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"This mask has been handed down ever since it's creation by the First Leader of The Research & Development Division. He who wears this, knows all the secrets of the organization. If anyone aside from The Collector would ever take this mask, the world itself could fall apart. Knowledge is power, yet those who have knowledge must use it wisely, or else they will subcome to pathetic human emotions such as greed"
The Collector

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Collector mask

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The Collector

Collector Mask is The Shadow Broker's most powerful and most treasured item in the history of the organization. Created by the first leader of The R&D Divsion, the mask is known for keeping every single piece of knowledge acquired from generations and generations of work done by the organization. Only those chosen to lead the group is allowed to use its powers.


After The original Collecter killed the foundars of The Shadow Broker, he began to single handedly round up people who he believed would understand his true vision for the world. After establishing the first three leaders for his divisions, he asked the first leader of the Research & Development Division to create something that would give him the full reigns of the organization. Working day and night, using all the knowledge they had at their disposel, The man created a powerful mask that was enfused with the magic of Archive, granting him full control of the knowledge the members of the organization would collect from now on.

Since it's creation, the mask itself is considered to be the world's oldest and strongest relics, and for those that don it, they control the entire organization with only that single mask.


Archive - The item is said to have the entire history of The Shadow Broker in itself, and can control and pass on the knowledge through the person who wears. The current owner, Daiki Haruto acting as The Collector, has often given his Leaders transfers of knowledge that he needed them to own, and has even given them new Magic and Spells that were thought to be lost.

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