causing cuts and scratches all over the opponent's body and rendering them in a state of paralysis for a few minutes. However, like with many spells relating to this magic, the spell can often strain the vocal cords of the user, meaning there is a limit to how much the user can use the spell on a regular basis. Another weakness is that although it can destabilize different forms, it cannot break down anything very solid like a sword or armor due to the frequency not being able to determine what fine point is needed to break the bonds between the metal and the iron mixed in the armor along with Eternano as well.
  • Siren's Bellow(傾城の怒号, Keisei no Dogō): Is a very unique spell said to cause both the best and worst thing to ever happen to anyone one person who has gone through this very attack. It begins by the user taking in a deep breath, however instead of modulating their vocal cords to become rough and destructive, the user modulates them to cause a unique signature that can affect a person's mind, causing them to be lured by the enticing melody's done by the user and see whatever they desire right in front of them. However, the next part becomes the opposite as when the user modulates them a second time to a more razor-like sound wave, it causes the illusion seen by the person to turn into their worst nightmare as the result is them being attacked by it, but in actuality what is attacking them is a very destructive sound blast that can actually send them hard through walls with the amount of force the user gives. However, due to the very fine-tune control it takes to modulate a sound right while the original is being placed, this causes more strain on the vocal cords than usual as it can often at times get rid of one's voice entirely if they do it wrong. Another weakness to this is that the modulated sound is unable to deter from ally or enemy, meaning anyone caught listening to the melody will be caught in it's trap until the user stops their sound.
  • Sonic Uproar(音の騒ぎ, Oto no Sawagi): Is Chaor's last and possibly most powerful spell in his arsenal, something that he used and developed to defeat the dragon that attempted to attack his family, but on a half scale of it's original power. To begin, Chaor takes in a huge amount of air, almost as if some form of vacuum appears out of nowhere, allowing for more Eternano and air to be swallowed by him, as he then begins to condense all the energy he absorbed into his lungs while at the same time generating his own Eternano to add with the one he absorbed. After enough time has passed and the user has had enough energy to start building up, He lets out the biggest roar upward, causing all the pent up energy and air to be sent upward in one ferocious burst as the air around where the person shot it becomes disoriented, as the energy channels into one large orb, focusing and concentrating the energy that the user held as it eventually glows bright red, and finally releases the full power of the spell down onto the area where the user shot it. After it disburses, multiple meteor-like energy sounds rain down upon the ground as if it were a rain of chaos bringing death and destruction, destroying anything in it's path. It is said that when the user has their full power from the release of their second origin, combined with all the energy inside their own body, they can release a destructive shower that can actually change the landscape. When Chaor used this spell at it's full power, it was said he was able to bring down a powerful dragon with it, and even kill it when the last one dropped. Due to this spell being the most powerful, it is warned that it must only be used in extreme cases, for when the attack is ended, the user's voice is gone and their entire energy is depleted, leaving them in a death-like healing coma for two weeks in order to allow their natural energy reserves to return.

Super Archive(超古文書, スーパーアーカイブ, Sūpā Ākaibu): Is a Caster Magic and Subspecies Magic of Archive that allows the user to tape into a more wide-screen network of panels that can connect to multiple magic signatures depending on the range of the user's broadcast.


  • The character pic is based off of Darkseid from Dc Comics
  • Boomklips is a play-on word with Boom tube and Apokolips, two terms related to the DC Comics.
  • Chaor's tough skin is said to be able to last for years and only needs to be adjusted when he faces a powerful opponent.
  • The name Chaor is taken from the series Chaotic, where the leader of the underworld is named Chaor.
  • Despite his skins outer appearance , it is seen that the texture is more soft than it appears, which allows for normal procedures like blood transfusions when needed.
  • Gifs were given to me by my good friend, Flash


These humans will never see us as equals, they will fear the unknown, be afraid of what the truth really is. We however know the truth: The beasts of this time can and will defend our territory, regardless of enemy. From this day forward, The Primal Nexus stands as the Kings of the Natural World. — Chaor tells his guildmates

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