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Dairen Kane
Name Dairen Kane
Kanji デーレン ケーン
Rōmaji Deeren Keen
Alias Crash Man
Race Human
Birthdate March 9th
Age 47

Male Male

Height 6'4"
Blood Type O
Guild Mark Location Right Shoulder Blade
Professional Status
Affiliation OS OceanSlave Tribal Symbol Trademark Surf Logo OS Ocean Slave Tribal Symbol Service Mark Logo Surfstick Sorrow Ocean
Previous Affiliation Magic Council
Kane Family
Occupation 2nd Guild Master
Base of Operations Fiore
Personal Status
Status Active
Marital Status Married
Relatives Fern Kane(Cousin)
Dalton Kane(Father)
Sophia Kane(Mother)
Natalie Kane(Wife)
Magic Crash
Thought Projection
Disassembly Magic
Dairen Kane (ダイレン ケイン Dairen Kein) is the current Guild Master of Sorrow Ocean. His superb control over Crash Magic and Disassembly Magic has many people cringe in fear at how strong he is. He is also a former member of the Magic Councils Custody Enforcement Unit.


Dairen kane
Dairen is a tall man with somewhat pale skin, short brown hair, a trimmed beard and very calm light blue eyes. His attire consists a green work shirt, a black tie that has several studs, a white vest, black pants and white sneakers. His Sorrow Ocean guild mark is located on his right shoulder blade.


Dairen is known as a very calm and easygoing individual even when he becomes guild master albeit in a somewhat more serious manner by the time Sorrow Ocean has spent a couple years in existence which has earned not only the respect of his guild mates but has earned his respect amongst members of the Magic Council for not only his stern easygoing nature but his ability to be an effective leader due to his past with leading a squadron of Custody Enforcement Units during his time with the Magic Council.

Aside from his laidback demeanor, Dairen has been known on occasion been known to let his opinions be heard if he feels it's beneficial, The biggest example of this is when he chose to leave his CEU due to feeling that he didn't have much more to offer the Magic Council beyond being a full-time member. Another example of this is when he, in vain, tried to get Richard Aria to take some kind of responsibility in regards to being head of the Aria Family.


A man born into the very infamous Kane Family, Darien grew up with his parents learning about discipline and etiquette. Along with this he was also trained to become an active member of the Magic Council when he was of age and soon enough after his studies were finished he joined the council as part of the Custody Enforcement Unit. During his time as a member of the unit his reputation as a powerful mage began to grow and soon he became widely recognized for his extraordinary skill as well as being someone the council could have faith in when they felt it was necessary.

Magic & Abilities

  • Crash - Dairen's sole and primary magic that smashes anything Dairen comes in contact with, he has spent a few years dedicated to try and have more control over how much items he doesn't end up smashing.
  • Thought Projection - Dairen can create a Projection of himself with ease. He used Thought Projection mainly to be at Magic Council meetings if he wasn't in town at the time the meeting happens.
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