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Circle Spells







Randall Flagg

Circle Spells (輪呪, Rinju) is a fighting style devised by Randall Flagg, and later taught to Oswin and Samira, his two apprentices. It revolves around the use of Magic Circles within combat.


Rather than utilizing a complicated version of Letter Magic to achieve the desired effect, such as the one used in Transmigration Circle Style, the user simply utilizes their mastery over simplistic magical abilities in order to sustain their own magical circle in a physical form. In doing so, the user can quite literally use its power for numerous purposes: one of the most evident manners of using the said circle is for flight and transportation methods. Furthermore, if the user's magical power is dispersed across an area in significant quantities, they can use the magical circle as a medium to connect to that area and traverse to it in almost an instant, bypassing the need for high-speed magic of any kind. Notably, even while sustaining his magical circles for significant periods of time, users can engage in other forms of combat easily and without any hindrance to the magical circles formed. This skill may been developed to such an extent that the user may almost instantly forge numerous magical circles at one moment in time, using them as platforms, barriers or even reinforcement to his offensive capabilities.

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