Dreams are what differentiate us from other beings!
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Memory Twist

コマンド: メモリツイスト


Komando: Memoritsuisuto

Parent Magic



Kayden Law

Command: Memory Twist (コマンド: メモリツイスト Komando: Memoritsuisuto) : Kayden places his hands on his target's head, and twists a memory of something into horror. However, in order to achieve this spell, he must know what memory he is trying to twist. He must have a clear image of it, or else the spell will rebound on him. Once he has a clear image of the memory, he sends a twisted, horrifying version of it though to the brain of his target, and making it seem like reality to them. This spell can also be used as a defensive spell, by using the memory of himself, and making his target think he is a friend or comrade. It is noted that he has done this on several occasions, and has found out it can be blocked, if the target's willpower is strong enough.

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