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Chapter 1 Yukino's Death

This takes place 3 years after the grand magic games and Yukino decides to rejoin the Sabre tooth guild.


This is the year X794 and Yukino with Sting and Rouge defeating a Dark Guild known known as the Doom Knights.

"Open Gate of the Heavenly Scales Libra!" shouted Yukino and Libra was summoned."Libra tilt their gravity back and forth" commanded Yukino."Hai" said Libra.

Libra sunk the guild members gravity. She notices one of the guild members was a Celestial Wizard."Huh what's this?" said Yukino. There she see's a silver gate key. He summons the spirit and it was Caelum.

Yukino made a contract with Caelum and he returned the Celestial Spirit World."Nice Job" said Rouge, "Not Bad" said Sting, "Great Job Yukino" cheered Lector and Frosch.

Yukino blushes and then they leave the guild hall.

As they were walking by Rouge smells a person by the bushes. Yukino summons Pices and attacks the man but the man turns out to be Natsu sleeping.

"Natsu!" said Yukino. "Oh Hey Yukino" said Natsu. Natsu growled at the other two dragon slayers and he explained that he was on stakeout with Erza and Lucy but Erza and Lucy must have left him in the bush.

Soon Natsu see's Lucy. "Hi guys" said Lucy,"Hey Lucy" said Yukino and and Lucy then took Natsu back to the Fairy Tail Guild.

Soon Zeref appears and claimed he needs the zodiac keys to gain the key to darkness and blows an instant kill on Yukino.

Yukino dies. Sting and Rouge fought Zeref off but as Zeref was about to grab the gate keys they immediately disappear. Zeref was only able to retrieve Caelum from Yukino too Caelum's Key disappe

Soon at the Sabre Tooth Guild. A huge grave in honor of Yukino stands next to the Sabre tooth guild hall.

"Yukino was a gifted wizard with hopes and dreams said we will never forget her" said Rouge

Everyone begins to cry because of Yukino's Death. Soon Frosch went up to Lucy and gave her Caelum's Key. He said he found it hidden in his back and he thought maybe this should belong to Lucy.

Soon Lucy Cries in her room in loss of a dear friend and soon Libra appears."Our Master is dead and as Yukino instructed to us if she was to ever die we would give Our keys to you

but be warned because you possess all twelve keys now Zeref will try to kill you, here you go you master" said Libra

Lucy now has all twelve keys but because of Libra's Warning she must be carefull.

The End

Next up is Chapter 2: Zeref vs Lucy Heartfilia

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