Charm Magic is forbidden Holder and Caster type magic. Humans, such as Bora the Prominence, are able to
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Charm Magic



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utilize this as a Holder magic to attract members of the opposite gender. However, this type of magic is naturally occuring in Incusapiens who can use it as a Caster magic. Unlike Humans, an incusapien's charm magic is not limited to members of the opposite gender.


Charm Magic has limited use in the hands of humans who can only use it as a holder magic. The effects of the magic extend only to members of the opposite gender as well as same species. On the other hand, Incusapiens can use this magic to attract members of not only the same and opposite genders, but of different species altogether. The reason for this is because the magic is used as a Caster magic, meaning that their bodies can inherently control and channel the magic better. This ability naturally develops as Incusapiens age, as older incusapiens can effectively use the magic on a wider range of targets.

An incusapien's inherent mastery over this magic is a biological adaptation that plays a significant role in their hunting habits. When used in combination with Transformation Magic (Which they also have inherent mastery over), this magic proves to be very effective in luring prey to vulnerable positions.

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