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Cora is a vampiric huntress belonging to the Bloody Rose Hunter Guild. She was born as a slave to a group of vampires and stayed a slave for most of her childhood until her family was killed by their owners. While trying to escape they bit her and turned her into a vampire. She was later found by a huntsman who trained her for several years until she became a full-fledged huntress. She is known mostly because of her dedication and love of hunting and has had many successful hunting trips during her long career.


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Cora on the prowl

Cora's demeanor and presence can be described with one word. Small. It is very easy to forget about her and finding her in a large crowd sometimes feels near-impossible. It is difficult for even her friends to find her and they often lose sight of her if they make a mistake of looking away for a second. Even when she didn't move at all. The only time this changes is when she is in a fight. Her love of and obsession with hunting makes her hard to not notice and it can be very intimidating to the point that her targets often feel like they are fighting or running away from death itself or a grim reaper.

Cora has a small yet very athletic build. Her very small frame makes for a weird sight when she wields her large scythe, Soul Evans. It seems very unnatural to most people who are watching her fight even though it is undeniable that she can wield the weapon with incredible skill, despite her small frame. As small as she may be, Cora also has a very athletic build. She may not be completely ripped, but her body is still impressively toned for someone her size, especially her arm and shoulder muscles whose outline can be clearly seen through her clothes. There are a few scars on her body here and there that hints at how long she has been a hunter. Since she is a vampire all of these scars were inflicted by a weapon made of the metallic element known as silver. There is also a hunter mark, which is located on her right shoulder.

Cora's eyes and overall face is always filled with life and usually very expressive even though she has silver eyes that can seem cold at times especially when she is fighting. Cora may not hide her emotions, but she is still kind of hard to read. The emotions that appear on her face can change from extreme to another very quickly which always leaves the question of whether the last emotion she felt was real or not.

Cora's has black shoulder-length hair with a red tint to it, which has been noted to be unnervingly similar to Nosferatu's. Most of the hair that hangs over her face is swept toward the right side of her face to keep the hair out of her face. The hair that is swept to the right hangs down cascades down face on the right side of her right eye. The bangs on the left side is usually just fall over her ear.

Her outfit's primary color is red with black following close behind. This is how she got the alias Rouge, Scarlet Huntress, and Little Red Riding Hood. She wears a weighted 500 pound red cloak that is held together with a pin that has Bloody Rose's emblem on it. Cora is almost always seen with this cloak even when she is fighting. She only takes it off, thus giving her access to the full extent of physical abilities, when she is facing a powerful opponent. Odysseus thinks it may have once belonged to her mother and when she became a huntress she had a mage increase its weight for training purposes. Underneath she wears a black blouse with dark red rims and a vertical rectangular red patch just above her waist, a dark red nearly black belt, and a skirt with a rim whose color matches the rim of blouse. The belt holds various large cartridges in individual loops and a single magazine pouch. Below her skirt she wears pitch black stockings and a pair of black boots with a red rim. Additionally, there is a sickle strapped to each thigh with a red handle and there is a retractable spear strapped to her right thigh.


Cora has a somewhat supportive, protective, and innocent personality. Her innocence is best seen with how much she loves hunting. Ever since she first met Odysseus, Cora has loved hunting. She looks up to the greatest hunters like her foster father and many others and hopes to become a great hero like them. She is always striving to become stronger and this combined with her inability of picking up many social cues leads her into getting into a lot of fights. Unlike a certain white mage, Cora loves to fight and hunt. This means she doesn't regret getting into these unnecessary fights and treats it as a chance to get stronger instead of a chance to for her personality to improve.

Cora headstrong
Shown by her intense love of hunting Cora is a very headstrong individual. This makes her come off as immature or short temper and someone whose's emotions can easily and swiftly move from one extreme to another. Odysseus once said that interacting with Cora is like trying to defuse a bomb. The smallest mistake can set her off. She could take a sarcastic remark seriously because of how she can't pick up on social cues well and start to cry, get angry at the smallest of things, etc. By this same token, this also means that Cora is very easy to please. This is thanks in part because of her life of slavery has taught her not to take anything for granted and how any possession or gift she has no matter how insignificant it is should be thought of as a blessing to have. While this is the case a lot of people are still afraid of her because of how unstable she can be. The Hunter Council is constantly sending people to observe her and make sure nothing sets her off. On one side this saddens Cora because of how she feels no one trusts her, but on the other side it makes her even more headstrong and motivates her to prove that she can be a hero that everyone can trust.

Cora and Odysseus

Cora with Odysseus

Cora's most defining trait is probably how socially awkward she can be. The more unfamiliar people that are around the more socially awkward she becomes. Her social awkwardness often draws attention to herself and that is a big fear of hers. She freezes up in crowded or public places and her words will usually stumble over themselves leading her to either stutter or say something stupid when she tries to force herself to say something. The many times she has drawn attention to herself because of her social awkwardness as lead her to dislike interacting with new people. She claims that she doesn't care about how lonely this practice makes her. One only needs to see how happy she becomes when running into her father to know that the loneliness is actually affecting her a lot. She becomes overcome with joy and acts even more immature. Climbing on his back like a young child or not letting herself stray from his side when like a child in an unfamiliar place.

Her social awkwardness doesn't inhibit her ability to interact and keep friends nearly as much as it does with her ability to make friends. In fact, one could say it doesn't affect it at all. This is mostly because just like a certain white mage, Cora is a very open and accepting person. Only her closest friends seem to know that it is very easy to talk to and interact with Cora. The only hard part is breaking through her shell. Her tenderness and positive outlook is very infectious and has a habit of helping her friends through their problems even when Cora doesn't mean to. Cora may not be a sage, but her words still at times manage to help her friends find the answers to their problems.

