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This item, Chrysalia's Gate is a unique, one of a kind magical artifact belonging to Madeline Chrysalia. No one has permission to use this or the magic used with it as well as this article and its full contents belong to MaddiKitten

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Chrysalia's Gate

Magic Artifact


Madeline Chrysalia

Chrysalia's Gate

Chrysalia's Gate is a necklace named for its only wielder and holder, Maddi(Madeline) Chrysalia, pertaining of five magical charms or gemstones with a different color and type each. Each gem, depending on which is being used, can be used to summon its own type through the "gem gateway" and be utilized by the wielder in whatever way they desire as well as the gems can be cut in a way partaining to the holder's ideas. Once the gem desired it summoned, the holder uses telekinesis to move the gems. However, the heavier the gem, the more strain on the holder.

The necklace itself developed a mind of its own early on it its creation and uses the wearer's eternano to form gem shards over their body to protect them, but it is not a fail safe system. Once the eternano is gone, they cannot be protected or wield the magic of the necklace.

The Five Gateways

It consists of five singular gates that make up the initial gem gateway.

They are listed as

  • Topaz Gateway
  • Diamond Gateway
  • Blue topaz Gateway
  • Jade Gateway
  • Amethyst Gateway

When using the necklace at full force, all five charms activate and open every gate which in turns opens a massive initial gate that's said to bring forth heavy damage, but Maddi has yet to use this spell.

The necklace is one of a kind and it comes with a journal made by the creator, the mage who made the necklace.


  • Maddi found this necklace along with the creator's journal on how it was discovered, made, and how they activated its magic.


Art belongs to me, and this item belongs to Maddi only.

Please don't confuse this with crystal make magic. It summons crystals, it's holder magic...

Ideas created by both SereneDreams and me :3 Thank you Serene~!

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