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Cleaning Magic

Caster Magic

Cleaning Magic is a Caster Type of magic, which allows the user to give people various artistic abilities.


As it's mentioned before, Cleaning allows the user to give people artistic abilities. At first the caster produces a strange, colourful bubble out of her/his head and kneads it.The cloud suddenly turns into a colorful bubble or ball and the user throws it at the target. The user can easily change the size of the ball. The bigger bubble, the bigger effects it causes. When the ball comes in contact with a person, it causes a little explosion and the person gains artistic abilities, like drawing, singing, dancing or writing poetry. Animals can also be targets and also gain artistic abilities. If the target is not worth the artism inside the incoming bubble and he/she touches it, quickly turns flat and isn't able to fight or even use Magic. That's why it's called Cleaning Magic, because it "cleans" the target with his/her abilities. Little clouds of inspiration can also surround the target and stop him/her moving.  It's a very useful magic, especially for fighting. The caster can easily control the amount of inspiration in the clouds and attack the opponent - quickly "clean" and turn him/her into flat beings.. He/she can multiplicate the projectiles and make them match up with each other.

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