This side of Cora confirms what a white mage once said about Cora. That there is more to Cora than a vampire who loves weapons and fighting more than peace. She said that Cora is an incredible person whose personality can shine brightly and motivate others to strive for their best. It will just take time to bring this part of Cora, but in the meantime it will remain dormant. Cora does have a more serious side. When she is hunting or fighting Cora is very serious. Nothing can distract her when she is fighting. She will begin to show a level of intelligence and wisdom that come only from centuries of experience.

Cora isn't without her inner demons. How could she not have more than a few with the type of past she has had. She often shows symptoms of PTSD, major depression, there are rumors of her having Dissociative identity disorder, and many more. She takes medicine to help these things so they don't show themselves often, but sometimes these things will still appear if the trigger is powerful enough. On top of these things she has a phobia of Nosferatu or people who look like him. Just looking at him is enough to make her cry uncontrollably, become paralyzed with fear and anxiety, lose all her strength, and sometimes panic attacks when she isn't paralyzed with fear and anxiety.



Just like her parents and grandparents Cora was born into slavery. Her slave owner who just happened to be the owner of her parents as well, Nosferatu, was harsh and brutal to her since the moment she was born. When she was only three he was already working her nearly to death. He would only allow her an hour of sleep and if she didn't wake up he would summon horrible monsters who more than were close to mauling her to death. Nosferatu only let her talk to her parents once a week and during those times she was often asleep so her parents' were almost strangers. How Nosferatu treated Cora worsened the older she got. His treatment escalated so much that by the time Cora was five she was begging for the treatment she had when she was three.

Nosferatu treated her so badly that he erased any hope in Cora before she had the chance to know what hope meant. There was no hope in her life. Not even the concept or the dream of hope existed. There was only suffering. Suffering that never ended. Not even death would end the suffering because she knew he would just revive with Necromancer. When she turned seven he had managed to take even the concept of having a life away from her. She was still alive, but his treatment toward her had successfully made Cora objectify herself. In her mind she wasn't alive, she was an object. Something that didn't have a life to make miserable in the first place.

When she turned eight one of Nosferatu's lackeys made the mistake of killing her parents. The pain she felt from that ignite a small very short spark in her. The pain she felt reminded her that she had parents to grieve for in the first place. If she didn't have parents she wouldn't be suffering. Objects didn't have parents, they had creators. For a brief moment she remembered that she wasn't an object, but a living and thinking being. As short as these thoughts lasted it was enough to allow Cora to experience something she had never experienced before. She experienced the feeling of wanting. She wanted to run away. That is what she did, before she started to think of herself as an object Cora tried to run away. She was successful, but while running away one of Nosferatu's vampire lackey's bit her. As the vampire venom spread Cora continued running. It was very easy for her to push back the pain of vampire venom because of how it was nothing compared to what Nosferatu forced her to undergo. After several hours, the venom overtook her and Cora passed out in the middle of the forest.

Cora's dream

A scene from one of Cora's mysterious dreams

Normally this is when a vampire would go through the normal stages to become a full-fledged vampire. First, becoming a Ghoul, then a Tiyanak, and finally a vampire. This wasn't the case for Cora. For some odd reason she instantly turned into a vampire then and there and remained asleep for several months. Cora noted that it felt like she was a vampire all along and someone had merely sealed her vampire side so she would be a human and the vampire venom merely broke the seal to turn her back into a vampire. Her new status as a vampire didn't feel odd, but it felt right. As if it was how it should be and that is the only sensation she add during those months. What is even odder is the dreams Cora had during the months she was asleep. She had many dreams about a woman she never met. In her dreams the woman was a Progenitor vampire and throughout every dream she had during those months she could hear Nosferatu's evil laughter in the background.

When she woke up the spark that was once there had long since died and Cora's mental state was back to how it was during her time as a slave and the memories of the dreams vanished instantly. She just sat in the middle of a forest and remained motionless for days. After five days, she began to feel an uncontrollable hunger. Luckily it was at that moment that first saw the werewolf Odysseus Silver in his wolf form with a human arm in his hand. Odysseus seemed to recognize the lifeless look on her face instantly. It was the same look he used to have albeit a lot worse. Odysseus took pity on her and used the human arm and scent of blood to lead her to his house and it wasn't until the door was close that he finally let her drink blood from the arm.

Just how Nosferatu used pain to make her like this, Odysseus used pain to treat her. He purposely got her in situations where she would hurt herself. When she did he didn't do anything. He didn't allow Cora to see him. He just let her sit there and experience pain for hours. After three years had passed Cora, finally began to cry and shortly after that, she finally acknowledged her own existence and life with the words "I am in pain." From there it was just building on that acknowledgement. He taught her how to hope, want, feel, and every other concept Nosferatu took from her. Eventually, he brought back into her life the concept of family when Cora began to call him "Dad" when she was 20.

Cora still had a long way to go. Although she thought of herself as alive, her mental state was like of infant. Meeting Odysseus had been like being reborn and she was unfamiliar with any of the thoughts or emotions she was feeling even though she was 20. Odysseus raised Cora as if she was his own. Odysseus used Cora's immortality to his advantage. As a vampire she was immortal and thus would remain in her prime forever. In this way he didn't have to feel like he was squandering her youth or wasting her time in general. She would have plenty of time to build a life for herself just like any twenty year old would.

When she turned 30 her mental age had caught up with her biological age of 20. Her drive to prevent that from happening to someone else led her to ask Odysseus to teach her how to be a huntress. It took 80 years of training before Odysseus sent a letter to the Magic Council to say that she was a ready to become a full-fledged huntress. After the ceremony, Odysseus gave her the hunter weapon Soul Evans as a present. A day later when she joined the same the same guild he was in, he gave her another present. A pin with Bloody Rose's emblem on it.

