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Cressida Barrett
Paladin Cressida | Dark Queen Cressida
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Name Cressida Barrett
Kanji クレシダバレット
Alias Nicknames
  • The Demon Maid (悪魔メイド, Akuma meido)
  • The Master Controller (マスタコントローラ, Masutakontorōra)
  • The Puppet Knight (人形の騎士, Ningyō no kishi)
  • The Dark Queen (ダーク女王, Dāku joō)
  • Paladin (パラディン, Paradin)
Race Demon (Etherious)
Age Unknown (Real Age)
Gender Female
Height 8'7
Weight 167 Pounds
Eye Color Eye Types
  • Aqua Blue (Basic Color)
  • Yellow Eyes (When Macro Curse Activation)
Hair Color Blond Colored
Blood Type B+
Professional Status
Affiliation Star Breaker Guild Logo Star Breaker Guild
Previous Affiliation Zeref Dragneel
2a Nightmare Wing
Yochisymbol Vengeance Blade Guild
Millennium Echo Alliance
Occupation Titles
  • Medical Knight
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Guild Maid
Previous Occupation Demon
Team Main Nightmare Wing Group
Previous Team Zeref's Demon Army
Partner Juno Fujimaki (Master)
Previous Partner N/A
Base of Operations Nightmare Wing guild Hall
Personal Status
Status Active
Relatives Relations
Magic Requip (換装魔法 Kansō Mahō)
Sword Magic (剣の魔法 Ken no Mahō)
Weapons Weapons
  • Longword
  • Spear
  • Other Weapons (Via Requip)

Cressida Barrett (クレシダバレット, Kureshidabaretto) is an Etherious based demon that uses to serves Nightmare Wing underneath ruling " Lady of the Apocalypse" Juno Fujimaki as her personal assistant and maid before joining Star Breaker Guild as a well-respected member.

She is also known as the Demon Maid (悪魔メイド, Akuma meido) as the guilds private servant of cleaning around the guild hall when off-duty from fieldwork. Many call her a "Paladin" during her early stages due to her kind nature and willingness to protect others. She carries a kindness despite being a mostly a demon. Her body was damaged during the 500-Year War as a result of the usage of the Black Soul Gem, she copied portions of the body and power of Yumiko Yamamoto to rebuild herself anew.

She is also the Head Chief Medical Officer in Nightmare Wing acting as the doctor of the group. Despite her not being a Lady of the Apocalypse like her master, she is still a very dangerous fighter in combat and can easily remove limbs as good as repairing them.

Her defection to the Empire had lead to the defeat of Nightmare Wing after following Yumiko saw the good in her heart and redeemed her in the eyes of those around them. She now acts as one of the personal maids of the guild itself on top of being a Paladin-type hero figure.




Cressida Full Body View

During her original life, she was a demon who served during the 500-year war between the forces of Darkness lead by "Baal" and the forces of Light lead by Af Anpiel a legendary sage that past the mantle and his armor to the current Emperor of Mana, Masahiro Ketsueki.

The war-ravaged on finally she was defeated by a group of sages leaving her body scarred and deformed by the battle. During the final days, she has trapped within the Black Soul Gem an artifact with tremendous power that can trap entire legions of demons and humans alike into a single object, however, if used for evil can be used to summon those legions back.

She laid sleeping for the years feeding upon the demonic energies in the stone later, latching onto Yumiko Yamamoto following her time holding it. Using her corruptive nature, she began drawing upon her while influencing her mind slowly attempting to convert her to a Dark Wizard, while also attempting to use her as a vessel.

Following her freedom, she was altered by the prolonging magical energy of Yumiko Yamamoto as such when she regains her power, her body morphed into a similar shape as her through different following a changing of her hair and a bit of the body to keep herself unique in her own way. Her freedom came at the request of Lady Juno Fujimaki who required a worker to help her as one of the builders of the guild hall, a maid to clean it as well then finally to serve as her personal assistant.

