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Seraph Kinmichi

Counter-Rune Magic (対魔印 (カウンタ・ルーン・マジック), Kaunta Rūn Majikku lit. Anti-Glyph) is a Caster Magic developed by Seraph Kinmichi after studying various runes and Aether Cade's Jutsu Shiki. The objective of this magic is exactly what it sounds like— it eliminates any magical seal-based magics.


Counter-Rune Magic is a highly specialized magic in that it is focused solely on eliminating the threat of anything glyph-based, such as Rune Magic and Magical Seals. In order to harness the power of this magic, the user utilizes their Magical Aura in conjunction with their keen eyesight, tuning the surging of their aura to the properties of the glyph before them, before channeling their magical aura into their limbs, and releasing the aura as more often than not a beam of energy that dispels the glyph in question. This can also be focused into the user's limbs or any type of weaponry for an extended amount of time, enabling almost any of their strikes to cancel out runic inscriptions.

However, Counter-Rune Magic's weakness lies in the fact that it is well-known that it requires a lot of trial and error, as in most cases, glyphs and the like can shift frequencies at any moment's notice.


  • While the idea is mine, it was actually User:Perchan who worded the entire thing.
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