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Chocolate Magic
Chocolate Magic



Chokorēto No Majikku


Caster Magic


Acha McSchwartz

"Hi-Ki: Chocolate Magic? Never heard of it before, can I have some?
Acha: Sure, just don't blame me when your belly hurts.
Hi-Ki: Tsh! Shit! It's the food of demons! It taste horrible!
Acha: What did I told you before?
Acha McSchwartz and Hi-Ki segment

Chocolate Magic (チョコレートのマジック, lit. Chokorēto No Majikku) is a type of Caster Magic. It is ultilized and created by the Edolas counterpart of Acha Lenvonith, whose name is Acha McSchwartz. Technically, this is McSchwartz's signature magic. Due to the fact it is recently created, not many people knows how to use it.


Chocolate Magic was rather a simple type of Caster Magic which revolves around the usage of Chocolate as a mean of offense and defense. The flavor effect of this Magic is said by Acha to be horrible for the mages' six sense. For example, if the victim were to taste, touch, feel, etc in one of the user's creation through Chocolate Magic then they become completely immune to their own Magic. In other words, this means upon using Magic and Spells every now and then, it will now placed physical stress and spiritual pain in the user's overall capability on fighting any longer than they normally do. Such effects would include the victim's durability, endurance, strength, speed, reflex, and magical power, and so on the specialization of one's Magic being far weaker.


Basic Spells

Advanced Spells


  • Yes, the chocolate is not as tasty as it look.
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