Cora continued to live with her foster father for the next 15 years though she would occasionally go off on her own for a mission or to explore the world. These times away from home usually lasted for six months. When she was 124 years old she received a special mission directly from the Magic Council telling her to go to Avalon and help the resistance take down the Great Despairs that were roaming around there.



  • Soul Evans:
    • Soul Evans' compact form
    • Its rifle form
    • Cora using its scythe form
    • Soul Evans firing in its scythe form
    Soul Evans is Cora's Hunter Weapon and it is a cross between a scythe and a high-powered sniper rifle. Just like with all Hunter Weapons the blade of scythe and the bullets it shoots holds a wide variety of attributes from some parts being made of silver, some being made of lacrima, infused with ethernano of a certain material, etc. This allows Soul Evans to be able to kill any foe Cora may come across just like a Revenant's Shinso. In addition, just like with all Hunter Weapons Cora is able to add geist to her Soul Evans. Soul Evans has a very simple color scheme that being black and red. The frame of scythe is red while the trim and handle of the scythe is black. Soul Evans has three forms. It has three forms. The first where it is very compact and very easy for Cora to carry under her cloak, the second form where it expands a bit to transform into a rifle, and the third where it expands and extends all the way to transform into a large scythe. Soul Evans' scythe form can double as a high-powered sniper rifle without giving up the melee uses of the scythe allowing Cora to use it as a scythe and high-powered sniper rifle at the same time.
  • Geists:
    Cora geist

    Cora putting a geist cartridge into Soul Evans

    A geist is blood or some other body part of a creature that Cora has successfully killed. When implanted into her Hunter Weapon the weapon adopts the signature ability of the creature the blood or body part once belonged to for a short period of time. The Hunter Weapon does this by siphoning the properties of the ability from the blood or other body part to make it its own. Cora always has several geists with her to put into Soul Evans. These geists are contained in cartridges that she keeps underneath her cloak next to where she keeps the extra ammunition. Cora's preferred geist to use is a Raijū claw that gives Soul Evans the ability to cloak itself in lightning and fire lightning bolts, a basilisk's eye which gives Soul Evans the ability to poison anyone it cuts with a deadly poison, and a siren's vocal cords that grants Soul Evans the ability to fire sound waves. On occasion she will have a kitsune's tail to give Soul Evans the ability to generate fire or a mermaid's tail to grant Soul Evans the ability to generate water.

Hunter Skills and Abilities

Hunter Skills

Hunter Skills are secretive techniques of supernatural athleticism. These techniques rely on the incredible physical and combative abilities that Cora obtained through her training with Odysseus. These techniques are so impressive that they seem almost magical and not something so simple as an athletic feat. For example, Hunter's Quake that allows Cora to create an earthquake with her strength alone or Raptor Boost that allows her to run quick enough to create a miniature whirlwind. Most of these techniques were passed down to Cora by Odysseus though there are a few that she has invented herself.

  • Vanish: Vanish is a high-speed movement Hunter Skill akin to Reduced Earth that allows Cora to move from point A to point B with as few steps as possible.

    Cora using Vanish

    When stepping Cora focuses her weight to the bottom of her feet and releases the tension in a controlled manner. This allows her to move so quickly that she vanish from sight and appears elsewhere as if she had teleport. Unlike Reduced Earth, this technique focuses on being as unnoticeable as possible in more ways than simply just sight, which allows her to easily sneak up on a target. People who have "witness" this technique in use have described it as vanishing from existence. Cora has complete mastery over this Hunter Skill and this combined with her speed allows her to use a stronger version Vanish called Warp. In this version Cora is able cross vast distances in a blink of an eye, which makes the facade that she is teleporting all the more realistic. She can move quick enough to get from one side of Fiore to the other in less than second. Warp does have some downsides. It leaves Cora drained for a few seconds and makes her body sore for 10 seconds.
    • Crimson Flash Blade: Crimson Flash Blade is a simple yet effective Hunter Skill that Cora often uses to test or bring down her foes. When she uses the Hunter Skill Cora uses Vanish to move fast enough to seemingly teleport to a location close behind her opponent. In the short moments Cora is passing by her target she takes out her scythe and attacks the opponent with it hundreds, moving so fast that to the opponent it will seem like a single attack is hitting them hundreds of times. The speed of her travel is fast enough to have Cora reappear at the location before the first drop of blood has a chance to fall. This may be where the Hunter Skill got its name. If Cora actually exerts her self she is able to actually launch a single attack that hits its target multiple times by apply the Mirage Clone technique to her scythe.
  • Afterimage Skill: The Afterimage Skill is a Hunter Skill version of Afterimage Reduced Earth. It allows Cora to create afterimages of herself by moving at high speeds. The image isn't physical and thus it can't attack and fades through anything or anyone. Once something or someone does fade through it the afterimage will fade away on the spot. Although the image isn't a real clone it still does have a lot of uses. Cora can use it to evade an attack and reappear elsewhere the afterimage vanishes to set up for a near-impossible to dodge counterattack, as a decoy, as a distraction, to confuse her opponent, create openings, and overall use it in the same ways as Afterimage Reduced Earth. Due to her immense speed Cora is able to create thousands upon millions of afterimages and with this many afterimages it is very easy for Cora to make full use of the Hunter Skill.
    • Mirage Clone: Mirage Clone is a technique that allows Cora to use her speed to create solid clones. In order to use this Hunter Skill Cora moves fast enough to be in more than one place at once. Cora is able to create up to three clones of herself. That may not be a lot, but using this Hunter Skill is a very remarkable accomplishment in and of itself.
    • Dance of the Eclipse:
      Dance of the Eclipse

