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Crimson Flame



Caster Magic
Fire Magic


Allen Rodríguez

Crimson Flame (紅蓮炎 Guren Honō) is a form of Caster Magic or more specifically, a branch of Fire Magic and is practiced exclusively by Allen Rodríguez at the current time, being the last member of the Rodríguez Clan who practiced this form of magic and created the said form of magic, as a result of their own unique abilities. Using their ability to manifest rage in the form of a separate power, the user channels this power into already existing flames or flames produced by them. This in turn, causes their coloration to become a bright red, and the flame's light is far more potent than it previously was. The main effect this has on the flames however, is that these flames are completely the user's to control, and no influence is able to disrupt it from the outside, such as the usage of Pyrokinesis, and these flames cannot be eaten by God Slayers and Dragon Slayers. This latter trait is a result of the flames not being solely flames after the integration of rage inside them, and it is due to this that the user's very essence is present inside the flames, similar in concept to Iced Shell, albeit on a far lower scale. Allen, currently the only user of this magic, has shown himself to be very proficient in it's use, using it in devious and simple ways that are shown to enhance his overall battle-skills as well as cause grievous damage to enemies, all with little magical power on his part.



  • The picture used in the infobox was taken from Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn's Bester, this image is of the Liger's roar. All credit goes to the original owners for this picture.
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