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"You turn yourself responsible for everything you do."

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"You think I'm a fool? Yes, I'll admit I'm a fool. But I'm not just going to sit back and watch these people die when I-no, WE can do something. Now you can stay here and protect your sorry hides or you can help me!"
Damon showing his maturity.

Post Timeskip | Breakdown | Uprising
Damon D. Draco



Deimon Dī Dorako


Red Hawk (レッドホーク Reddohōku)
Hybrid Dragon (雑種竜 Zasshuryū)


Human (Dragon Slayer)


X773, June 10th[1]


Male Male


11 (Pre-TS), 18 (Post-TS)
21 (Breakdown), 28 (Uprising)[2]

Blood Type



Magia Academia

Hair Color


Eye Color



4'9" ft (149cm, Pre-TS), 5'8" ft (176cm, Post-TS), 6'0" ft (182cm, Adult)


90lbs (40kg, Pre-TS), 165lbs (75kg, Post-TS)

Professional Status

HydraHeadSymbol Hydra Head
Winged Guardian Symbol Winged Guardians

Previous Affiliation

CrimsonWorldSymbol1 Crimson World


Mercenary, Mage (Guardian)

Previous Occupation



Red Hawk

Previous Team

The Brothers

Base of Operations

Gecko's Island (Fiore, Ishgar)

Personal Status



Draco Family
Honorium (Foster Father)
Tyson & Mike (Children)

Powers & Equipment

Dragon Slayer Magic (Shadow Flame, Drive, Dragon Force)
Enchantment (Buddha's Blessing)


Pythias, Holy Wrap


Chapter 1 (Red Hawk, Breakdown, Uprising)

Image Gallery
"Idiot with a golden heart."
Mr. Draco

Damon D. Draco (デイモン・D・ドラコ Deimon Dī Dorako), unknowingly born with the name Damon Mohi D. Sitriver (デイモン・モヒ・D・シットリバー Deimon Mohi Dī Shittoribā) given by his mother, is one of the most prominent members of the Hydra Head Guild and a main member of the Winged Guardians Force. It is revealed he is a former prisoner of the Crimson World Prison, being initially sent to there by his grandfather. He is a prominent member of the Draco Family as well as one of the youngest. Damon is a Third Generation Dragon Slayer having been taught the Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic, a rare type, and how to fight using it by Honorium, he had forcefully implanted a Fire Dragon Slayer lacrima giving him access to Shadow Flame Dragon Slayer Magic which later rendered him the epithets: Red Hawk (レッドホーク Reddohōku) and Hybrid Dragon (雑種竜 Zasshuryū).

To further improve himself, he firstly trains under Jellal Fernandes and then Daniel Sitriver, doing so at the timeskip between his storylines. He is the main protagonist of Red Hawk, Breakdown and Uprising, the readers reading along with his many adventures through the world as he seeks to complete his mysterious objectives.


Damon's external characteristics seem to be defined by his state of maturity, but, even so, he is a relatively tall, young man with slightly tanned skin and contrasting black hair. His face has a round-triangular shape and his black hair is styled in a messy manner, being generally kept short. His eyes have somwhat small pupils, which have a black tone to them. Seen with a smile and a cheerful gaze, most of the time, Damon has a generally bright vibe to his presence. Throughout his stories, he is always seen sporting a trademark hat of some kind.

Due to his intense training as a Dragon Slayer, Damon's body has been shaped and toned, making him actually muscular, despite his thin frame. Having worked out all of them, all of Damon's muscles are proportional to one another, although they are usually hidden by his clothing.

Throughout the years, Damon has accumulated some scars on his body. Below his left eye, there is one in the form of two stitches, result of Riku Tsuchi's magic harming him. At his chest, there is a rought X-shaped one, extending from the center to the sides of his torso, it being the consequence of Damon's lacrima accident.


Damon's full appearance in Red Hawk.

As a teenager, Damon still has some childish features, in the form of very round eyes and a not so sharp chin. Naturally having grown, he is 5'8" feet now. He carries around a simple "Straw Hat", which has a red cloth on its rim and was given to him by his grandfather, Shan. The straw hat also possesses a small, durable cord, which makes it possible for it to hang on Damon's back. For his clothing, Damon dons a red cardigan with long sleeves and four buttons on its right side, which are left open, along with a pair of blue shorts that end in white cuffs and simple wood sandals. Around his waist, holding his shorts, is a long yellow sash, whose extension is located on the left side and goes down to his knees. Depending on the occasion, however, Damon is willing to wear clothes suited to wherever he is, although they are based on his default ones.

