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Curse (邪道(カース), Kāsu lit. Heretical Arts) is the name of the primary fighting style utilized by those recognized as demons, which are a race of supernatural, often malevolent legendary creatures that are prevalent in religion, occultism, literature, fiction, mythology, and folklore; but of course, exist within the world of Earth Land. Occasionally referred to as a form of maleficium and black magic, Curses are an alternative path of channeling and wielding the power of the esoteric energies that inundate the dimensions that grants the wielder the ability to invoke and manipulate the crystallization of demon power in the form of, well, a curse, which in this case is adversity and misfortune that has taken upon a material form. In accordance to the left-hand path and right-hand path dichotomy that dictates the two major opposing approaches to the manipulation of the supernatural, Curses can be said to be the malicious left-handed counterpart of the benevolent, right-handed Magic. Primarily offensive in nature, Curses mainly focus upon granting the wielder sinister abilities and its forms of supernatural manipulation are centered around using demonic power to deal direct damage to the user's opponents. Indeed, many races that could be classified as demonkind, all of whom are capable of wielding its power refer to their Curses as the ultimate expression of supernatural power, some of whom claim that magic has no future in the face of these abilities, with Curses being the greatest power of all that can dominate all others with no exception.

Inherently different from ordinary Magic, Curses are known and feared for their superior power, though as a bit of a tradeoff, Curses are much rarer than magic as it's a power that is intricately tied to the biology of the demon, whereas magic can be created and reproduced rather easily. Notable users are the Etherious, artificial demons created by the Black Wizard in the unaltered timeline, as well the Sun Trilogy equivalent, the Guardian Fiends of Black Magister Amadam – though interestingly, wielders of Take Over, specifically that of Take Over: Daemon Soul are able to access the power of curses through the assimilation of any demonic being capable of harnessing curses in the first place; this also extends to even humans with the Demon Factor. Other forms of demons such as Different Dimension Demons, Etherious,

Hellions, and many more are also known to be wielders of Curses as well - interestingly, ordinary demons are incapable of using Curses as their biology is unable to handle the existence of artificial particles.

General Overview and Mechanics

Similar to but ultimately dissimilar from the likes of Black Magic and the Black Arts, as their name in that all three have their origins rooted in negative emotions and foul supernatural energies and could be considered a type of Demon Magic, which taps into the darker forces within the world to achieve a power beyond the norm of standard magics, as the name would ever-so-subtly indicate, a Curse is a pronouncement materialized into a corporeal form by the demon's own internal energy reserves. As such, they're intricately tied to the concept of karma, the concept of "action" or "deed", understood as a thread of mystery that ties all things together and causes the entire cycle of cause and effect. People have always been capable of perceiving the truth for what it is, but only higher powers would be able to fully comprehend how everything is connected – however, Curses are able to manipulate this thread, and thus control how everything works when put under the influence of their power by influencing karma itself. Unlike ordinary Magic, which is a physical embodiment of the spirit and soul – yet it is not a "miracle", but the power to overcome "reasoning" stemming from "reasoning" itself, and the "spirit" flowing within magicians and the "spirit" flowing within natural connections form an embodiment to bring their powers into reality, a Curse is the exact opposite in every way imaginable. Whereas Magic is the power of light-born sentient races such as humans, dragonkind, and more heavenly existences such as angels and Gods that crystallizes their positive emotions with the energies dwelling within their Magic Origin to make fantasy a reality with a beneficial change, a Curse is the power of sinful existences that were born steeped in darkness,

though this is primarily exclusive to artificial classifications of demonkind that allows them to tap into the abyss of negative emotions within them and the demonic energies that compose their biology, using their grim perseverance to act. The magical particle known as eternano is known to play a vital part in the manifestation of both Magic and Curses – dissimilar from magic which uses it as a chemical compound with Magic Power to form a chemical reaction that materializes the magician's personalized form of magic, Curses push their immense demonic energies and negative emotions into the particle, transmuting it through corruption to serve as a medium for the Curse Power that dwells within their very existence, transmogrifying the energy into a powerful, well, curse, which in this case is adversity and misfortune that has taken upon a material form, which manifests upon the mortal plane by being molded into an ideal form in accordance to the demon's will and negative emotions in order to use the natural affliction of the Curse to achieve certain effects upon anything they desire.