      Cora using Dance of the Eclipse

      This a very simple Hunter Skill where Cora charges at her opponent and continuously dashes side to side in front of them in the process. The speed at which she is dashing is quick enough to create dozens of afterimages that mimic her movements and charges the foe. The number of afterimages that are created and the present-shaped pattern of their positioning allow Cora to flank the opponent with her afterimages in order to attack from the front, sides, and anywhere in between. This leaves the opponent with only one option of retreat: running in the opposite direction. When Cora is in within range she assaults the enemy with a mighty slash that can often end up fatal. Since the afterimages itself cannot perform physical tasks and will phase through anything, the afterimages are used to distract the enemy, forcing them to choose who they think is the actual fighter and if they chose wrongly they eave themselves vulnerable to the mighty slash. The Hunter Skill is best performed when the foe is up against the wall or in some other situation where they have no other option, but to choose. This is because the pressure this puts on the opponent increases the likelihood of them picking wrongly.
  • Onikiri:
    Razor Hand

    Cora using Onikiri

    Onikiri (鬼切 Onikiri, lit. Demon Slayer) is a Hunter Skill that allows Cora to use her bare hands as a sword or some other bladed weapon. She does this by swinging or thrusting her hand at the opponent at high velocities. The brute force of the strike allows her hand to cut and pierce the target as if her hand was a sword or some other bladed weapon. With this Cora has been able to slice through solid steel, the scales of a wyvern, and objects reinforced with magic power as if it was nothing.
  • Double Jump: A common feat performed by hunters, which allows Cora to jump in mid-air. Just like flying, Double Jumping increases how mobile Cora is in the air and makes it a lot easier to fight while airborne.
  • Earth Carnage:
    Earth Carnage

    Cora uses Earth Carnage

    Cora uses this Hunter Skill by slamming her fist against the ground. The power of the punch cracks the ground and sends large chunks of earth flying up to hit any opponent who is unfortunate enough to be near Cora at the time. The power of the punch determines the speed, power, and damage output of the chunks of earth that are flying up.
  • Bisection of Savage Beast:
    Bisection of Savage Beast

    Cora using Bisection of Savage Beast

    Bisection of Savage Beast is one of Cora's simplest Hunter Skills. It allows Cora to greatly increase the power and speed of a slash at the last second to take the opponent by the surprise and inflict more damage that what she would normally be able to. Cora does this by swinging her scythe at the opponent and seconds before the scythe comes into contact with the opponent she fires a shot. The recoil of the shot is strong enough to increase the speed and power of the strike several fold to easily slash through material that would normally be very difficult for her to cut through.
  • Vacuum Cutter:
    Vacuum Cutter

    Cora using Vacuum Cutter

    Vacuum Cutter is dangerous Hunter Skill that allows involves attacking the opponent with three consecutive strikes that can also pull in nearby foe's. Cora starts off by swinging her scythe at great speeds to the opponent's neck, then to their gut, and finally to their ankles. Each slash is stronger and faster than the previous one and each swing has enough force to pull in the surrounding air to pull nearby opponents. There has been times where Cora has pulled buildings off the ground because of just how fast the air was rushing toward her. If the strikes themselves aren't strong to cut into into the opponent Cora can combine this Hunter Skill with Bisection of Savage Beast so that each swing is enhanced by the recoil of a shot.
  • Monster Cleaver: Monster Cleaver is a Hunter Skill technique passed down to her by Odysseus. It is a powerful technique, which she often uses as the finishing blow. To use Monster Cleaver she moves the blade of scythe behind her head and tilted at a slight upward angle. She shifts her weight to the heels of her feet so he is leaning into her scythe. By leaning forward and swinging her scythe forward and at a slight downward angle, Cora releases all the tension at once in order to swing her scythe at blinding speed and with so much force that it sends a current of wind that is focused enough that it takes on a sharp edge. This sharp gust of wind is powerful enough to cleave through pillars and buildings alike with great ease. Cora has managed to take down countless beasts with this technique from low-level beasts to beasts with startling strength and durability like wyverns.
    • Grim Reaper's Fissure: This Hunter Skill allows Cora swings her scythe at a downward angle in order to send a large air current that is focused enough to take on a sharp edge. This wind current is a lot more powerful than Monster Cleaver as it is able to split the very earth in order to create a giant chasm in its wake to swallow up any opponents endured the air current.
    • Tornado of Death:
      Tornado of Death

      Cora using Tornado of Death

      Tornado of Death is a highly versatile technique that can be used for both offense and defense where Cora will whirl her scythe all around her dozens of times. Each swing is capable of sending out a current of wind that is focused enough that it takes on a sharp edge. The number of swings extends the wind so that she is emitting a constantly stream of razor sharp wind that follows the path of her swings so that by the end she forms a dome of razor winds around her. The precision of the swings is enough to allow her to cut the smallest of opponents and sharp enough to cut through steel with ease while the power of the winds is enough to protect Cora against some of the strongest of Magic attacks.
    • Cross Slash: Cross Slash is another advanced form Monster Cleaver. Cora swings her scythe in front of her several times in rapid succession to perform an ultra-fast barrage of strikes. As the name suggest the path of each swing intersects to form a cross, star, or other similar pattern. The power and speed of each swing allows her to focus a current of air so she can unleash a blast of gale-force winds in the shape of the pattern at the opponent. The blast of gale-force winds is able to slam into the opponent with enough blunt force to send the opponent flying cause both internal and external damage that can be great enough to be lethal.
  • Hunter Skill: Air Shield: This basic defensive Hunter Skill allows Cora to thrust the pummel of her scythe with tremendous force. The force of thrust is enough to send an air current at the opponent that is focused enough to protect Cora from attacks. She has used this technique to defend herself from non-magical and magical attacks alike even able to use the technique to block a Slayer's breath attack.
  • Hunter's Quake: Cora slams the pummel of her scythe against the ground with frightening force. The shockwaves produced from the downward thrust is enough to cause the very earth in the surrounding area to quake once it enters the ground and spreads. The power of the earthquakes can range anywhere between strong enough to only be felt by one person to strong enough to destroy a very small city or town.
  • Witch Hunt: Witch Hunt is technique where Cora performs a simple slash at any angle at high velocities. The velocity of the slash is able to create enough friction between the air and blade to allow the blade to heat up rapidly in order to not simply cut, but sear through the opponent's skin and inflict a very severe burn. The burn is severe enough to make the attack a two-fold lethal attack because if the cut doesn't kill the burn usually does.
    • Blade of Redemption: Combustion Blade:
      Combustion Blade

