Creed is a storyline written by AzuWen and Smillingflower.


Far from the main Fairy Tail storyline there is a certain area which by others could be considered a completely different world known as Creed. In Creed, twins are rather counterparts are born and one day will combine as one. Unwillingly by birth, counterparts are either raised together or separately by their parents' own choices. Once this is done one counterpart may not have the same blood related relatives as the other. Thus there has been various conflicts.

A hundred years prior to the story, there was a certain conflict which lead to a war. This war was  unbelievably dangerous to the point everyone who was not involved in it were to be put in capsules until the war was over.


Senjogahara Clan

Ryukeima Senjogahara

Yuuma Senjogahara

Mato Senjogahara

Herkus Senjogahara

Vikenti Senjogahara

Odysseas Senjogahara

Homura Family

Rikugun-Taisa Homura

Akiyo Homura

Shinobu Homura

Rikka Homura

Servants Of Homura Family

Tristan Speare

Christopher Grimm

Jeremiah-Joshua Wilde

Tsukihi Tribe

Yuzuru Tsukihi

Toshio Tsukihi

Tetsuya Tsukihi

Maokaze Tsukihi

Yomi Dynasty

Kuuya Yomi

Amane Yomi

Yuzuki Yomi

Mana Yomi

Kotose Yomi

Servants Of Yomi Dynasty 

Alicia Fleur

Cornelia Evan

Plot Overview

Journey To Unite Arc


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