After his training with Jellal , Damon's muscles grew even more and his features have become much sharper. This time, his hat is like a cowboy's and has an orange color, also possessing two trademark insignias, one which smiles and one which frowns. It had been bought as a souvenir by Jellal. ...

Having fully grown into an adult, Damon has accumulated defining characteristics throughout his life. His hair is back to its short size and wild form, with facial hair such as sideburns that reach his chin and a scruffy goatee having grown. Covering Damon's hair is his newest hat, a thick bill with white color and various brown markings through its rim, given to him as Honorium's last present. ...



Damon always tries to have fun.













Sad Beginnings, Happy Endings

"Back then, I was just a little kid like any other."
— Damon, on how he acted as a child.

Damon was born as the third child to Dante D. Draco and the second son to Robin Amethyst at the Draco Family in the Gecko's Island. He of course soon is recognized as the grandson of both Shan D. Draco and Lucia D. Draco, and also the younger brother to both Ayase D. Draco and Lucian D. Draco. Not everything has a happy end, Damon's birth was premature, he was deemed as too weak for a fetus. Robin was already weak due to a certain unknown illness she contracted during her pregnancy, this all then led to her imminent death as she was too weakened to sustain herself. Dante not being capable of doing anything to save his woman, could only lament in sorrow as he held Damon over her dead body. Full of depression, Dante would leave the island and his children to his parents who now would take care of and raise them. Damon's grandfather, Shan, began to train the boy when he was six years old, however, due to the kid's cowardice, he wasn't capable of doing much and decided to do something.

The old man then after talking with some friends of him in the Council, sent Damon to a low level of the Crimson World, just to show him how much he needed to be strong and secretly to scare him off. There Damon was taken care by some fellow prisoners who claimed they weren't bad at all, the little boy wasn't a coward after all this time, but now he would use violence to pretty much resolve everything. By calling Dante again, Shan was capable of taking out Damon from the prison, but this was seen by almost everyone else as Damon surviving his stay in it, earning him the alias of First Escapee of Crimson World (紅界の初脱走 Kōkai no Shodassō) despite being only a kid. Seeing the newly changed Damon, Shan again got another decision, he would take advantage that he had an old friend who could take care of the boy. And that close and secret friend was none other than Honorium, he had used regression to acquire human form recently and was living within Gecko's Island.

The dragon showed him many things about life, how it was out there, how it was back in the past, and how it changed over all years. All the while, teaching him how to write properly, and even use his own signature magic Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic. But this one was different than all others, Damon's body basically could turn into solid shadows instead of producing them, with this he was capable of extending his limbs with the creation of those shadows, seemingly giving him a stretching ability of sorts. Honorium would also tell his foster son about many stories and tales harbored by this great planet known as Earth Land, Damon got to know about guilds, other magic, and even mages. It was then that he looked at the world with different eyes, now he was much more happy, free-going, determined and kind of innocent. Now he eats more often than before, likely due to his expandable stomach.

A Mage's Path

At the age of 10, Damon was already determined to use his magic for the good of people and himself, often going with Shan around Gecko's Island. It was then that he would meet two little bandits that go by the name of Drake and Zeke, thinking they were doing bad deeds at the moment the little slayer confronted them only to be quickly dominated. The two captured the little boy as Shan was too distracted to care, although as their hostage Damon would only shout and complain he was hungry much to their annoyance. After hours Shan realized that he was forgetting something which was his grandson, seeing how his wife would beat the crap out of him, the old man quickly searched for the boy in a variety of locations. Soon he would find all three of them in a restaurant, Damon tied as the red head boy unwilling fed him with food. Enraged at the sight, Shan quickly dashed and knocked all three out.

Upon waking up, Damon discovered that he was still tied by the other boys. He also got to discover that Shan was paying them to take care of him and that he allowed him to be tied. Feeling comical despair Damon would get away using solely his legs, running as he comically cried while Drake and Zeke began to follow him, only because of the money. They chased him around the entire city, taking down many things which they accidentally tackled along the way, only with the memory that Shan wouldn't pay them if Damon got a scratch. After running through most of the island, they finally stopped when Damon was on a tree that was above a cliff, the boy's body being sustained by a piece of cloth hanging on the tree. Leaving the money deal aside, Drake and Zeke jumped, risking their lives in order to save the little slayer as he suddenly fell. At it, both of them began to care more about him instead of thinking only about the payment.