While relatively similar to magic in terms of the end result, which is the fact that Curses enable the wielder to perform a wide variety of unholy feats with their Curse Power, all kinds of Curses are capable of being utilized for a myriad of purposes, not limited to but including offence, defense, supporting, and healing, as well as other, more practical and mundane purposes no matter if they're channeled onto another object which is utilized as a medium or if the user simply releases it outwards from their body, with the concept of using a proportion to the user's Curse Power or the atmosphere being dependent entirely upon the Curse used in question, such as Jackal's Curse involving explosions, Tempester's revolving around natural disasters, Franmalth's involving absorption and application of his absorbed material, Kyôka's involving altering physical sensitivity and empowerment, Ezel's involving the usage of arms as a blades, and Seilah's involving command and control; this is just counting the Dark Guild of Etherious known as Tartaros alone – other notable abilities associated with Curses include the ability to summon other demons and creating diseases. Thus, like Magic, Curses have a variety of classifications in how they are utilized, as detailed below. Typically, thanks to the malleability of the demonic energies that are used in the formation of Curses, more often than not, a single Curse is a "demonic version" of a pre-established Magic, no matter their tier such as Caster Magic, Holder Magic, Lost Magic, and even some sub-categories, including Elemental Magic, Requip, Slayer Magic, and many more – however, this only applies to a vocal minority, as some Curses, such as the Chemical Curse, to make the race known as humanity that demonkind recognizes as an enemy, and many other Curses are known to be completely original and draw upon the true power of demonic strength, unlike both Black Magic and the Black Arts. The mere fact that the powers of a demon are completely unlike anything else seen in the myriad of dimensions is one of the many reasons why Curses are considered superior to ordinary forms of magic, as they do not require an outside source to be utilized to the fullest of their potency. Fouler and much more nauseating in nature than other forms of the arcane, Curses are known to make those around the release of these abilities suffer from headaches, beginning to deceive their senses as they start to hallucinate sporadically, the Curse Power associated with the activation sequences making it appear as if the current plane of existence has been converted into a hellish landscape from where there was no escape. As one may or may not have noticed, the entire concept of magic revolves around the mechanic of arcane energies being given a physical form and being empowered by the emotions of the wielder, with positive feelings seemingly producing a stronger end result than ordinary emotions, so to speak. This is shown in how Light Magic is quite possibly the strongest form of Elemental Magic and likewise, Photon Dragon Slayer Magic is the greatest form of Dragon Slayer Magic. However, negative emotions experienced by a wielder could suffice as a relatively powerful source of strength for magic, albeit somewhat restrained by the fact that magic seems to be biased against negativity, greatly favouring happy feelings and leaving their opposite in the dust.

Just as magicians manifest Magic Power as their personal crystallization of the esoteric energy that inundates the dimension as a type of fuel which enables them to Magic, demons are known to draw forth a known as "Curse Power" (呪力, Juryoku) – whereas Magic Power is said to be the positive emotions of a magician given a tangible form by their Magic Origin, Curse Power is a type of demonic energy given a tangible form by the negative emotions of the demon and released from their body. Curse Power is known to be a vital force that fills the planet with demonic power while enabling more demons to manifest as long as it remains; however, as a result, in almost every case, the excessive utilization of Curses permanently siphons eternano from the planet as it replaces these arcane particles entirely for the demon to invoke the power of their Curse, and as magicians are unable to absorb Curse Power within their Magic Origin, it is incapable of being redistributed, thus withering the planet slowly but surely, meaning that an effect not dissimilar to a world-wide power outage would occur if left unchecked. Thus, magicians from Guilds of both Legal and Independent nature as well as occasionally some Dark Guilds of a lighter shade of black are known to hunt down demons and slay them in an attempt to ensure that magic will exist for an eternity. Just like how Magic Power is able to be manipulated into various forms in accordance to the caster's willpower, Curse Power can also do something similar, albeit to a slightly more limited extent as the latter requires the user to harness eternano as a medium, not a component. Thus, through thoughts alone, a demon is able to channel their Curse Power into various physical existences, ranging from weaponry to imitate the numerous forms of Weapon Magic such as Sword Magic and Guns Magic, to more esoteric targets such as the atmosphere itself. As such, as long as they have a medium to transmit it through, a demon is able to continuously generate Curse Power in the form of an aura of energy without the requirement of any other arcane technique, unlike Magic Power which commonly requires the magician to flare up their personal Magical Aura for others to feel the presence of their power. Additionally, as eternano is saturated through the world endlessly, this enables a demonic being to bring the ability known as a 'Curse' into reality at any time that they deem to be suitable as long as an abundance of arcane particles exists within the vicinity while being maintained solely by their negative emotions. Indeed, because of the above-mentioned emotional fact and Curse Power, a Curse holds an origin in negative emotions displayed by all sorts of beings across Earth Land, but mainly associated with the Seven Deadly Sins, a grouping and classification of vices that embody hubristic pride, greed, lust, malicious envy, gluttony, inordinate anger, and sloth, each sin embodying abuses or excessive versions of one's natural faculties or passions. No matter how many people would display positive emotions, negativity would always be there in a greater quantity – Curses are no different, using that weakness for ordinary magic as the strength of this demonic power. As their negative emotions increase, the Curse Power that's produced by a user of a Curse will increase in intensity and mass, while they become apocalyptic in scale.