The Battle of Regno Rosa Arc

Cressida played a major factor in the main battle itself attacking soldiers and taking the main gate. Later in the conflict challenging her Template Yumiko Yamamoto after revealing that she was using her connection to her to bring the Black Soul Gem closer to the control of Nightmare Wing. Yumiko attempted to convince Cressida to join them and stop the army of demons from attacking Mana but a bloodied fight raged between the two.

She was handy defeated by the mage unable to accept defeat, she then used her Marco Curse on Yumiko forcing her to give the stone to her. Her heart torn between her growing fondness of others made her waver a moment but not before returning the stone to Lord Hojo who summoned reinforcements.

Later in the arc, she was among those in the final battle of Battle of Regno Rosa when Kronus The World Eater attacked the city forcing both sides to set their differences aside to drive off a common threat. After the dragon fled the two re-engaged in a bloody conflict. In the end, Cressida chooses to aid her Yumiko after the former saved her from Juno Fujimaki's betrayal of her. Her defection later brought a swift victory for the Star Breaker Guild guild and after recovering the stone, she was offered a place among them to atone for her past sins.

The Two Kingdom Saga


Tumblr o5i7geE4sf1tgkg4yo1 1280

Cressdia After her Defeat wielding Discord

Cressida's original form was unknown before the imprisonment through it's suggested she suffered multiple wounds along her body from the relentless assaults of other demons. She required new form as such, she copied the physical build, some personality traits, and Magical Energy from Yumiko Yamamoto during Long-term exposed to The Black Soul Gem. But her bust size alone is just slightly bigger than her template.

Her eyes were described as Aqua blue-colored eyes and they were completely pure despite being a demon acting more like a holy knight due to the influence of her Genetic Template. She possessed a wondrous beauty that scarcely felt real. She wears a form of battle dress with heavy gauntlets and despite her long hair, can be mistaken for her template.

However later, after being enraged at her defeat her armor changed to a more of blacker color with her skin turning pale and her hair color was fading color. She also appeared to be later having the same yellow eyes as Yumiko herself during Dark Queen Mode as she claimed herself the "True Form of the Dark Queen". During her Eitherous Mode, she becomes an extremely tall individual. Most of his body, as well as a pair of blackening leather wings, is covered in navy blue skin, with only small parts of his arms and chests, showing small markings and scars. As with all demons, her head is adorned with twin pairs of horns has a more jagged appearance and resemble those more of a goat. her eyes are glowing white in this form as in this form she appeared more overwhelmed by her own power.

After her redemption, she returned back to her former appearance as a clone of Yumiko when she was impersonating her long ago aside from a few cosmetic changes. During her time with the guild, she became more used to using her humanoid form wearing either normal uniform clothing or simply a maid outfit when not on duty. Often times when during both, she often times ties her hair behind her head into a long braid that goes down to her hips.


56212465 p0

Cressida using her Legendary Armor

Cressida is somewhat playful, providing a fanfare with several musical instruments upon the first meeting with the other members of the Millennium Echo Alliance. She is a very authoritative yet playful demon maid who remains focused on the mission at hand to serve lady Juno. She speaks in a loud and upfront manner and usually has an upbeat expression on her face while helping others.

Even among the others, she carries an air of nobility to her with believing she has more honor than the other lower formed demons innocent like a knight to protect lesser peoples and demon alike protecting the innocent. Some traits like this are largely due to the influence of copying a fragment of Yumiko's soul into herself. However, this type of kindness won't affect her if protecting herself or her allies. With the memories of Yumiko, Cressida deep down fights within herself on if she wants to remain to be a demon or attempt to try life as a human often unsure of her own path if she is on the right side. She turns this into a pure hatred for Yumiko cursing her for making such conflict that might make her interfere with her role in life.

When angered or simply tasked with combat, her expression completely turns angrily sought vengeance against upon any and all whom would threaten her master or guild. She becomes a berserker of war killing anything in her path to victory, no matter the cost including enemies and ally. At the same time, her bloodlust can be stopped by either the higher commanders calling out to her to stop or simply after a period of drinking so much blood that her thirst disappears.