Magia Academia

Hireling Test

The Incident

The Guild


Magic & Abilites

"That man was classified as the Dragon Slayer King? I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. With that raw power and those sly maneuvers of his, he - I'm ashamed to admit - kept me on my toes. That man is a formidable thorn in my path...No, perhaps thorn is the wrong word. He is a flame so bright that he casts a shadow."
Ash Sangria analyzes Damon after their brief battle.

Initially, Damon had very poor performances at pretty much everything he did, including the physical and mental stuff, evidenced by his low grades at the Magia Academia. However, Damon showed that he just needed some inspiration and incentive in order to fully develop his skills, which he did with really hard work. With such, Damon is called a late bloomer. It was after the training he received from C.W's prisoners and the one with Honorium that Damon developed real fighting skills, now being capable of keeping up with a Rune Knight during a fight. Honorium was shown throwing his foster son out in the wilderness in many different places for him to adapt. In fact, the boy would soon temporarily match in a fight against a variety of skilled mages.

As a dragon slayer, Damon has an immense physical strength and is capable of breaking through many hard materials, while also being able to hold up large objects. His endurance and durability are incredible, taking continuous assaults from opponents that could kill normal people, being able to stand up and continue fighting as nothing happened. Damon also has a great speed, agility, and reflexes to match his strength and endurance. Although, he is not that much intelligent, Damon is shown to possess quite some battle instinct, being creative enough to adapt his spells to the situation at hand, and implementing his slayer magic with his hand-to-hand combat.

With the years of training, even more, improvement came. After his three years training with Jellal, Damon was capable of keeping his fighting pace with the former Wizard Saint himself, defeat Narfall a young Death Watch, and hold his own without the use of any power-up against Bishop, an S-Class Mage.

His training with Daniel Sitriver allows Damon to reach the peak of his fighting prowess.

Physical Prowess


Damon, adult, using the peak of his strength.

Monstrous Strength: Honorium forced Damon, every morning, evening and afternoon to train using large trees as targets, lifting himself in a very hot ground and also breaking through rocks and strong objects with only pauses for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Those training made Damon's strength grown big thus enhancing most of his muscles. After finishing his training his skin has become very resistant and he is able to hold very large things such as entire buildings and big monsters, also being able to throw them away. Damon has shown up immense force against a lot of enemies. While at the Galley Island, Damon participated at the Galley Giant's Tournament despite not being a giant, at the tournament he showed a lot of strength as he easily defeats minor participants with ease in the Lucky Trial. At the arena he battled an Artificial Shadow Dragon Slayer who was a giant too, he was the actual champion, the collision of the Shadow Dragon's Iron Punch ripped the arena in two. Due to his harsh training, he is able to break through steel with his hands.

Damon's speed

Damon's high speed.

Atonishing Speed: Damon is shown to possess incredibly high speed as a result of his training during his younger days as he was forced to do many races around Gecko's Island without stopping, upon this each day he had to increase his speed and even dodge many obstacles along the way as he tried to not lose speed, he would also train his speed to produce shadows or stretch his own body many times so he could do better in battle and react faster, he would also need to dodge various of Honorium's kicks while he carried something heavy or was tied. Due to this he is actually capable of dodging many and many upcoming attacks or spells coming from variable directions, he is also capable of surpassing the speed of lightning beams shot by the Humanoid Version X Alpha Yaegers, Damon's speed has surpassed lot of limits with him being able to dodge multiple attacks and managing to counter-attack every one of them, also his great speed saved his life many many times, if Damon didn't have such degree in speed, he would've been killed one hundred five times counted by now. His speed is really proven when he attacks simultaneously an opponent throwing him with his punches and fastly appearing where the enemy will land hitting him again.


Damon's reflexes saves his neck.