In terms of hierarchy, Curses stand above the likes of standard Black Magic and most standard forms of the Black Arts, and as such, a wielder of a Curse has displayed that they are able to manipulate demonic power, bestowing the demon with physical prowess beyond the norm, as well as a certain level of control over numerous forms of maleficium, which is a general categorization of all malevolent, dangerous, or harmful supernatural arts that are commonly used for evil and selfish purposes and are demonically-inclined by very nature. Thus, even the weakest demon with access to a Curse possesses the ability to overpower the various commonplace dark arts such as Seith Magic, Human Possession and Animal Possession, Virus, Clone Magic, and Torture Magic as well as most wielders of Death Magic as elaborated on below – however, some stronger forms of these sinister magics including Ushi no Koku Mairi and the uncategorized spell known as Law have shown that they can resist the influence of Curses. Additionally, because these demonic energies are constantly flowing within the frame of the demon, as long as they possess the ability to utilize Curses, a demonic entity is able to resist both the instant kill effects of Death Magic and the freezing effects of Immobilization Magic – though in the case of the former, the much stronger variant bestowed upon sinners by the God of Life and Death known as the Curse of Contradiction can and will overpower the demon's resistance, ensuring that the instant-killing effect will be imposed upon their soul anyway. Once more, unlike ordinary magic, where a magician is required to learn this supernatural power by honing their intellect and spirit, more often than not, due to the nature of their creation, which is usually via using the Black Art known as Living Magic to 'birth' their demonic existences or spawning them with a catalyst such as a grimoire, examples of which include the Books of Zeref as created by the Black Wizard in the main timeline, and the Tome of Amadam penned and developed by Black Magister Amadam in the Sun Trilogy timeline, Curses are near-universally in-born within a demon, entwined with their existence during the process of 'programming' them, making them not dissimilar from the likes of Magic Skills in that they're inherent to each demon, and as such, each demon is capable of accessing the power of their Curse from the very moment they are brought into existence, causing the demon's Curse to act akin to a fifth limb of sorts instead of a supernatural power. This naturally allows a wielder of a Curse to learn the ins and outs as well as the full potential and drawbacks of their demonic power at a much quicker pace than most ordinary magicians would for their magic and spells. The power of a Curse, with the weakest of demons using them, is at the level of an S-Class Magician, an intermediate-level powered Curse is as strong as an S-Class Magician with Second Origin awakened, and a high-level curse is on the same scope of power as a member of the Ten Wizard Saints or the Spriggan Twelve – but even so, this power and versatility of a Curse can continuously increase with more ingenuity on part of the user.

While ordinarily, humans and other sentient races are incapable of harnessing the power of Curses due to a variety of probabilities, one of which is that the biology of a demon which facilitates the utilization of said demonic power is radically different from ordinary magical beings, it's been documented that certain humanoid-type beings and others are indeed capable of wielding Curses. A demon's energy source is known as the Demon Factor (鬼の因子, Oni no Inshi) which is the origin of all Curse Power and Magical Barrier Particles that can also be compared to a Factor of the Dragon that's exclusive to the likes of dragonkind, and there is at least two different ways of accessing its abilities. Firstly, a demon-human hybrid would have the Magic Pathways and Magic Origin normally existing within their body be terminated upon being born as the demonic energy would short-circuit said arcane organs, but with copious amounts of learning through training their intellect and spirit just like how an ordinary magician learns magic, a Curse is made available as their soul sends signals to the latent quantities of demonic powers dwelling within their body as to force them to undergo a process of altering said energies' composition, the Magical Barrier Particles forming into a Demon Factor to replace their Magic Origin and Magic Pathways while Curse Power continuously flows forth. This grants the human-demon hybrid the ability to wield Curses as if they were a full-blooded demon. Another method of gaining the power to use Curses is by utilizing Take Over, specifically the likes of Take Over: Daemon Soul or Satan Soul – both of which possess an innate Demon Factor – on anything that can be classified as a "demon", such as artificial demons, Hellions, and many more; doing so will initially consume the targeted demon along with their Curse Power and Magical Barrier Particles, the caster of Take Over using their soul and positive emotions in order to stabilize the process of assimilation as to prevent the demonic powers from overwhelming and dealing lethal damage to them like these energies do to other magicians. Once the process has been completed, the caster of Take Over gains this demonic power in addition to leaving them with clear demonic features. However, upon training of the magic, one can make this Demon Factor dormant until necessary. As a side note, the Demon Factor is what facilitates demon-human hybrids in the first place, and as such, it can also be used to turn ordinary humans into demon-human hybrids.


