"Welcome to our guild, if you want to join our guild can you keep this Guild secret?"
Yuki Ishikawa, the guild's master

Cross Guild
Kanji クロスギルド
Symbol Cross guild logo is star
Master Yuki Ishikawa
S-Class Mages Hiroko Ishikawa

Rei Ishikawa
Ren Takahashi

Type Legal Guild
Location Fiore
Cross Guild

Cross Guild

The Cross Guild is a new guild in Fiore. This Guild is controlled by Yuki Ishikawa and This guild is also as a house of Ishikawa Family.




Name Rank Team Status
Yuki Ishikawa Guild Master None Active
Hiroko Ishikawa S Class Mage Trio Ace Active
Ren Takahashi S Class Mage Trio Ace Active
Rei Ishikawa S-Class Mage Trio Ace Active
Megumi Ishikawa S-Class Mage none Left Guild
Anko Kurenai Mage Genius Team Active
Hiroshi Shigure Mage Genius Team Active


  • All members is a vampires.
  • Cross Guild building is like a school building.
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