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Complete Devotion Arc



Zenkie no Āku


Lost Magic
Caster Magic


Chrom Thornton

Complete Devotion Arc (全帰依のアーク Zenkie no Āku) is a Lost Magic of significant power that only appears to be attainable to a select number of people. The only known users of the magic are Chrom Thornton and Enerjak, while the former has made a unique contract with Regis, the latter is a symbiote, indicative that the magic itself requires a supernatural being within the body to be of use.


Complete Devotion Arc is, as its name might indicate, complete devotion. The magic is an ark, or a ship, so to speak, and whoever climbs aboard this particular ship is subject to complete devotion. It requires extreme patience, and constant training in order to be effectively used, thus making ordinary humans unable to use the magic at all. But the primary requirement to utilize this magic is for the supernatural being(s) within the individual to have been completely devoted to the user. This could take the form of a variety of bonds, for example, the symbiotic bond present within Enerjak, or the submissive bond expressed through Chrom's dominance. From herein, the true effects of the magic can be expressed and practiced, which in themselves, take a notorious level of time.

Complete Devotion Arc provides the user complete access to the magical energy of the supernatural entity that the individual is contracted with. This then allows for them to have this magical energy within their being at all time, acting as a sort of "reserve". Because the supernatural entity is completely devoted to the user as a host, or any other bond, they are unable to fight against this bond unless their own power overpowers the user, which is generally quite unlikely. When the user is threatened, the magical energy spikes within them, subsequently forming into a shroud or construct of various shapes and sizes based on the beings within them. Thus, the magic is very versatile. Generally, this will be in a large aura with a skeletal-like frame. Once exerted, it acts to completely defend the user and obey their commands when in a "stand-by" mode.

However, there are obvious weaknesses with a magic like this. If the being within the user, in question, is able to sever the connection of magical power, the exerted construct is immediately destroyed, and requires the user to reforge the connection, which can take significant periods of time. Aside from this, it is quite possible to break the construct with significant force, or move the user from within the construct to outside of it by manipulation of the terrain beneath them. But this doesn't mean that, if the user moves, the construct won't follow, because it definitely will in order to protect its master.




Behind the Scenes

  • Though initially this magic held a very prominent influence from Susanoo, it was eventually changed to suit a more Fairy-Tail-like theme whilst retaining the overall flavor of a Susanoo-like construct.
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