The beginning of this demonic power begins hundreds upon hundreds of years ago, where, at some unspecified point of time, there was an event referred to as the "Beginning of Magic" where "The One Magic" (一なる魔法, Ichinaru Mahō), the original source of all types of magic split into millions upon millions of "aspects" of itself, each separate aspect becoming a new magic by itself, and from there thousands of "aspects" of those new magics split into even more. At first, Magic was known to be relatively primitive, with most magicians being oppressed and feared- these "Old-Style" magicians used Magic Items, most commonly, Magic Staves, in order to cast spells, but upon the discovery that there was much more to magic than originally thought, as it was capable of being branched out into being produced by the body and being produced by an item, along with countless other activation methods, Magic gradually became an everyday phenomenon. In this beginning, one of the very first warriors whom had managed to harness the supernatural particles known as eternano by directing these energies through the power of their soul and emotions as to use their arcane prowess to bestow incantations upon anything inorganic they deemed to be suitable to a specific person, object or location, and alter its qualities, generally in a positive way, temporarily amplifying its parameters and potential a hundredfold, thus creating the rudimentary arcane skill known as Enchantment and ushering in the "First Age of Magic". However, as emotions influenced these arcane energies heavily, negativity began to slowly, but surely corrode the wellspring of supernatural power accessible by humanity due to the oppression they suffered at the hands of powerless humans, turning that soothing whitish-blue energy a deep crimson and black with anger and resentment, altering its properties irreversibly to suit the newfound disdain for simple humans that several magicians had come to acquire. As standard magic power and this demon power were polar opposites yet two sides of the same coin, within the infinite resource of supernatural energy, they clashed endlessly, threatening to cause a world-ending cataclysm unless they were separated.

Eventually, a lone Saint, whom were the precursors to magicians and warriors that were recognized as people that possessed an exceptional degree of holiness or likeness to the divine such as gods and angels stood up, managing to use their incredible power with Master Enchantment to invoke a powerful World Reconstruction Magic spell that divided the peaceful energies and the sin-stained energies completely at the source at great cost to themselves – they had sacrificed their own soul to achieve this incredible feat, leaving their body a soulless shell which was corrupted by the demonic energies, transforming into the very first demon. Their biology was marred by negative emotions and mutations, causing their Magic Origin and Magic Pathways to corrode and irreversibly transform into a bottomless abyss of demonic power that was continuously refined; their sheer aberrant aura influencing those already affected by the demonic energies, mutating them as well and kicking off the solidification of demons as their own race. Even though the biology of demonkind was known to be dramatically different than the likes of ordinary humans and other races such as Exceed, Magic Beasts, and even stronger races whom have been around for longer, including dragons, phoenixes, gods, demons were unable to use a crystallized supernatural manipulation ability such as Magic, during the period of development and expansion on the ways of the arcane, so-called strongest demon – which is E.N.D in the unaltered timeline and Ragnarok in the Sun Trilogy timeline or whoever the creator wants it to be in any other timeline where one of those two demons didn't create Curses – managed to use their arcane knowledge as well as their skill in enchanting things through the usage of the Unity Skill: Hexa Conversion in order to modify the mechanics and physics of Magic to suit their own biology, thus founding a dramatically different route that magic could take upon, splitting from the path of ordinary arcane manipulation and force magic to adapt to their biological structure as they were conceived as "anti-human" in a sense, resulting in the creation of Curse Power and Curses.

Curse Classifications

Just like the form of supernatural combat and utilization that this demonic power was derived from known as Magic, Curses are said to have several categories which are used to group certain types of these powers together as to make it much easier for others to document and study them. However, unlike Magic, which possesses a wide variety of classifications and terminology that's used to define what does what and the like, the strength displayed by Curses are known to only occupy a pair of different definitions – all alternative forms of power invoking are quantified and bunched together into one of the two categories, whether they be the generation and/or manipulation the classical elements, which are the rudimentary, simplest or essential parts/principles of which nature consists and were proposed to explain the nature and complexity of all matter in terms of simpler substances in a manner not dissimilar to the likes of Elemental Magic, or the creation of anything from nothing similar to Arc of Embodiment and Memory-Make, or perhaps even creating and manipulating weaponry and armour like Weapon Magic and Requip – all of this, no matter the complexity or purpose of the existence of this Curse, is grouped in either one of said category. Indeed, the system for Curses treats all classifications that would make some powers special if they were magics as a single type, effectively stripping the powers of what could separate them from the rest, causing these abilities to be known as simply "Curses"; by quantifying it down to the simplest form. All Curses are known to be on the level of Lost Magic and Ancient Spells, the only distinction some forms of Curses receive is how rare they are in comparison to their brethren.