      The effects of Combustion Blade

      Combustion Blade is a more powerful version of Witch Hunt. Cora uses it by swinging her scythe a lot faster than what she would when using Witch Hunt. When she is swinging she puts all of her weight to the tip of the scythe's blade. When the tip so much as grazes the opponent the site of impact will ignite and before to long they will be fully engulfed in flames that are threatening to reduce them to ashes any second.
    • Flame Slash:
      Flame Slash2

      Cora using the second version of Flame Slash to create a massive vortex of fire

      Flame Slash is another powerful version of Witch Hunt. It allows Cora to swing her blade with enough force to ignite the blade in fire so that the blade is thickly cloaked in hot flames that can sear into the foe to leave behind awful burns. The slash has a lot of cutting power because of the flames and the speed of the swing. Cora can increase the power of the Hunter Skill by rotating her body during the swing to create a tornado of flames that can knock opponent's back with a lot of blunt force and burn them while scythe shreds into anything it touches.
      • Explosive Wave: Explosive Wave is the most powerful version of Witch Hunt. In this Hunter Skill Cora swings her blade. The friction of the blade with the air does not only heat up, but creates an explosion. The power of explosion is determined by the force of the swing and Cora is able to create both small weak explosions and large powerful explosions.
  • Raptor Boost:
    Raptor Boost

    Cora using Raptor Boost

    Cora runs at her opponent and when she reaches the desired speed uses the built up momentum to launch herself off the ground with titanic force. Once in the air she rockets toward the opponent while spiraling in the air. The wind will move with her body allowing her to greatly increase the speed of the wind just by running while the rotation of her body turns the tailwind into miniature tornado. As Cora rockets past the opponent the newly formed tornado launches the opponent across vast distances.
    Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 7.38.49 PM

    Cora using Raptor Typhoon

    In addition to sending the foe flying, the tornado is able to hit the opponent with enough force to obliterate the bones in their body and inflict other harsh blunt force-type injuries.
    • Raptor Typhoon: A Hunter Skill where Cora will run in circles to use her speed to create a very large and powerful tornado. The tornado can be used in the same manner as Wind Wall and just as effectively or it can be used offensively.

Vampire Physiology

Cora, in most respects, has a biology and physiology of a typical vampyre. This means it is very hard to tell her apart because of how few physical differences there are between vampyres and humans apart from the differences they are most known for such as her fangs and cold pale skin.

As a vampyre she has two fangs, which are located on the top row of teeth around where a human's canine teeth are. Her fangs are abnormally sharp and can easily deliver a deadly bite and she has powerful jaw muscles to improve her bite by allowing her fangs to easily pierce skin and crush through muscle and bone easily. A lesser known ability that she has because she is a vampyre is the ability to control the sharpness of her fangs with mental energy alone. This gives her the potential to bite through any human's skin regardless of how hard their skin may be.

Cora has cold pale skin, which comes from her status as an undead. It is hard to notice the paleness of her skin at first and the temperature of her skin is around that of a corpse. The temperature of her skin remains at this temperature and keeps their body cold regardless of how hot it is outside, which is how she can shrug over intense heat like those of dragons or gods with great ease. Her resistance to heat also grants her ability to withstand exposure to direct sunlight to be active during the day. When she was younger before she obtained the ability to be active during the day she used to rely a lot on the ability to merge into shadows and teleport using shadows. To this day she still retains this ability, which makes her one of the few adult vampires who has.

As a vampyre, her biology is vastly different from a human's. She has a very large ethernano presence thanks to her Vampiric Stigma. Her ethernano count rivals demons themselves and because of it her biology is more akin to demon's or etherious' than a human's. Her ethernano presence gives her many advantages most notably how it makes her presence very alluring to humans.

Her vampiric vocal cords able to create loud frightening noises like dragons or demons, but precise and detailed sounds that would be too difficult for any other species to produce. This allows her to easily speak many languages very fluently and change her accents. She can use her precision-based vocal cords to make it easier to integrate into society. First, using her intelligence to quickly learn the language and accent and then use her terrific vocal cords to speak the language with enough proficiency to fool those around her into thinking that they are a local. One of the more classical uses of her great vocal cords is to produce ultrasonic sounds that are created specifically to create echoes. These sounds help them locate a next meal with deadly accuracy.

Another key difference in her physiology that she has as a vampires from humans is that she doesn't have blood. Instead, what flows through her veins is a black liquid that could be described as liquefied curse power. This liquid functions in the same way as blood though it has been noted to be able to do it what blood does, but better. This could be the source of her vampiric physical abilities. While it has many similarities to curse power, it isn't actually liquefied curse power. This liquid is just as dangerous to humans as actual curse power is. If it gets on a human's skin it will stick there and eat away at their body until there is nothing left. In addition, if this special liquid gets on human's skin it will drain the ethernano the human's body is composed to weaken them slowly and drain them of their magic power if they have any. Lastly, if the blood stays on a human to long or is accidentally ingested they will show symptoms similar to being poisoned by Magical Barrier Particles.

