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Vampire family unit

coven (コブン Kobun), also spelled covan (コバン koban) is a term used to a refer to a permanent gathering of two or more vampires. 


A coven is formed when a vampire first finds their mate, and become bonded forever. This travelling pair of "two" is called a coven, and the function of a coven is identical to the function of any gathering of sentient creatures; it can, in fact, be considered the vampire family unit.

Covens are typically very small, most covens bordering on no more than four members, and they almost always consist of blood relations — beyond, of course, the original bonded pair. While many vampires would prefer to travel as an individual, a coven proves beneficial to a vampire as it provides them with no only companionship, but allies in case they need to defend themselves.

When rearing children, the members of a vampire coven naturally become naturally far more defensive and instinct prone, and will attack anything that proves themselves to be a threat to a young vampire child. It is an ill-advised mistake to approach a vampire coven that happens to have a young child with them.

Whilst typically consisting only of family members, it is possible for a foreign vampire to a join an existing coven.


The basis of many vampire relationships is known as the master and servant system. When a vampire bites a human, a blood tie (血縁 chien) is formed. As early vampires originally bit humans they desired with the intention of turning them into their mates, the very first covens have their origins in the master and servant system.

List of Known Covens

Coven Name Description Coven Leader Status
Ashmedai Coven One of the more powerful vampire covens in existence, the Ashmedai Coven is led by the fabled Alucard, and notably, it is an all female coven. While Alucard herself became the mate of Ilona Szilágyi a century prior to the beginning of Fairy Tail: Dusk, and she created Erytheia Ashmedai sometime after this, the Ashmedai Coven, to fit the technical definition of the term, would not be formed until the creation of Leilah Ashmedai, Alucard's biological clone and daughter. The Ashmedai Coven is considered the strongest coven in Earth Land by default, to the membership of Alucard herself, but the additions of Ilona, Eri, Albina Freyja, Leilah, and later Cybele, Mona, Mu Koshō, and Mina Harker make it a force to be reckoned with. With the addition of these unique entities, and humans like Cora Leanashe, the Coven is certainly unorthodox. Alucard Active
Coven Name Description Coven Leader Status
Nighteater Coven A mysterious coven that is generally shrouded in mystery. From what little is known about them, the Nighteater Coven is one of the longer lived covens in the vampire world; the only existing Vampire older than these members would be Alucard herself. They thrive on an island far off the coast of Earth Land, and are possibly the oldest living example of vampire 'civilization'. Unknown Male vampire Active
Coven Name Description Coven Leader Status
Daiyu Coven An ancient coven that was seen as the second strongest coven in the known magical world, superceded only by the Ashmedai Coven. The coven itself consisted of Ju-long Daiyu, Zhen Daiyu, Liling Daiyu, and a multitude of vampires created by Ju-long and Zhen. The coven had its beginnings when Ju-long and Zhen became mates well over a thousand years ago, and only grew as they amassed power. For precisely what purposes were unknown; some assume they intended to engage Alucard in battle while the primordial Vampire had not yet gained her own coven or foothold in the world. It was perhaps due to their immense power that the early Magic Council came to fear them for their immense abilities; terrified of what the group could do if it truly managed to amass an army, the council assaulted and destroyed the Coven. The only surviving member, Liling, had managed to escape at her parents request, forcing the young girl to flee. As such, Liling is the only remaining member of the former Daiyu Coven. Ju-long Daiyu Inactive (Liling Daiyu only extant member)


  • The real-life definition of "coven" refers to a gathering of "witches". As such, Guilds as the series Fairy Tail knows them, fit the technical definition of "coven" far more than the article seen here.

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