  • Generation Curse (体力内邪道(ジェネレーション・カース), Jenerēshon Kāsu lit. Bodily Power Internal Heretical Way): The first classification of Curses, known as "Generation Curse", refers to types of Curses which are expelled from the body of the demon as opposed to using a catalyst for the transference of their demonic energy to arrive within the world. Seen as a demonic counterpart to Caster Magic, the Generation Curse encompasses all forms of powers that are manifested from the user's very existence. By using Curse Power to overwrite ambient eternano and subsequently imbuing it with a certain 'command' through either an incantation, hand gesture or a simple technique name, the power of the Generation Curse category allows it to then mysteriously take upon a characteristic unique to that technique. Offensive-type, defensive-type, and supplementary-type Curses are all quantified as being a "Generation Curse", commonly performing incredible actions such as generating barriers which can be likened to Defenser and Barrier Magic, restoring things to an optimal state like Healing Magic, as well as assault their enemies with bombardments which are designed to either fire too many attacks to dodge, or to make an extremely powerful attack to break through any barriers; utilized offensively, a Curse classified as a Generation Curse is able to generate and/or manipulate the classical elements and as such serves as an equivalent to Fire Magic, Wind Magic, Water Magic, and Earth Magic plus many other forms, summon forth objects and organisms to serve as Familiars like Spirit Summoning Magic, increase their physical parameters by a certain amount, and many more. However, in contrast to standard forms of Elemental Magic, the elemental energies made manifest by a Curse are noted to be sinister in nature in a manner not dissimilar to Devil Slayer Magic – but unlike the demonic-attuned Slayer Magic, the demonic elements associated with Curses completely embrace the devilish properties instead of channeling them to slay demonkind, giving them a small advantage over regular forms of elemental manipulation. This is seen with Umbral Frost, a type of Generation Curse that allows the user to manipulate blackened ice and its inability to be consumed by Ice Devil Slayer Magic as well as its ability to chip the icy structures of the former. Even in this grouping however, many of the Generation Curses are designed for sealing, capture, and disarming rather than for outright destruction of the enemy; meaning that it is the most varied of the two types.
  • CursePerTool

    A Tool Curse manifesting a demonic sword.

    Tool Curse (具備外邪道(ツール・カース), Tsūru Kāsu lit. Tool-Equipped External Heretical Way): The second classification of Curses, known as "Tool Curse", refers to types of Curses which are utilized by using an external source which could serve as a catalyst for their demonic power and from there, releasing their Curse Power into said catalyst, amplifying their power while additionally invoking the properties of the item used for a medium, manifesting the Curse Power into the weapon to create powerful unholy weaponry. Seen as a demonic equivalent to the likes of Holder Magic, the Tool Curse, as described above, constantly requires the demon whom is capable of utilizing its power to use an external source to produce the effects of said Curse, said external source being a conduit from which the demon's Curse Power flows into and is expelled while the user of the Curse invokes the activation sequence of their ability; however, in the case of specific catalysts, a user of the Tool Curse can simply regard using their demonic energies as fuel as an afterthought. The medium which is used for a Tool Curse generally depends on the Curse involved, but common tools that serve as catalysts for a Tool can be almost anything, whether they be weapons, including close-range implements such as swords, shields and ranged-focused tools such as bows and arrows as well as cannons from their body for both close-range and long-range combat, and to cover their body with armour in order to dramatically increase their defensive power, at the same time greatly boosting their offense. Another common catalyst is a grimoire, which is a book filled with knowledge on the supernatural and how to invoke a myriad of otherworldly powers. Specifically modified Magic Items and Edolas Items as well as Lacrima are capable of being infused with Curse Power to serve similar purposes that they would if they had magic installed within them. Because the Tool Curse requires a potential wielder to lug around a tool or two, or use a form of summoning to store them in a subspace dimension to prevent the weight from hampering them, in which case it will require the Tool Curse user to take up two separate slots in their Demon Factor's twelve slot limit, a Tool Curse is often seen as one of the least popular Curse classifications around, with only a few being willing to use it and from there make good usage of it.
  • Avatar Curse (力具現邪道(アバター・カース) Abatā Kāsu lit. Power Embodiment Materialization Heretical Way): The Avatar Curse is the third, "secret" classification of Curses, completely different from the likes of a Generation Curse or a Tool Curse – unlike the original two classifications, which involve manifesting one's Curse Power into the world through expelling it out of one's body or using a catalyst for its manifestation respectively, the Avatar Curse takes the Curse Power of the demon and through mental commands alone, synchronizes said daemonic energies with anything else considered supernatural in nature within the environment, compressing their daemonic power while raising it to its utmost limit, corroding eternano within the atmosphere and adding it to their energy total; until their power level has surpassed almost over the regular limit of nine thousand, nine hundred, and ninety-nine to twenty-thousand. From there, the demon performs a swift hand movement with their hand, instantly expelling all of their daemonic energy alongside their Magical Barrier Particles before projecting their personalized glyph outwards, which acts as a medium between the demon's own thoughts and the mortal plane – their imagination is the catalyst for the formation of the being, with the user's thoughts and feelings resonating with the glyph in order to shape it into a form that's most desirable while the Magical Barrier Particles grant the being physical sustenance as the Magical Barrier Particles spiral around, using the ambient eternano now corroded by the user's Curse Power to "solidify" and stabilize, hardening and forming – upon the final steps of creation, the being brought to life by this method steps out of the glyph. Effectively, the being generated through the power of the Avatar Curse is the user's Curse Power made manifest, a mass of Curse Power encased within a corporeal form by the Magical Barrier Particles in conjunction with the user's willpower in a process suspiciously similar to Arc of Embodiment. Thus, the organisms brought to life through the power of the Avatar Curse come in all shapes and sizes, each possessing various properties that make them completely different from another being summoned by the method – this also ensures that no two organisms manifested through the Avatar Curse are alike, as it's extremely unlikely that more than one demon would think of the same general concept and exact same shape while bringing their summoned spirit to life. This being could be said to be the user's avatar, appearing in any form that the demon wishes – generally, the avatar hangs around the user, though it is capable of acting independently while defending its "master" or teaming up with the user in battle – thus, in a sense, the Avatar Curse could be considered equivalent to the likes of Spirit Summoning Magic of standard Magic and its various subspecies.

