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Clover today.
Name Clover
Rōmaji Cluver
Race Exceed
Birthday January 2
Age 11
Gender Male
Height 3 ft.
Weight 34 lbs.
Eyes Black
Hair Orange
Blood Type B
Unusual Features Tail, ribbon around his neck.
Professional Status
Affiliation None
Personal Status
Relatives Shimra Golden (Owner)
Marital Status Single
Alias The Cowardly Exceed
Magic Era
"S-shimra... i-it hurts..."
— Clover after being wounded by Mandarin.

Clover is an Exceed who was sent to Earth after their Queen spread the eggs around the Earth. He is the familiar of Shimra Golden, and is known for being a cowardly Exceed. He is usually seen hanging onto Shimra's shoulder. 


As said above, Clover is remarkably cowardly among the Exceeds. He is terrifed of almost everything, except for 4-leafed clovers (his namesake), fish, and watermelon. For this reason, he is usually found sleeping or looking around on Shimra's shoulder. During Shimra's appearence at the Grand Magic Games, he was often hiding behind Shimra's leg. 

Despite this, Clover has shown to have moments of supreme bravery, such as taking Mandarin's ultimate attack for Shimra. As the Golden Path continues, Clover becomes more confident, until he is only an incredibly shy Exceed. 


Clover is similar to many Exceeds, a cat-like creature with some human features. His fur is a dark orange, as the spots on his egg suggested. He has a green ribbon tied around his neck, which originally held a note from Haru Golden. During the Grand Magic Games Arc, Clover wears a black jumpsuit and a green headband, with the Golden family's symbol clawed onto it. During the Mandarin Arc, Clover does not wear his ribbon, instead having a small scarf on him. He wears his normal ensamble, but with sunglasses, during the Nova Extract Arc. 


Clover was first found by Haru Golden, several years before his son (Shimra)'s birth. While still in egg form, he had a note from Haru placed inside the egg, along with a small miniature ribbon/scarf. He was found in a field of 4-leaf clovers, where Shimra helped incubate his egg. Possibly due to being tossed around mostly in his life, he left his egg scared and wary. Shimra comforted him quickly, and Clover has stayed by him every since.

Magic & Abilities

  • Era- Like most Exceeds, Clover can use Era, a magic that allows him to sprout wings and fly for a short amount of time. He eventually learns to master and use Era for a day at the most, and at higher altitudes. He uses this ability during Shimra's fight with Ragnarok.


  • (To Shimra, after his wound) "I-it's okay, Shimra... Thank you. Thank you for showing me that I don't have to be scared, even if I'm facing someone infinently more powerful than myself... Thank you, Shimra... I-i'm glad to.... t-to have... known you.....
  • (To Shimra before he attacks the Guild Master of Era Foundation) "W-wait, Shimra! Just think for a second! Maybe these Exceeds are happy here! I was for a while! Give them a chance! Please! Until they can find their own masters!"


  • He has no theme yet.
  • His personality is slightly based of Courage the Cowardly Dog (a favorite show of the author when he was young).
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