After her final defeat at the hands of her counterpart Yumiko, she choices to betray her mistress and side with Star Breaker Guild. After this, she regains her personal as a "Paladin" and fights to protect others instead to repent of her demonic past. She now upholds her honor and protecting others choosing to use Yumiko's memories as an example to forging her own path to protect people. Rejecting the ideas that demons must hunt humans, she strives to bring them together in peaceful means having them side together instead of being enemies.

Curses and Abilities

Curses & Magic

Macro (命令, マクロ, Makuro) is a Curse that makes use of absolute control. Whether they are dead, alive, or an inanimate object is irrelevant; though it has been noted that corpses do not function as well as living bodies. Macro can also serve the purpose of forcing one to reveal secrets that they would otherwise not willingly share, and once something has come under the user's control once, they can remotely resume control of them at any time. Through being able to use the Macro, curse Cressida uses it to command blades of elements and enemies to kill each other instead of utilizing it for ripping out information instead of more as a blunt tool to command otherwise unmovable weapons. With that said she is also known under orders to be able to apply her powers as such even though it's not her natural reaction to do so.

Macro Curse: Rain of Blades

  • Rain of Blades (刃の雨, Ha no ame) This is a Macro Technique using Requip as a backbone of the attack. She was able to summon multiple weapons at once by using cursed seals on each of them to submit to her control as they begin to swarm at once in a large stream to overwhelm targets with a sheer force of blades at once. Telekinetically controlling the blades, she has shown to be able to use the greater number of weapons at once to overwhelm a target using sheer force to break through enemies guards.
  • Macro Blast (命令, マクロ 爆発, Makuro Bakuhatsu) She forms kanji circles around her hand. When she forms a sphere in her hand as she fires a beam from her hand with a magical eye moments before it fires a powerful beam. From this point, she is capable of generating an enormous blast of energy with enough destructive force to blow apart the majority.

Macro Guardian Titan summoned during the battle with Yumiko

  • Macro Guardian (命令, マクロ 保護者, Makuro Hogo-sha) This spell is a unique venation of the Requip armor "The Knight" and Macro control curse, that can range from a single large titan guardian to a smaller version in large numbers of a miniaturized army. The user raises her arm above their head and creates a large figure volcanic figure of a large golem using the template of a knight-based armor to form the bone. The Titans are large and massively strong during combat carrying an array of weapons carried by the monster. The only way to destroy the guardians is by destroying their heads or simply tearing out there cores through the chest otherwise, they will slowly regenerate using lava to harden around the hole until fully repaired.

Requip (換装魔法 Kansō Mahō), also known as Ex-quip, is a Caster Magic related to the summoning of various types of equipment. One of the many traits carried over by her generic template, Yumiko Yamamoto. Cressida is also able to access the power of Requip to call out weapons to rain down upon targets of being used to enhance her skills with Macro by including extra objects to control.

Sword Magic (剣の魔法 Ken no Mahō) is a Holder Type Magic involving the use of swords. Another power took her from her template that lets her use the ability to summon magic generated blades and other attacks using swords. She can even use this to match her template on pair with the number of swords generated at the same time, through her knowledge in this field isn't as rounded.

  • Sword Magic: Shining Blade (ソードマジック:剣シャイニング, Sōdomajikku: Ken shainingu) The user channels a powerful amount of magical power through the surface of the sword, before releasing it at the tip of the blade, magnifying the slash in a golden yellow light. This attack is a powerful technique with great force, creating large-scale damage and destruction. Sh has shown to use this technique in several different manners, such as striking the ground to create an omni-directional blast to knock away incoming attacks or slashing at the ground to upturn it and crush everything in its path.

