Critical Link is a Requip technique unique to Lars O'Ryenne. It involves specific swapping certain weapons and armor at a very specific speed and timing in order to achieve temporary augmentation to a weapon or armor's effects.


Usage of Critical Link required extensive training and practice, as well as exceptionally refined skill and precision in using Requip Magic. By swapping out a weapon or armor while its effects are still being used and replacing it with another weapon of "similar build" at a very fast rate and at a very specific point of time, the weapon or armor piece swapped in gains a temporary augment in its abilities. The reason is that While the first equipment is used, It is swapped out, while the used magic contained isn't. This required precise control, but also, another weapon must swap in immediately after to contain the magic left behind. Once that is done, The object must be activated and its nativ emagic used. The leftover magic from the previous equipment will add to the offensive, defensive, or supplementary power of the item swapped in. As such, the latter parts of Critical Link require not only immense speed, but also a weapon of similar "Build" so that the new weapon may use the leftover magic more efficiency to achieve greatest effect.

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