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Colored Keys



Iro-tsuki no kī


Holder Type

Rare Magic

Celestial Spirit Magic

User(s) Sora Taniko

The colored keys are very rare, they are the only keys that allow the user to speak with the spirits even though they are in the Celestial Spirit World. The spirits also have free roam of the Human World and if they are killed they have to return to the Celestial Spirit World.


  • Gate of the Archer - Arrow (Red)
  • Gate of the Mermaid - Typhoon (Blue)
  • Gate of the Spider - Arachne (Black)
  • Gate of the Snake - Viper (Green)
  • Gate of the Twins - Jundi (Purple)
  • Gate of the Wolf - Howler (Grey)
  • Gate of the Cat - Trinity (Pink)
  • Gate of the Tiger - Tigra (Orange
  • Gate of the Legendary Dragon - Frost (White)


Roam: When they are released, some of the spirits can roam in the Human world for 24 hours before they have to return to the Celestial Spirit World. If they are killed in the Human world they automaticlly return home.

  • Summon: The Spirits can be summoned by using their Keys. The gates can be closed when the user tells them too or closes it themselves.
  • Multiple Summons: More than one Spirit can be summoned at once.
  • Combo Attacks: The spirits can combine their attacks to cause great damage.
  • Unison Attacks: All the spirits can attack at the same time but it will drain some of their power.


  1. The user must have the key with them. The colored keys are very rare to find, they are hidden in different locations.
  2. Make a Contract, the user must create a contract with the spirit. Some spirits are stubborn and it takes some convincing to make a contract with them. Once the contract is made the user now owns the key(s).
  3. When Summoning the Spirits, the user must say, Gate of the (Key name). To summon two spirits the must say Gates of the (Key name) and (Key name).


  • The Colored keys are very rare to find but can be found in Fiore.
  • The user can also talk to the Spirits, the spirits appear as chibi's and they appear on the user's shoulder.
  • Frost is a very powerful Spirit and only the strongest can control him. He is also very dangerous if not careful.
  • All of the spirits belong to Sora and they are not free to be used by anyone else
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