Technique Classifications

Techniques (技, Waza): Techniques are the Curse equivalent of spells associated with Magic, serving as the primary method with which demons bring out the full potential of their Curses. In any case, when invoking a Technique, the demon begins to focus the boundless quantities of Curse Power that dwell within their body, using their sharp mind to target an abundance of eternano that's saturated within the vicinity before channeling their Curse Power into the eternano as to corrode it and serve as a medium from which their demonic power takes physical form. During this activation sequence, just as Magic Seals are known to be the visible manifestation of eternano being collected by a magician when casting a spell, wielders of a Curse are also able to materialize arrays of demon power when invoking the power of a technique – as they harness techniques, their Curse Power crystallizes into the form of a glyph of various shapes, sizes, and textures, which alter in accordance to the user's personal form of Curse. The technique is projected through the glyph, and while invoking the activation sequence of the ability, the user has displayed that they are able to utilize the glyph as a makeshift defensive barrier of demonic energy not dissimilar to the basic uncategorized defensive spell known as Defenser, or as a throwaway battering ram freely without any prior energy manipulation, whereas a magician would be required to implement the Numbers Layered Magic Seal Style or the Divine Authority Magic Seal Arts to get any use out of the crests. However, to go on, while invoking the activation sequence, the demon narrows down what they wish for their specific Curse to accomplish by mentally shaping the Curse Power into a desired form while imbuing it with properties through the user's imagination, effectively transforming it into a "technique" which may or may not be unique to themselves to utilize in combat. From that point onward after developing a technique, it becomes a pre-defined demonic formula that shapes the user's Curse into a specific form.

Instead of a myriad of further classifications as seen with magic and spells, all techniques are quantified as being of the same properties, thus making the potential of techniques infinite. Curses, in regards to ordinary magics, are known to possess a certain transcendent priority, displaying the ability to transcend normal area-of-effect of all-range combat strikes, as the power of a Curse cannot collide with, clash with, cancel out, or be cancelled out by other attacks. Interestingly, along with the transcendent priority they possess, due to the biology of a demon, the various properties of a Curse, including its strength, speed, area-of-effect, and many more are consistently leagues above ordinary magics, as the demonic Curse Power that empowers them is constantly being generated inside of their body as to continually pump more and more energy into their composition and allowing their parameters to experience a boost ad nauseam, bowling straight through anything and everything in their path while dealing horrendous quantities of damage to anything that's unlucky enough to cross its path. This even extends to other priority-oriented attacks of a similar nature, not to mention that they, and those who utilize them, are unaffected by Magic-canceling/nullifying objects and magics, such as Face, Nullification Magic, Wave, and many more. Once struck by a technique associated with a Curse, it's said that they last for more than double the duration of a standard Magic or any of its many branches, afflicting the user's target with numerous debilitating side-effects that depend on the power of the Curse. Additionally, a demon is capable of unleashing multiple techniques at once and fusing them to get greater results, even if the Curses from which they were derived are radically different. As a side note, removing the effects of a Curse once a user has been struck with a technique is much harder than doing the same for standard magic – indeed, breaking a curse oftentimes requires elaborate rituals or prayers to divine beings such as Gods and angels, or even being purified by certain magics like the White Arts or Photon Dragon Slayer Magic.