  • Enhanced Physical Abilities:
    Cora running

    Cora dashing toward a foe

    Cora's physical abilities are out of this world. As a vampire she already possesses extraordinary physical attributes, but her huntress training pushed her already remarkable physical attributes to all new levels. At this point her physical capabilities may have surpassed the average demon, dragon, or god. Her most impressive physical trait is her speed just like all vampires. She has demonstrated this multiple times, but nothing proves this more than how she once handled a lightning strike. In this show of her speed Cora's mind was able to register that lightning was coming at her and formulate a countermeasure so Cora could move quickly enough to evade the bolt of lightning and judging by her lack of surprise at the accomplishment it can be safely assumed that she did so with ease. Since lightning moves downward at a speed of 220,000 miles per hour who knows what she can do when she chooses to exert herself a bit more to show a little bit more of her rarely seen level of speed. It should go without saying that using Slowing Magic or High Speed does very little if one's goal is to catch up to her. This isn't to say her speed, reflexes, and reaction speed are unrivaled because if it was she would be an archhunter. However, it does mean that opponents should expect her speed to be far more than just a little troublesome. In a fight Cora will often use her speed to use Vanish to dart to move so quickly it appears as if she is teleporting. She can attack her opponents multiple times in rapid succession and on occasion take down and kill the opponent before they know what hit them if they are slow and weak enough. She can also use her speed to have her attacks inflict more damage because of the kinetic energy she is gaining through her quick movements or strikes. When she does this, she has been capable of breaking past defenses to slam into the opponent with tremendous force. Another offensive use of her speed is creating things like sonic booms by moving faster than the speed of sound, gale force winds by running fast enough like what is seen in the Raptor Boost Hunter Skill, or tornadoes by running in circles quick enough. Her second best physical trait outside of her speed, reflexes, and reaction time is her agility. She can go from one motion to another with supernatural ease to make the most complex gymnastic feats seem like nothing more than child's play. She can also change the body's position out of the most difficult positions efficiently so she quickly adapt with the battlefield. Just because her other physical abilities are not on the level of her speed and agility doesn't mean they should be underestimated. She is after all a huntress and because of this, ridiculous physical traits should be expected. Cora has ungodly strength, which is more than enough to create large and very powerful earthquakes simply by striking the ground a single time. It is also enough to reshape the topography of the land by flattening large hills like the one Oak Town stands on by pushing them down or pulling up well-sized valleys to them into large hills. She can also use her strength to heat up or outright engulf her scythe in fire with the mere friction of the air with the blade. Next to her strength the Magic Crash can seem small and not that impressive especially when onlookers see that Cora can overwhelm most Crash mages in a contest of power. In addition, Cora has defeated average opponents on more than one occasion with a single nonchalant punch. Their body obliterating and splattering everywhere because of how it simply could not handle the force of Cora's punch. Unlike with her speed, the limits of her strength are known. It appears reshaping topography is currently the most impressive feat she has down and every time she has done it she had shown signs of exhaustion. Cora's body has the ability to withstand a lot thanks to her endurance and her durability. Extreme temperatures, powerful impacts, overwhelming pressures, heavy weights, and so on barely phase her and typically leave behind only a scratch. Holy things do have a bit better chance of inflicting damage, but she will quickly heal from it. This means, as what will be stated below, the only thing that can get past her regeneration, durability, and immortality to have any chance of killing her is silver and blessed water and even those things must be of high quality.
    • Biological Immortality and Regeneration:
      Cora healing

      Cora regenerating

      Cora is very difficult to kill even by vampyre standards. This is because as a vampyre her body doesn't age like most beings, instead her body is continuously regressing to a point in time where they were at their prime. Cora will never have to deal with the ill effects of aging and will stay young and in her prime until the day she dies whenever that it. She is also immune to any time-based magic spell that tries to cause her to age. Cora's ability to stay in her prime forever also means that she is completely immune to anything that can weaken her. This includes stuff like sickness, toxins and pathogens, her senses can never dull or be overloaded, any contaminants, any ailments, etc. Nothing can deter her from being in her prime no matter how powerful it is. The constant regression back to prime also gives her regenerative abilities. How fast she can regenerate her is determined by the time of day. When the moon is out she can heal from any injury nearly instantly and while the sun is out she can heal from any wound in a matter of seconds. This is where the core and most well known function of immortality comes in. It can be thought of as a backup to help her remain functional in situations where the vampire cannot heal themselves quick enough for whatever reason. It allows her to live on no matter what shape her body or mind is in. Just like most vampyres the only thing that can get past her regeneration and immortality to have a chance of killing her is silver and blessed water. Her hunting training as ensured that only the highest quality silver or blessed water can kill her and even when using that level of quality it takes two or three fatal blows with the substance before she is put down for good.
    • Nutrition:
      Cora drinking blood

