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Cheshā Akademī no Majutsu


Marlon Cheshire

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To train youngsters with exceptional skills in Magic.

The Cheshire Academy of Sorcery (チェシャーアカデミーの魔術 Cheshā Akademī no Majutsu) is a prestigious school located in the island of Belfry and is named after headmaster Marlon Cheshire.



Full-Time Education

Summer School


The School's curriculum is predominantly relating to magic and it's study, however has some elements of non-magical education in certain classes. The school is a three year institute with students ranging from ages 15-18, although anyone of any age can enrol during the summer. The school uses an unusual term structure: remaining in school during summer but end of term being in autumn and winter. The school teaches various subjects which can be "picked up" or "dropped"in a specific year. A list of classes and when they can be dropped is shown below:

Class 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
Armed Combat Studies Elective Elective Elective
Arts Elective Elective Elective
Elemental Magic Core Core Elective
Esobiology Core Elective Elective
Esoterology Core Core Elective
Elemental Magic Core Elective Elective
Magical History Core Elective Elective
Mental Magic Elective Elective Elective
Use of Magical Items (U.O.M.I) Core Core Elective

The student(s) who excel(s) at a particular subject and finds their way to being the top student in the school at that particular subject is referred to as the Dux (ダクス Dakusu) of that subject and is held in a very high regard by the younger students. During the current academic year, there has arose four individuals who have became the du of two subjects at the one time, these four have been dubbed the Four Kings and consists of:

The position of dux can also be held by two individuals at the one time, as seen in the elemental magic department where the position is shared by both Grimlock Nice and Dallas Edwards. although this phenomenon is rare.


Armed Combat Department

The Armed Combat Studies Department (武装戦闘の研究部門 Busō Sentō no Kenkyū Bumon) is a department within the school where the subject in question teaches mages - particularly those with an affinity for Weapon-Based Magic - in the art of armed combat. Typically, holder mages who use swords, halberds, bows & arrows etc are those who take this subject as a primary study. It teaches mages how to fight using magical weapons and is only taught as an elective subject. The student who is top of the school for this particular subject (known as the Dux) is one of the Four Kings: Dmitri Crumm - a talented user of Sword Magic.

Arts Department

The Arts Department (芸術部門 Geijutsu Bumon) is a small department with only a handful of students choosing it. It gives mages the opportunity to study magical and non-magical arts such as music and fine art. In the case of the magical arts course, students will study magic and how it relates to music and painting. It's dux is one of the Four Kings and exceptional Pict Magic user: Viol Caanan.

Elemental Magic Department

The Elemental Magic Department (元素魔法部門 Genso Mahō Bumon) is the department within the academy dedicated to teaching and developing the skills of mages using elemental magic, such as fire, water, earth or air magic as well as any subsequent variants of said magics, including Rainbow Fire or Wind Magic. This is a mandatory class which all students must study, however - since not all mages are skilled with the use of element based magic, some students may choose to drop out of elemental magic and choose an elective subject. The position of Dux for this subject is actually shared between two third year students: Grimlock Nice and Dallas Edwards, users of Air and Bubble Magic repesctively.

Esobiology Department

The Esobiology Department (臨時解剖学研究部門, エソバイオロジー部門 Esobaiorojī Bumon) is the department of the Academy which is concerned with the study of Esobiology - a branch of Esoterology which studies with magic and how it affects living organisms. Primary fields of research include how magic is produced within the body, how it can affect others, mage populations and the Second Origin. This is an elective class and it's dux is one of the Four Kings: Jinbe, an Archive mage and esozoological apprentice.

Esoterology Department

The Esoterology Department (通中天命の学習部門, エソテロロジ部門 Esoteroroji Bumon) is the department which studies the science of Esoterology. Esoterology is a field of study which studies Magic as a whole and often concerns itself with Eternano particles, the invention of new magic and magic classification. It is commonly dubbed Magic Theory (魔法の理論 Mahō no Riron) by students and is a mandatory subject up until third year. It's dux is the telepath Homer Bladvak, one of the Four Kings.

Magical History Department

The Magical History Department (魔法の歴史部門 Mahō no Rekishi Bumon) is the academy's department concerned with the study of the magical world and how it came to be through time. It's classes are famed for being notoriously difficult and in most cases: boring - as it involves remembering quotations, dates and events which are significant in the magical world. It's dux is Viol Caanan and it is considered an elective class after second year where it can be dropped.

Mental Magic Department

The Mental Magic Department (心魔法部門 ') is a very small department and a sub-department of esoterology. It is concerned with teaching students how to use and control mind based magics such as telepathy or telekinesis. It is an elective class and it's dux is Homer Bladvak.

Use of Magical Items Department

The Use of Magical Items Department (魔法のアイテム部門の使用 Mahō no Aitemu Bumon no Shiyō) - also abbreviated to U.O.M.I - is the academy's department which deals with the everyday, combat and recreational uses of various Magical Items. Common items which are studied include Wands and Lacrima and is a mandatory class for all students until third year, where students can drop the subject. It's dux is Dmitri Crumm.

Known Staff

Name Rank Specialised Subject Status
Marlon Cheshire Headmaster Esoterology Active
Hildon Garam Teacher Esoterology Active
Nikolai Fleming Teacher Esobiology Active
Jameson Ong Teacher Elemental Magic Active
Quarth Farrow Teacher History Active
Septimus Ley Teacher Mental Magic Active
Unnamed U.O.M.I. Teacher Teacher U.O.M.I. Active
Ulula Uluka Teacher Arts Active
Bacarra Teacher Armed Combat Studies Active

Notable Students

Name Year Studied Subjects Status
Kagerō Graduate Unknown Graduated
Dallas Edwards Third Year Elemental Magic; Esoterology Enrolled
Dmitri Crumm Third Year Armed Combat; U.O.M.I; Esoterology Enrolled
Grimlock Nice Third Year Elemental Magic; Esoterology Enrolled
Homer Bladvak Third Year Mental Magic; Esoterology Enrolled
Jinbe Third Year U.O.M.I; Mental Magic; Esobiology Enrolled
Viol Caanan Third Year Art; Magical History; U.O.M.I Enrolled
Arabella Watt Second Year U.O.M.I; Esoterology; Esobiology Enrolled
Torte Veracruz Second Year U.O.M.I; Elemental Magic; Esoterology Enrolled
Miyuki Koizumi Summer Student Elemental Magic; Esoterology; Esobiology Temporarily Enrolled
Nolan Ritz Summer Student Elemental Magic; Armed Combat; Esobiology Temporarily Enrolled
Ramona Watt Summer Student U.O.M.I; Elemental Magic; Esobiology Temporarily Enrolled
Sasuke Akiyama Summer Student Elemental Magic; Armed Combat; Esobiology Temporarily Enrolled




  • The subjects of this school are based on a typical school curriculum:
    • Armed Combat Studies - the equivalent of Physical Education (P.E.)/Gym
    • Elemental Magic - the equivalent of Chemistry.
    • Esoterology - the equivalent of Physics.
    • Esobiology - the equivalent of Biology.
    • U.O.M.I - the equivalent of Technical/Product Design/Shop
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