As it has been discovered, some demons, once they have mastered the art of wielding their Curse, are capable of manipulating Curse Power, or just plain showing off unique ways to utilize their Curses, far beyond the norm to the point that reaching a similar level would be naught but a pipe-dream for both other demons and magicians alike. Considered to be the demonic equivalent to Magic Skills, these powers are known as D-Skills (内呪導(D-スキル), Dī Sukiru lit. Internalized Cursed Arts) instead of Curses proper, thanks to them simply being characteristics and properties that commonly come automatically equipped to a demon's utilization of their Curse Power and can be said to be simply a manipulation and extension of the basics, as opposed to using Curses to create a new function entirely. Commonly, several D-Skills, just like Curses themselves, match up with a particular Magic Skill, but several unique D-Skills definitely do exist, oftentimes combining several forms of Magic Skills and whatnot to create an entirely new skill. Additionally, due to the very nature of a majority of demons as being created by an outside source using supposedly forbidden methods such as the Black Arts, D-Skills are known to be directly entwined with a demon's very existence, allowing them to manifest their beneficial properties as casually as breathing. Occasionally, with D-Skills, Curses are able to be discovered within certain legendary artefacts that have been cursed through being infused with these demonic energies – however, more often than not, only a small amount of Curse Power and thus a Curse is found within the tools, having been imbued by the creators to transform these ordinary Magic Items into artefacts of doom. Commonly, there are numerous types of Curse Power melded together inside the objects, which lowers its purity and oftentimes makes it difficult to properly judge the qualities and usefulness of the item.