      Cora drinking blood

      As a vampire, Cora's diet consists only of the blood of humans. When she bites into a human and begin to drink their blood the residue from her Vampiric Stigma will fill her mouth and enter her victim's bloodstream. The residue that enters the bloodstream is used as a venom of sorts and it weakens the humans and kills them if their life-force is weak or average. If a human's life-force is strong, then the venom will kill the human and turn them into a vampyre. The residue in a her mouth is also used to extract a human's life-force from the blood. Her body uses a human's life-force to empower herself and improve her regeneration abilities for a moment. The remaining life-force is broken down into a special type of calorie, which is stored in the Vampiric Stigma as fuel for the her various special vampiric abilities while the blood itself is used for nutrition. Cora's very sensitive sense of taste makes each blood type taste different to Cora. Other factors that contribute to taste is the positioning of her prey's moral compass, their personality, age, type of human like transhuman or Corrupt Human, and gender. According to Odysseus, Cora is a very picky drinker who prefers AB or O type blood from female humans who are in their twenties. The closer the human is to meeting all of these criteria the better their blood tastes to Cora. When she is depressed she likes AB or O type blood from a female who is a Corrupt Human and are in their twenties. This suggests that Corrupt Human's blood could be a vampire's equivalent of alcohol. She isn't picky enough to only drink this specific type of human blood, but when she is drinking another type she won't hide her disgust. When Cora drinks someone's blood she can occasionally adopt some of their personality traits and obtain some of their memories in the form of an involuntary memory. This only seems to happen if her prey was feeling a strong emotion when she was feeding on them and these symptoms only last a day at most. If Cora doesn't get enough blood to drink she can enter a berserk and primal state where her mind will be filled with thoughts of blood leading her to go on a carnage and drink the blood the blood many humans. Normally Cora returns to normal whenever she thirst is satisfied.
      • Essence Drain: Drinking blood has combative purposes as well. If Cora drinks enough blood at once she can activate an ability called Essence Drain. This allows her to extract a human's trademark ability to gain the ability to use it for a brief period of time. This ability is performed by extracting enough life-force from a prey's blood to get a large enough sample of the gene responsible for their signature ability out of their life-force. Once the gene is extracted she subconsciously replicates the gene and spread it through her body to give her the ability to use their prey's ability. The replicated ability usually draws on her mental energy except if it a powerful magic like Heavenly Body Magic. In these cases the ability will draw upon her mental and physical energies. For example of Essence Drain in use is, if she drinks a fire mage's blood then she will gain the ability to create and control fire with their mind and be immune to fire. The replicated ability isn't as strong or versatile as the original, but it is very close. She often use the replicated ability to make it harder for the human to fight her.
      • Overblood Mode: Overblood Mode is a powerful heightened state that Cora can enter to enhance her physical capabilities and provide herself with new abilities.
    • Enhanced Senses: As a member of the vampyre race Cora's senses are naturally extremely accurate. Her training to become a huntress pushed her senses to a "super vampiric" level, which gave her senses various abilities along with just being superior to the senses of normal vampyres. Unlike normal vampyres, Cora's senses have been trained in how to protect itself. Her senses can nullify all negative effects and damage inflicted by sensory overload or sensory attacks in general. This allows Cora to be immune to harmful sounds, deafening loud sounds, and blinding lights among other things. Cora took this ability to another level after a year of additional training. After that year, she gained the ability to focus one sense by blocking out all others. By doing this she augment that sense considerably or find a specific sight, scent, taste, sound, or feeling. The most common way Cora uses this is to block all senses by touch in order to become sensitive to the flow of time and by doing so she gains a pseudo-danger sense. Another year of training gave Cora the ability to trigger and amplify synesthesia. Synesthesia is a phenomenon where a sensory stimulation is experienced by another sense resulting in Cora experiencing things like seeing smells or hearing colors. This makes it an excellent hunting tool especially when it comes to hunting humans because Cora can use the ability to, among other things, detect and read emotions and auras, which can lead to various extrasenory abilities if focused enough.
  • Mesmerizing Presence: Cora has a very alluring presence for humans because of the overwhelming ethernano presence she has as a vampire. It can make them relax their guard or sometimes outright make them fascinated in her. In a lot of ways it can be described in a similar way as charisma except a lot harder to resit and it appears to be more physical since all humans can "sense" it. Cora can control this presence and focus it at a single human or a large group of humans to put them into a hypnotic state, which allows her to control the minds of humans. In addition, as a vampyre she can use their presence to control what the human sees, hears, tastes, feels, and smells. The control over a human's senses that the presence gives her is great enough to allow her to trap a human in powerful illusion by turning the target's senses against them and having them believe that their senses detecting things that are not actually there. Mind control, sense manipulation, and illusion create all rely on a human's willpower vs her own. If the human's willpower is superior than none of these abilities will work.
  • Augmented Vampire Stigma: Just with all vampires Cora's fangs are filled with the residue of her Vampire Stigma in the form of something similar to venom. When she was turned into a vampire her hatred of vampires augmented her vampiric stigma considerably and thus the residue's potency was also increased to unheard of levels. The first thing this changes is the pain of Cora's bites. The augmented potency of the venom makes the bite very painful. Before one of her victims died, she said that it was 50 times more painful than a bullet ant's sting. In order to extend how long Cora's prey feels the pain the venom goes so far as mess with the prey's sense of time by slowing it down greatly. The venom doesn't stop there, its potency is strong enough to kill the opponent if left unchecked. In fact, 80% of the people who Cora bites dies and only the remaining 20% turn into vampires and only 1% of the 20% are still standing because Cora usually kills whoever is converted. It is suggested that Cora, like some other vampires, has absolute authority over the vampires she has turned. However, due to how few humans she has successfully transformed into vampires it isn't confirmed.
    • Dark Immunity:
  • Shapeshifting: Cora has the natural ability of shapeshifting. She is able to transform and reshape herself to her every whim and sometimes down to the genetic level. This ability can be used for combative purposes and impersonation. On a combative level, she transform her into various beasts or animals to make herself stronger and harder to fight. For impersonation level, she can transform her body to look just like anyone of their choosing. Down to the smallest detail. She can even use the ability to transform her personality and minds so she acts just like the person she is impersonating. One of Cora's most common use of this ability is to transform into a bat or multiple bats.
  • Advanced Hunting Proficiency:
    • Advanced Trapping Expertise:
    • Supernatural Tracking Expertise:
      • Enhanced Awareness: Cora has a supernatural level of awareness by both human and vampire standards. This allows her to pick up on and notice things that would normally be too small or insignificant for most to notice. She can notice any lie, come up with complex strategies, show supernatural levels of empathy, pick up on danger very quickly as if she has some sort of danger sense or clairvoyance ability, etc. In a hunt she uses this ability to stay one or more steps ahead of her target by by staying very attuned with surrounding at all times.
    • Enhanced Stealth: Cora, through her training, currently possesses an extraordinarily high-level of expertise, knowledge, and skill in the art of stealth. She knows a lot of different stealth tactics and has enough skill with each of them that it can seem as if she is fading in and out of reality. Cora has managed to sneak into very well guarded locations and sneak up the most alert prey. Furthermore, she not only knows how to make sure she is not noticed, but how to leave very little trace of her presence to allow her to hide from her enemies that she was ever there. On the off and rare chance her target does notice her she is able to enter a state of mind called Stealth Mode. In this state, it is impossible to detect her through any form of sensory ability whether it be danger sense, clairvoyance, Sensory Magic, or any other sensory ability a foe may possess.
    • Strong Will: Cora's training to become a huntress was not at all easy to say the least. Her father, Odysseus, had her undergo a level of training that would make the toughest of people cry and run away in fear. Naturally, by not only enduring this training, by overcoming it Cora gained a supernatural-level of willpower. On a mental level her supernatural willpower grants her immunity to all mental intrusion such as mind control, mind reading, hypnosis, illusions, psychic suggestion, deception, possession, and so on. In addition, she is nearly fully resistant to negative mental weaknesses like fear, pain, doubt, and thoughts of giving up. There is only one person who can bring these thoughts and feelings to the surface and that is Nosferatu. This makes her a very persistent huntress who will refuse to surrender no matter how the odds are stacked against her. On a physical level her enhanced willpower enables her to push past her physical limitations. She can suppress large amounts of physical pain, increase vitality, and gain a small amount of resistance to main things. Her willpower can be a double edged sword at times. If someone is able to bring her traumatic past to the surface the trauma will use her willpower against her and begin to weaken her. The more of her past that is brought to the surface the weaker she becomes. This is best done with some type of Illusion Magic.
      • Sealing Vulnerability: Even though she has a lot of willpower she seems to be very vulnerable to sealing, shown when a mage once sealed her into a sword during a friendly spar. She has no trouble breaking with some low grade seals like Bind Snake, but mid and high grade seals are very hard to break out of. Especially if they are holy seals.
    • Paranormal Expertise: Cora has a vast amount of information and knowledge on all species and the paranormal. She has the experience to use this vast knowledge effectively. This makes her a living encyclopedia or a living Super Archive when it comes to information about the paranormal and any species. In a hunt, Cora uses this knowledge to fight and take down any creature in the most effective way possible by simply recalling their strengths, weakness, habits, and anything about them to come up with such perfect methods. Lastly, she can use this knowledge to learn of the best ways of detecting the paranormal or species to the point where it appears that she has a sixth sense when it comes to detecting these things.
    • Supernatural Combative Skill:
      Cora fighting

