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Chef Magic



Erin Xavier

Chef Magic is a special type of magic that has been passed down for generations in the Xavier family. It is a coming of age ceremony to at least learn it, those who are particularly skilled are taught to use it to its full potential. The requirements to learning this magic in the family is to first be a master cook.


Chef Magic can be used to quite literally create any food the user can imagine. It allows them to also manipulate any created food in any way possible. This magic gained to Xavier family fame as it allowed them to create and run restaurants on their own and feed limitless amounts of customers. The magic is also extremely detailed and complex, foe example one could create a roasted ham that was wrapped in bacon and covered in salt and pepper as well as a sauce consisting of garlic and lavender.

Offensive Capabilities

As harmless as this magic looks true masters can use it for offensive purposes. The first and most obvious use is sily tossing massive amounts of food at anything that opposes a user of this. This magic allows the user to control all food that it has made, even in a broken down form. This mean the user can actually still manipulate the food while it is in another persons body.  The most powerful use of this however is the ability to manipulate nutrients, a vital part of life for living beings. The users of this can drain nutriests from objects that contain it and inject it into other things. This can be adapted to fighting as the user can drain nutrients from the surrounding area to invigorate themselves, or they could give these to an ally to boost thier power. They can also drain nutrients from people such as enemies to them, allowing them to malonutrate people. 

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