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Cooking Magic
Cooking Magic



Hayai chōri majikku


Caster Magic



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Cooking Magic (速い調理マジック, Hayai chōri majikku lit. Fast Cooking Magic) is a Caster Type Magic utilized by various chefs all over the world. It is a Subspecies Magic of Food Magic.


Cooking Magic is a complex magic in that combines preset ingredients to make meals. It speeds up the process of actually making the food as long as the mage is experienced and knows how to make the dish they're creating. It is a very precise science and takes total concentration, otherwise, the meal can turn out as a disaster. There is also the matter of food that need's to be heated up against food that is just "plug n play", so to speak.

For example: Let's say you have some Carrots, Lettuce, Tomatoes, and Cucumbers sitting out in front of you. They're all fresh, natural, and raw goods that came straight from nature. After reading a recipe in a book, (because you're such a good Cook), you think you can replicate it with just your mind. In just a second, the four veggies have turned into a beautiful vegetable salad. In real time, it looks like it appeared out of no where and replaced the four veggies, but in reality, if you took the time to slow down time, you would see the carrots and cucumbers being chopped and the lettuce and tomatoes being spread. 

Now say for some reason you wanted to heat the salad up. By channeling your Eternano into the dish, the molecules inside the food start moving faster and faster until it heats itself up to your liking. 

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