Contract Magc
Name Contract Magic
Type Holder
User(s) Yoruo Ryudai

Contract Magic is a holder type magic which allows the caster to make a contract with a beast or multiple beasts and summon it in battle, The larger and more powerful the beast the more magical power it takes to summon so large powerful beasts should only be summoned in desperate situations.


Yoruo's Spells

  • Three Tailed Turtle: He is able to summon the powerful three tailed turtle which is able to conjure large waves and fire water jets. Like Yoruo it can also use water magic. He can also summons smaller versions of the turtle.
  • Twin Water Cannon: The Three Tailed Turtle unleashes two spherical water jets from it's mouth which can easily crush stee.
  • 360 Wave: The Turtle slaps it's tails on the water and a large wave is unleashed from al sides at a 360 degree angle so everyone is caught in this attack.
  • Wyvern: He is also able to summon a large wyvern which he uses for aerial transport.
  • Goblin: He is able to summons thousands of small cute pink goblins who utilize sticks and leaves in battle.
  • Goblin Wave: He summons a wave of thousands of goblins that crashes into the foe and damages them.
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