Sword Magic: Nightmare's Blade

  • Sword Magic: Nightmare Edge (ソードマジック:ナイトメアエッジ, Sōdomajikku: Naitomeaejji) This attack is the evil version of the Shining Blade and one of Cressida's most powerful and favorite attacks. This magic uses itself engulfs her enter body and weapon to make powerful attacks and leaves a black trail behind her strikes. She can also channel this power into her blade with dark energy before firing a powerful beam of purple energy against her opponents. During a clash between this and Yumiko's Shining Blade the force of each strike was even to the point, it recoiled in a massive exploding ball of energy destroying a large portion of the wall that there they were fighting on top of during the Battle of Regno Rosa.
  • Sword Magic: Beam Blade - Cressida's favorite range attack by wave her hand, generating a blue magical beam sword out of her hand. She can generate between one and eight of them of them at the same time. Each of them is insanely fast when fired, having them flying forth cutting through multiple enemies sacrificing quantity of blades for high-speed and cutting power.
  • Sword Magic: Blade Storm - Cressida then draws a bright red magical seal before it generates a blueish white stream of slashes from the tip of the blade. She can generate a group of the magic-enhanced blade in her hand giving her a much more powerful impact as well as quick yet extremely powerful blade chops. She either uses it to rapidly use it to augment her speed and power tenfold or generate multiple strikes to break through enemies guards.

Magical Barrier Particles (魔障粒子 Mashōryūshi) This is a term that refers to very poisonous anti-Magic particles and particles that Magic barriers are comprised of purely. It is an extremely deadly power, that he uses during combat to affect targets with an internal virus for magical uses that inhaled it. this resulted in the death of over 100 victims to die, including individuals that did not possess Magic. With a deep breath, she is able to suck the particles into her body protecting nearby allies from the effects of the particles by storing them through her lungs. After joining Star Breaker Guild, she rarely uses this power aside from sucking the cloud of particles into her body.



Cressdia during her early rebirth when portraying a Knight.

Medical Knowledge - She has been shown to do a great number of medical feats under her belt as the medical adviser to Lord Hojo. She was shown to put her body in a state in which it heals itself by infusing the red blood cells in her body to divide and expand quickly boosting her own body similar to a low tier healing factor, so that she doesn't need to stop to treat herself or even be fazed by injury during combat through at a cost to her endurance in a prolonged battle. She can try to directly treat vital organs as she has a large knowledge of medical tricks to be able to work around such vital areas without risk of much damages by using her Energy Claws.

Elite Weapons Master - Through her time as a warrior, she has been practicing with every type of weapon that she can get her hands on. Ranging from spears to a halberd, to swords to even using a spear with a flag on it as a weapon. She is able to fight off multiple enemies at once, freely changing between weapons at will using Reequip favoring the usage of spears and swords as a normal loadout in combat to command distance while not limiting her skills at close range. 

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant - Cressida has displayed considerable skill in unarmed combat, employing it as the main part of her fighting style with using her sword as a secondary defensive tool. She is able to use her abilities of Requip and Macro to control blades and other heavy weapons sending them as flying weapons to attack opponents with a series of fast slashes. While she can also fall back on using skillful usage of Judo style throws and takedowns to lock into a choke hold to weaken a target.

Keen Intellect - She is a smart, cunning and resourceful individual who displayed particular skill in deception, having been capable of masquerading as her template Yumiko Yamamoto for a long period of time until she was later discovered. She studies and reproduces her own version of Machias Cyborg limbs from stealing from the main production plant of Stryker Corporation after a mission following the attempt to assassinate both Antonio Stryker and Masahiro Ketsueki.

Enhanced Strength she has displayed considerable physical strength, enough for match blades with Yumiko Yamamoto, a former student of Erza Scarlet herself. She was also seen during the battle to augment her blades to be able to slice through large stone walls with only her blade alone and her raw natural power. She even manages to deflect the full force of the Sword Magic: Supreme Slash through at great strain since the sheer force of the attack sent her flying.

