Crystal Dragon Slayer Magic is a Caster Magic, Lost Magic, and Dragon Slayer Magic that enables the user to control as well as consume crystalline minerals.

Crystal Dragon Slayer Magic

Lost Magic
Caster Magic
Dragon Slayer Magic


Kylie Cardascia


This magic enables the user to consume, produce, and control crystals from internal or external sources. Thus said, crystals can be brought forth from the user's body or created on nearby surfaces. Existing sources of crystals can be manipulated as well as consumed by the user

A unique aspect about Crystal Dragon Slayer Magic is that a Second Generation Dragon Slayer's abilities can be altered if they consume the same mineral over a long period of time. Consuming the same type of crystal over one period of time can cause the user to have his/her abilities limited to being able to control and utilize only that type of mineral/crystal, as in the case of Kylie Cardascia. The reason is because the excess mineral in the body is infused with the Crystal Dragon Lacrima within the user's body. First and Third Generation Crystal Dragon Slayers are not subject to this, though Third Generation Dragon Slayers may have their lacrima implant altered if they eat the same mineral over and over again.

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