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The Chaos Eye Guild is a Dark Guild and one of the most secretive guild in all of Earth Land and have been around for several centuries. Its members are known for their skills with weapons and many of them specialize in Sword Magic. The goal of the guild is to conquer Earth Land and rule over the Magical World and then move onto the various other worlds such as Edolas and even the Celestial Spirit World.




The guild is one of the oldest guilds in history, having been founded by Odan over 400 years ago. Odan, through the use of Living Magic, still lives today and leads the Guild. The Guild also has a wide variety of different species, ranging from humans, elves and even demons, with a few hybrids as well. The current Guild Ace and Co-Founder, Dorothy Longbow, is a Night Elf who use to be a follower of Zeref and possess incredible knowledge and magical abilities.

Dark Lords

The Dark Lords is a group of the guild's strongest mages, all of them being S-class. They are led by their strongest member and Odan's successor, Silber Geist. Though all members have the strength of S-class, there are some who are stronger then others however, with the top six capable of taking on someone of Wizard Saint level.


Name Rank Team Status
Odan Anadoru Guild Master None Active
Dorothy Longbow Guild Ace None Active
Silber Geist S-Mage/Leader of the Dark Lords Dark Lords Active
Juyou Zhanshu S Mage/Tactical Officer Dark Lords Active
Oculto Dejar S Mage Dark Lords Active
Legare Paura S Mage Dark Lords Active
Robert Thompson S Mage Dark Lords Active
Monter Promener S Mage Dark Lords Active
Isaac Gopher S Mage Dark Lords Active
Auge Malabares S Mage Dark Lords Active
Genkan Kogeki S Mage Dark Lords Active
Zabawa Jesion S Mage Dark Lords Active
Emily Sling S Mage Dark Lords Active
Haren Beurt S Mage Dark Lords Active
Karyo Osoroshi S Mage Dark Lords Active

Unique Items

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