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Kanji 神聖化
Rōmaji Shinseika
Parent Ability God Slayer Magic
Type Lost Magic, Caster Magic
User Gods
God Slayers

Consecration (神聖化,Shinseika; Lit: Sanctification): An ability said to have been used by God and was passed down to their slayers. Using this ability a god or slayer is able to transfer a fragment of their power into that of another living being, thus binding the two. Upon doing so, said individual gains a boost in power. More advanced users are able to inscribe one of their abilities onto that individual, thus allowing them to use a given spell the god or slayer wielded. However, Consecration is stated as being a double edged sword. While providing a great boost to others, it connects the users. In the event that the slayer is weakened or is killed, the individual that gained that power is unable to use said power. While the user is able to regain the ability they have given, it often results in the death of the individual.

While initially providing a significant in power, Consecration can be pushed further in a process known as Unification (統合,Tōgō). Unification is the fusion of individual with the power given to them by the slayer or god. By doing this, the user becomes more powerful but at the cost of becoming less human, proportionally to the number of times the technique is used.


  • This ability is based on the Household Vessels from the series, Magi.
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