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Dreaded Silver

Cold Iron Demon Slayer Magic (凛鉄の滅鬼魔法, Rintetsu no Mekki Mahō) is a Caster MagicLost MagicSlayer Magic , and most obviously, a Demon Slayer Magic  utilized by Dreaded Silver . It allows the user to consume, create, and manipulate the elements of ice and iron; therefore it is a Dual-Element Demon Slayer Magic, However Dreaded Silver has given it te alias' 'Chrome Magic'


Cold Iron Demon Slayer Magic allows the user to consume, create, and manipulate the dual elements of ice and iron at the same time or separately—essentially, it grants the user absolute dominance over two elements; even capable of minutely controlling lesser examples of Ice Magic and metal-based-non-Slayer magics. However, when the user combines both elements into the signature "Cold Iron", the ice will take upon a foil effect that packs all of the power of the iron, allowing the user to merge both properties of the elements in almost any way that they wish, this gives it the alias 'Chrome Magic' 


Basic Spells

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Chilled Twister: The Chilled twister is a basic spell of Cold-Iron slayer magic

Steel-Frost Bomb: The Steel-frost Bomb is a bomb-like attack that is basic magic.

Steel-Frost Blast: Steel-forst Blast is a beam-like attack that is basic magic.

Chromed Ice: Chromed ice is similar to a normal freeze-attack, however the ice is stronger and the chrome look is apparent.

Advanced Spells

Iron Spike Barrage:The Iron spike barrage is an attack where the user places his hands on the ground and around 15-30 iron spikes appear beneath the foe.

Omega-Ice Bomber: The Omega Ice bomber is similar to the steel-frost bomb, however the blast radious and damage is highly increased.

Alpha-Iron Blast: The Alpha Iron Blast is similar to the steel-frost blast, however a great impact and damage is increased dramatically.

Hyperboreal-Steel Glacier: This attack is a highly advanced skill, used on tough oponents.

Secret Arts

Eye of Glacial Mass: This attack is the most powerful attack of this magic, it is used only in extreme situations, and has only been used once by Dreaded Silver.


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