Immense Endurance - She has a vast array of the number of powers and skills comes with the stamina to employ them in subsequent reprises, with him being resilient enough to use her Etherious Form even after taking a nearly hour-long duel with Yumiko herself.

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes - During her time she has shown to evade incoming blades as well as moving at insane speed being able to match her template Yumiko in a show of speed. She was also even to keep pace with Katsuyoshi Hojo in terms reaction time when it comes to incoming range fire evading almost like she was dancing.

Demon Physiology Contrasting her otherwise human looks, her limbs are demonic in both appearance and abilities, granting her assets which are not human. Her unique power lets her morph and masks her own cursed energy even drawing upon magical power like humans to the point if she choices to can split herself off from her cursed powers to fully become a human to save herself if required.

  • Energy Scalpel Claws - An ability the often used is the ability to focus her magical energy into her hands to target an enemies vitals using strings of light energy to tear through a victims power. She does this by using her cursed power to form currents of energy into a small, sharp blade in her hand. Through this, she is able to target key areas to infect targets with demonic blood to harm their body internally or simply using the blades to cut their connection to that limb through breaking the muscles connecting it until it naturally snaps under the pressure. Unlike most of her allies, it showed she able to use this ability naturally without even the slightest through this only enhances her power as well as knowledge in the medical field.
Satan full view

Cressida Etherious Mode

Etherious Form (エーテリアス フォーム Ēteriasu Fōmu): Like other Etherious, Cressida is able to transform into her true, more powerful form: her Etherious Form, removing her humanoid form to become an utter monstrous form.
  • Flight - By using his bat-like wings, She can fly at incredible speeds to augment her normal speed to make it much quicker in combat.
  • Augmented Raw Strength - When fighting against her during Eitherous Form her raw power in hand-to-hand combat, she becomes an unstoppable force of nature, literally breaking and destroying anything and everything in his path through with a powerful punch using the raw force of her punch to tear through a large building with a single sweep. This is due to her superior size advantage over everyone using the large demon joints to augment her striking power.
  • Immense Heighten Cursed Power - Through not a member of the Lord of Apocalypse she has been shown to possess a tremendous amount of Magic Power in her Etherious Form. She was able to produce a spell that completely blocked the attack of Yumiko's Shining Sword technique without breaking a sweat. Even despite having unleashed her ominously devastating Rain of Blades, she did not look tired in the least.
  • Augmented Speed - She becomes much faster in this form her size, able to propel herself as she was able to move closer to the point that, she was able to strike the blade out of her hand and impale her within a matter of seconds using her claws.
  • Immense Durability - During this state, her body becomes astonishingly durable, to the point of taking a barrage of the strongest strikes from both Yumiko and Post Demon Hiroki Yamamoto's strongest hits and only to recover moments after with little damage.
  • Retractable Claws - Like a giant demonic monster, she has shown the ability to have claws coming out of her nails extending as twice its size to tear the ground. She also when augmenting them with the Cursed power to extend them using them as whips similar as Kyoka. She also can use them in her basic form as both a weapon and as a medical tool.


TAG 200890

Cressida wielding both Calamity and Discord in each hand

  • Crusade (十字軍, Jūjigun) it was formerly called "Calamity" before her defection. It is her primary weapon which is a polearm spear with a flag attached to it that bears a legendary magical sign on it. The flag carries a cursed seal within it, that ca summon multiple spheres of fire projectiles. When channeled with cursed power, the user can smack it onto the ground to make a large sphere of flames around the user to extend outwards 5 feet around the user to fire all nearby enemies with a single sweep of her spear.
  • Mirage (ミラージュ, Mirāju) After her defection and redemption, she later had this sword built by Blacksmith Lord Shouta Ryūzōji before he went for surgery. It carries a powerful Light-based magic that can generate a high-powered beam through the tip of the sword. It can fire a bright yellow beam that can tear through a large building wall in a single strike.
  • Discord (不和, Fuwa) is a steel blade forged with runes along the blade to hold a powerful demon inside of it. The power of the demon's rage fuels the sword giving the wielder a much more powerful strike upon a single strike of the sword. It also ignites a powerful field of darkness around the wielder acting as a type of ghostly fog of purple light around the wielder. It was later destroyed by Lady Juno during her betrayal in their brief clash.