  • Link Technique (天魔合技(LINK・ワザ), Rinku Waza lit. Evil Spirit's Union Technique): Link Techniques are a special classification of technique as well as a D-Skill that involves the demon combining the effects of two or more techniques in order to produce a greater result. In a sense, a Link Technique can be considered not dissimilar to that of a Unison Raid or a Combination Spell as utilized by a magician with Magic; however, despite the user being the only fighter whom unleashes the fused technique, a Link Technique is as powerful as a Unison Raid, if not vastly moreso. Invoking a Link Technique involves the demon performing the activation sequences of two or more Curses at once, their Magical Barrier Particles serving to facilitate a wider area-of-effect for the invocation, affecting more eternano within the atmosphere and channeling it as a medium for corrosion – theoretically, everything over a span of three-hundred-and-sixty degrees and up to twenty kilometers is capable of being affected and put under the thrall of the demon, allowing a greater level of invocation. Once the area-of-effect has been designated, the Curse Power that composes the techniques interact in a volatile manner not dissimilar to the likes of a chemical reaction, exchanging numerous particles before instantly bringing the techniques together, converging at a singular point – this takes upon the form of a hexagonal pattern similar to a honeycomb structure encasing the technique. In any case, once the activation sequence has been finalized with the user declaring it to be complete, the Link Technique is then unleashed like normal. While this does fuse the two techniques in order to produce a far more powerful technique, the user is capable of mixing it up a fair bit—they can choose not to combine the techniques, but instead, cause the techniques to impact upon their target simultaneously, causing their effects to activate right after each other—this is done by molding the Curse Power to allow them to surge chaotically; causing the multiple techniques to launch through the atmosphere, randomly crashing into one another to cause a violent surging rise of Curse Power numerous times before striking the opponent with amazing power. Additionally, Link Techniques are only capable of being used offensively, and as such, defensive-type techniques are unable to be linked either manually or through the effects of another technique. This has the effect of making them immune to abilities that would negate defensive capabilities or nullify offensive power as everything is focused upon offense, resulting in them possessing a might beyond the norm. Separate from the technique's effect is a glyph that manifests in tandem with the activation in the form of a set of indicators that denote the amount of power the merged technique will provide, as represented by crimson arrows radiating outwards from the formed technique. As a little bonus, a Magic Seal manifested during an activation sequence for magic is corroded by the mere existence of these linked glyphs, causing them to become a linked glyph as well and allowing the merged technique to blast into the opponent instantaneously by turning the enemy's source of power into the user's own. Also, when the enemy is about to attack the user with any opposing strike, the user is capable of focusing their first technique upon one of their hands—and then, the user exerts their demonic aura, which extends outwards and momentarily phases through the opposing technique, forging a replica of it in the user's other hand; at which point the aura dissipates. From this point, the user is capable of using this replica of the opponent's blow in order to initiate the regular Link Technique. Because of this ability, it makes a demon all the more deadly. However, it does have a few weaknesses—even if the user copies the opposing attack, it will not stop the enemy's attack—as this D-Skill doesn't stop the opposing blow at all. In addition, the D-Skill known as Link Technique can be utilized on Lost Magic, Ancient Spells, Black Arts, and Slayer Magic in addition to normal spells and demonic techniques. With the D-Skill known as Link Technique, the user is able to combine standard Curse techniques of any type, whether it be elemental or otherwise, with any techniques which they have forged by themselves, enabling the user to perform enormously powerful attacks and allowing them to create almost endless combinations, keeping the opponent guessing each time. If a Link Technique is successful, the user is able to harness the corroded Magic Seals of their opponents to instantaneously perform another Link Technique regardless of activation sequence, albeit doing so results in said Link Technique possessing half the overall power of the initial one.
  • Strike Arts (可変方相関関係呪武神(ストライク・アーツ), Sutoraiku Ātsu lit. Variable Direction Intertwining Cursed God of Military Arts): The Strike Arts are a specialized fighting style and a D-Skill that was developed through the entwinement of the user's skill in martial arts and the proficiency with wielding their Curse to create a fighting style which is commonly and technically referred to as, well, "Strike Arts", an existence that's technically unique to the wielder of a Curse and them alone, though specific styles of Strike Arts are capable of being passed down from master to student. Thanks to their mastery over the demonic arts, a high-levelled wielder of a Curse is able to use the Curse Power made manifest through the power of their Curse in a similar manner to that of Ki, which is an alternative means to gain supernatural powers separate from magic when fighting unarmed – the Strike Arts are effectively a culmination of that, and it is considered to be a fusion of two demonic powers exclusive to the demon, oftentimes merging martial arts, swordsmanship, and their supernatural supremacy in order to manifest a specialized form of Fist Law (拳法, Kenpō). The Strike Arts, as the demon equivalent of the Integrated Arms, allows them to utilize their mastery over the supernatural as a highly valuable asset when engaging their opponents in close-range combat and turning them into a jack-of-all-trades type fighter; and when compared to the martial artists of reality, martial artists in this world can have highly advanced power when combined with the Curses or just by training really hard; such examples being to fire beams of energy from their bodies, take flight during or out of battle, and so on. Thanks to harnessing the Curse Power like Ki and then incorporating these energies into their body, the demon's frame becomes inhumanly resistant to pain and injury on a supernatural scale while the force of their strikes are enhanced tenfold or even more than that, the Strike Arts enabling them to wield their Curse in a manner not dissimilar to the likes of a Slayer Magic; the integration of this demonic element undefined by human logic to their strikes dramatically increases the quantity of damage dealt as these incredible energies grind into the opponent in a manner similar to that of an excavation drill that eats away at bedrock, unleashing significant and out-of-this-world concussive and supernatural forces that can decimate all sorts of alloys known to man and can send the user's adversary careening across the landscape in the blink of an eye as the user completely and utterly dominates their foe without sustaining any kind of injury to themselves. A notable property of the Strike Arts that adds a bit of unpredictability to this fighting style is that whenever the user of the Strike Arts lands an attack, they are able to use mental commands in tandem with the direction with the Curse Power that gives their Curse a semi-tangible form in order to induce an automatic "additional attack" which can be followed by up to three more hits with further mental commands as to aim the Curse around their body in any specific direction during the execution of any strike but the first changes its trajectory and properties: the second hit is capable of being directed forward or up, while the third and fourth hit can be directed up, forward or down. Indeed, the follow-ups to various Strike Arts attacks come out regardless of whether or not the blow lands upon the opponent or not, and the follow-up strikes are known to be dramatically different than their regular techniques, commonly chaining mammoth strings of blows together to rain down incredibly powerful combos upon their enemy. Generally, the first two attacks are easy enough to do and are fairly weak in comparison to the rest, but any other quantities of successive strikes are known to require timing and finish off the combo.

List of Curses

Name User
Infernity Curse Ragnarok (and Alexis by extension)
Devil Slayer Magic Devil Slayers
Chemical Curse Chemical Daemons
Dark Style Cerberus Sheol
God of Military Arts Setsuna Almark
Six Styles Setsuna Almark
Collapsing Resentment Setsuna Almark
March of the Deceased Souls Setsuna Almark
Bomb Curse Jackal


  • Whereas this iteration of Curses uses the translation of "Heretical Arts" for the kanji underneath the katakana for Curse as to juxtapose the translation for "Magic Arts" being used for the kanji underneath the katakana on the Magic article which was also written by the author, like specific types of magic do the same, certain curses, when not in katakana, use the proper translation of Curse (呪法, Jūhō) as seen in the Fairy Tail Wiki's article.
  • While the Fairy Tail Fanon's article on Curses was written by the author (from what's recalled, it probably wasn't though given that Ashy and the author worked on it together), this description of the magic was created exclusively for the author's various characters, both Sun Trilogy or otherwise, and to go more in-depth with the vanilla one; as such, there's no Fairy Tail Wiki Content template at the top.
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