Circus Tricks



Sākasu Torikku


Caster Magic



Circus Tricks (サーカストリック Sākasu Torikku) is a Caster Type Magic which involves circus acts.


Circus Tricks is a unique form of magic which allows the user to create various circus-themed scenarios in which both he and his opponents are involved in. He is able to empower himself with the skills of circus performers, such as increasing his strength or agility or even creating objects from his body to be used in combat - ranging from knives and hammers to ribbons and balls. Spells of this magic are referred to as "acts".


Folletto's Spells
Name Description Appearance
Big Top (テント Dai Tento)

A spell in which Folletto firstly renders the target immobile and then creates a large, cuboid structure around them. This structure is composed of five large pillars arranged in a pentagonal shape, all connected by a series of horizontal bars between them. This "big top" then acts as a cage for those within - only being able to escape from the top opening as the gaps in the bars are protected by a barrier.

Crazy Juggler (クレイジージャグラー Kureijī Jagurā)

This "act" allows Folletto to literally juggle anything he touches. He is able to magically counteract the weight of heavy objects - allowing him to lift others much larger than himself and can do so at very high speeds. He is also able to conjure various items such as rings, knives and balls. He has also demonstrated a variation of this spell where he juggles objects at such a high speed that he can launch them at a target whilst they still spin in a circle - acting similarly to a buzz saw.

Dance of the Trapeze (トラピーズのダンス Torapīzu no Dansu)

An "act" which allows Folletto to become a trapeze artist by increasing his agility, flexibility and gymnastic ability. Upon casting this he is able to perform various leaps and acrobatic moves that he would have otherwise been unable to perform. Along with this he is also able to conjure magical ribbons to aid him in combat or climbing - these are said to be made from Ammalahvi silk.

Dagger Downpour (短剣土砂降り Tanken Doshaburi)

An "act" in which Folletto becomes a knife swallower. He is able to release an unlimited amount of blades from his mouth as well as swallow weapons with no injury to his body. He prefers to use this technique while airborne to create an effect similar to daggers raining on his targets.

Fire Supper (火災夕食 Kasai Yūshoku)

An "act" in which Folletto becomes a fire eater. This is an effective spell when faced with Fire Magic users: such as Miyuki Koizumi. He is able to literally swallow flames (similar to a dragon slayer and spit them out again from his mouth as a stream of fire. This however cannot be used in rapid succession.

The Strongman (有力 Yūryoku)

An "act" in which Folletto becomes a strongman. Upon using this spell his strength increases exponentially - as well as his muscles also increasing in mass - allowing him to lift heavy objects as shown when he threw a large boulder at Ramona. He is also able to create a large, oversized hammer in conjunction with this magic.

Transform Cloth (布を変換 Nuno o Henkan)

An "act" in which Folletto becomes a magician. This allows him to conjure a black and white chequered cloth that bears a silver mask on it and transforms his appearance to a more humanoid one. His figure becomes slimmer, taller and more muscular and - this allows him to disguise himself due to his radical appearance. However Miyuki noted that with the chequered pattern and mask, his appearance has became only more outlandish. He can also create a transform cloth which transforms him into a colossal monster.

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