Requip Armors

  • Maid Outfit Cressida
  • Paladin Knight Armor Cressida following Rebirth
  • Dark Crusade Armor after her Defeat
  • Crimson Tyrant Armored Cressida during the 500-Year War
  • Cressida Wearing her Dark Empress Armor using Macro
  • Dark Queen Cressida during the Battle of Regno Rosa
  • Cressida's version of Saint Paladin Armor
  • Human Form Cressida
  • Cressida during her Off-Duty.
  • Paladin Knight Armor (パラディンナイトアーマー, Paradin'naitoāmā) Her basic armor was based on Yumiko's memories however she had to make modifications following the realization that the armor was too small for her current form. It is now a basic suit of armor with a metallic headdress and steel plating with reinforcing magical seals built into it. It carries a strong resistance to combat as pure-magic based attacks are soften upon impact. However, the armor can be overwhelmed by an overpowering attack if unable to be defended correctly.
  • Dark Crusade Armor (ダークパーカーの鎧, Dākupākā no yoroi) The black version of her Paladin Knight Armor made after her defeat to symbolically reflect upon her "rebirth". It carries the same benefits as the original however carries a stronger a wrist-mounted gauntlets focused on the palm which can generate a minor Macro Blast to stun or disable targets. The trade-off for the wrist-mounted gauntlet is her new added weakness towards Light-based attacks.
  • Black Empress Armor (黒い皇帝の鎧, Kuroi kōtei no yoroi) Following her defeat after corrupting the armor itself it turned black and purple following a lashing out using her Macro to force the light out. The armor became a darker version of itself being more powerful with her usage of Curses including Macro with it enhancing it to use her power to dominate the mind of Kronus The World Eater an unmistakably insane feat given his pure insanity makes him variously resistant to mind control. This armor can also generate a powerful purple lightning from the users' wrists to act as a ranged based weapon from the gloves.
  • Saint Paladin Armor (聖者パラディンの鎧, Seija paradin no yoroi) During the early stages before the Battle of Rengo Rosa her and Yumiko were friends and as a token of her friendship to Cressida, she has given her this set of armor. Like Yumiko's armor, it empowers holy-based magic enhancing the weapon with an enhanced energy strike of golden light. It also gives her a strong resistance when facing powerful demons as well as minor bits of Light Magic through the armor itself. After her defeat corrupting the armor itself, it became the Black Empress Armor instead. It is a white and yellow armor made to inspire hope and warmth and protection around those around the user.
  • Crimson Tyrant Armor (クリムゾンタイラントの鎧, Kurimuzontairanto no yoroi) Originally her favorite armor before her defeat at the hands of Yumiko during there conflict. It covers her body is covered completely in thick armor and a helmet that entirely wraps her body. The female's armor is a white armor with crimson red markings and runes around it. When she uses this form her hair is tied back into a bun while, in this armor, she can also use more powerful versions of Darkness Magic and her sword turns a red color instead of blue. This armor can generate blood-red flames from its gauntlets and the blade itself to launch crimson red flames out toward unexpecting victims. The helmet was destroyed during the clash and the armor was later given to Yumiko's twin sister.



Cressida during the Beach Party

  • Her body for her basic form is based on Ruler aka Jeanne d'Arc and her Avenger Counterpart from Fate/Apocrypha and Fate/Grand Order series. Jeanne d'Arc, the Saint of Orleans. A Catholic saint born in Domrémy, France, and the heroine of France who liberated Orléans in the Hundred Years' War.
  • She was made to be a type of hero that begun as an evil demon servant to Nightmare Wing but through heroic deeds and memories of her Template Yumiko begun to change and evolve as a person until finally breaking free and becoming more of her own kind of person.
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