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Chrono Genesis
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Name Chrono Genesis
Kanji クロノジェネシス
Rōmaji Kuronojeneshisu
Master Naty Ranmaru Sawada
Kuro Ranmaru Sawada
S-Class Mages Shawn Di Ranmaru
Type Light Guild
Location Forest

Chrono Genesis (クロノジェネシス Kuronojeneshisu) is an Light guild. Formed by the Sawada and Ranmaru family.


The Chrono Genesis guild is located North West on the map of Fiore, near Rose Garden. It's located on a small island not to far from the beach as there is a sand path connected to it. The guild itself is a large tower like building that stands out of the rest of the houses that were made for the guild members, as the guild is more of it's own small village/town. One building of which is an inn, made for those who decide to visit the guild and or stay the night over. The guild is protected by the walls around it.

The guild is known for it's specialization in magical dust, producing it themselves. It is not known how or where nor eve what they use to make it as they are keeping this a secret from outsiders.

And now for the guild masters of the Chrono Genesis guild. The married couple Kuro and Naty Ranmaru Sawada. Rumors of them being inhuman beings, demon ad angel living together under one roof. Them showing that species from the rival/enemy/oppisite race are able to get along with oe another and even become a family, unite, get connected to one another.


Names Rank Magic Status
Naty Ranmaru Sawada

Guild Master


Music Magic

Kuro Ranmaru Sawada Second in charge

Take Over

Sound Magic

Shawn Di Ranmaru S-class Wizard

Izanagi Magic Seals


Twilight Magic

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