      Cora killing a herd of S-class dark mages in a flash

      In order to become a hunter one must be an elite fighter and Cora has not only met that standard, but surpassed it. Her combative skills on the offensive and defensive are immense and extraordinary. She has extraordinary skill with wielding countless weapons, most notably scythes, and has mastered many forms of martial arts. She has complete and utter mastery of all aspects of fighting including but not limited to strength, speed, technique, control, skill, analysis, adaptability, and accuracy. Her prowess on battlefield has been shown to be overwhelming even for powerful foes like S-class mages, which was once demonstrated when she killed a whole herd of S-class dark mages in the blink of an eye. She always seems to be several steps ahead as if she can see into the future. Cora also knows enough about fighting to accurately judge a person's strength just by looking at them and their posture. Further showing her godlike combative skills Cora is able to use Hunter Skills with great ease and sometimes as if it was nothing. Since Hunter Skills require supernatural combative skills to perform in the first place the fact that they come to Cora easily is a huge statement. She is truly a One-Woman Army, she has been able to take down armies of foes or a single very powerful foe, predict her opponent's moves, and overall become a killing machine. At times it can seem like Cora's combative skills have evolved to become force of nature. In addition, Cora doesn't just know how to fight. She also has encyclopedic knowledge on the art of fighting and immense understanding about said knowledge. Enough understanding to fulfill Bloom's Taxonomy's Six levels of Learning. She knows countless tactics, historic battles and wars, habits that fighters tend to fall back on, and general knowledge about fighting. Cora may not be the best fighter, she is still prone to making mistakes, she still has many flaws, and there are some things she doesn't know, but that doesn't mean she is an opponent that should be underestimated. For underestimating her is a very quick way for someone to lose their head and be sent to the afterlife. Due to the level her combative skill at the best way to fight her is to find her flaws whatever they may be.
      • Legendary Scythe Proficiency:
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        Cora effortlessly wiping out a pack of werewolves

        Cora is a remarkable scythe user and her skill is perhaps in a league all of its own. She can wield her scythe with unheard of skill and control to the point that it seems there is nothing she can't do with a scythe. Swinging her scythe with enough force to create powerful shockwaves, swinging her scythe around her with enough force to create whirlwind that pulls opponents to her and knocks them away, and much more. She can wield this weapon with pinpoint accuracy and with so much power and speed that it often appears as a blur or become unseeable altogether just because of its speed. Both armies of average enemies and extremely powerful fighters have both fallen before he scythe within minutes, making Cora a very dangerous fighter. What's more, she can even utilize the powerful recoil of the sniper rifle part of her scythe to shoot herself across vast distances or augment the speed and power of her strikes.



  • Cora Springfield was inspired by Ruby Rose from RWBY and Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist.
  • Cora is another name for the Greek goddess Persephone. This was done on purpose because Cora has many similarities to the Greek Goddess Persephone.
  • Crimson Flash Blade was inspired by Instant from the Naruto series and the many many attacks like it from other series.
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