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Consumption Magic



Tsukau no Mahō



Consumption Magic (使うの魔法 Tsukau no Mahō) is a Caster-type Magic, and a form of Forbidden Magic (禁魔法 Kinmahō), that gives the user the ability to consume other entities and enhance their own abilities. Due to the nature of the magic, it is colloquially referred to as Gluttony (飽食 Hōshoku).


Consumption Magic is a forbidden magical art that allows the user to consume other beings. In a vein similar to Slayer Magic, the biology of the user is altered upon learning this magic, to better suit their newfound diet. In addition to the internal changes to their stomach that allows for digestion of nearly any material, the teeth of the wielder become sharpened to resemble canines; this allows for easier ripping and tearing into the flesh of an individual, for which the magic was created to consume. Additionally, the stomach acids of the user have become strengthened to digest nearly anything they come into contact with, and the mucus lining of the stomach is reinforced similarly.

However, the abilities of Consumption Magic go beyond simply transforming the user into a human waste disposal unit. Consumption Magic has also been referred to as a form of assimilation, and rightfully so; once a target is consumed, the stomach acids in the body quickly break down the consumed material, and it is processed throughout the users body at a frightening rate. When digestion completes itself, the user gains an increase in magical power proportionate to the magical power of the target consumed, and can even don traits of the target should they wish.


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