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Nathan Vulcana

Combustion (燃焼, Nenshō) is a powerful version of Fire Magic utilized by Nathan Vulcana.


With this magic, Nathan concentrates his energy through any part of his body; usually his hands to project a ray of heat which would detonate with great force, producing situated explosions with a great deal of precision.

This technique is extremely effective and very destructive, capable of use at close and long-range; it can completely disintegrate hill-sized boulders and instantaneously evaporate large bodies of water with ease. He can also employ it to burn things without setting an explosion, similar to a lens focusing sunlight.

This is probably due to the energy being entirely focused into creating the explosion, without wasting energy maintaining a long-range jet of flame. However, the technique has the potential to be just as hazardous to the user as it can be to their surroundings.

Nathan is also capable of surrounding his hands and legs in the heat created from the magic to use as melee attacks instead instead of just shooting a beam of heat. This attack is capable of either burning the target or exploding upon impact to do more damage or to push back a stronger/larger opponent.

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