Clover Town Crook Job Accepted!

Ichigomi Twins

The Ichigomi Twins heard of a disturbance occurring in Clover Town, involving a crook. Ichi accepted the job without Gomi knowing, and on the day they had to head out, he explained everything to her.

This would be their first C-class job.

When they arrived at the crime scene, an antique shop, they found many clues. A white hand print on the door, some black powder, and foot prints leading from the door all throughout the store. They recognized this pattern, being ex-crooks themselves. A band of convicts, called The White Hand, were causing trouble around Clover Town. They were once part of them at a younger age.

"Your culprit is not that clever, leaving all of this evidence around." Gomi said to the shop owner.

" This black powder smells like sulfur, and I have an idea who did this." Ichi said to the shop owner.

[Gomi,] he tells her, [Joby used to do this sort of thing, right? Leaving sulfur and a white hand print around the areas he'd stolen from.]

"Yeah, I think he did. Old habits die hard." She said, eyeing one of the items the crook hadn't taken.

After tracking many more clues and surveying the town, Ichi heard someone in a back alley talking about the crook.

"We need to make sure those brats don't find us!" One of them said.

"I only took about five things, they won't be able to find me! I'm Joby, the greatest thief in the world!" said the other crook.

Ichi tapped on his sister's shoulder and pointed toward the two criminals. Using their illusion magic, they were able to confuse the two crooks into thinking their boss wanted them for a moment. They followed the fake boss all the way to Ichi, where he used his wind magic to lift them into the air while Gomi reported their capture.

The two crooks were arrested, but Ichi and Gomi felt bad for Joby, for while they were once crooks, Joby had made sure nothing bad happened to them and protected them from the Town's guards.

Their first C-class mission was a success!

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