Heightened Reflexes: He also showed great reflexes, evading bullets, sword slashes and also scythe decapitating attacks. While not being able to evade thunders, he learned how to reduce the damage done to him, using his Shadow Dragon's Iron punch to block the thunder like rubber. He easily dodged Yaeger's lightning beams which are incredibly fast. He was able to dodge his brother's ultimate wind slash, which is extremely fast; thus saving his body from being cut in two. He evaded Shiro's attack which has the speed of sound in the last second even stating he saw the impact itself. His instant reaction implies he doesn't hesitate no matter the situation, one funny example is when he is seen eating an entire "table" however everyone was shocked when they discovered that he was asleep. He calls it using his instinct. He was able to counter one thousand sharp teeth of Narfall due to his pure reflexes as he was able to punch and destroy every single one of them.

Monstrous Endurance & Stamina: Damon has shown himself capable of taking numerous assaults from various enemies and still stand up. He can battle repeatedly, not slowing down despite his wounds and even take on multiple enemies. During his battle with Narfall, he was able to quickly get up despite the damage he had received, an amazing feat since Death Watches are known to be monsters in physical fighting, running away without any hinder. In his younger days, Damon needed to take a walk around Gecko’s Island from seven hours in the morning to twelve hours which means he always stopped when it was lunch time, what means no matter how many 'laps' he did by running around the island, Damon should still keep running until lunch time arrives. As a result of his training, actually Damon's stamina is far greater than a normal mage's allowing him to use a variety of his own spells, attacks or blows simultaneously without becoming tired or panting heavily as he can execute a fair amount of techniques against an opponent without letting any openings, there are exceptions such as when he uses Colossal Mode Techniques in which make him considerably slower. It should be noted that unlike other Dragon Slayers who use two elements, Damon does not become heavily strained after using the Shadow Flame Dragon’s Roar once since he is able to use the roar more times. In fact, Damon was never seen panting or sweating on a fight, despite he could be severally wounded with several bloody spots.

Immense Durability: As a child, Damon had to train his techniques various of times, against rocks, trees, and other big objects, he would have to lift, damage them. By lifting them, Damon’s body would need to withstand the crushing weight and pressure put on it, with this training his body would become far more durable and other results would be a greater strength since Damon’s body is now harder than before. He also would train on places with differents climates, with it his body would need to resist against various and differents types of climates, Damon’s body becomes resistant against cold or hot temperatures allowing him to reach and travel to a lot more of various places, his muscles would also become far more resistant to mutilation and his bones would become more durable against shatter attempts. Since Damon trained against different types of climates, his body would obviously become more durable and resistant against other elemental attacks, and to Fire and Shadow spells which he previously had resistance he is now nearly undamaged by those elements. Despite durability generally needing the sacrifice of someone’s strength, Damon does not need to be heavier than others or decrease his own speed to be allowed to be more durable.

Great Will & Pain Tolerance : Through various training in the wild forest, Vulcans and snow places, Damon had gained a great tolerance towards pain to he could use it in the future, this tolerance also increased with his resistance to Fire since his body already generates heat with this he is immune to cold and heat. As stated before, his strength is only surpassed by his enormous will which is demonstrated in lots of occasions. While normal people can only boost their stats in the max of five times as demonstrated by Margaret, Damon boosted his attack to a max of one hundred times surprising not only Flower Family and the Villagers but also his own comrades, following this Nefarious begins to believe what Damon is, saying he's not normal. Along with his endurance, his will allows him to survive and stand up after blows that can be considered deadly to normal humans such as head hits. He was also able to survive against Erik's Dragon Slayer Magic which involves manipulation of deadly poison despite everyone saying no one had ever survived against him, this later led his body to produce powerful antitoxins in his blood systems making him immune against most of the poison in the world. Managing to survive three battles against Marshall Jones, despite being heavily injured at the begin of the match.

Enhanced Senses: As a dragon slayer, Damon had trained his smell since a young age, training it on several locations with different climates in order to adapt his own nose, and also in locations with certain scents such as swamps. The result of this training has finally come up, Damon is able to smell the scent of beasts, people or whatever that passed in a certain place regardless of how far ago they passed there, he can concentrate on an area with a certain radius or use the smell in a wide area with more than two kilometers of range. His sense of smell is shown to be good enough to detect many of the ingredients used to prepare a dish, regardless of their quantity. This also applies to the food's quality, as the man is capable of defining if something is good or not to eat, through his sense of smell only.

Ways of Combat

Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant: During his youth or rather during his training time with his Foster Father Honorium who was teaching him more to defend himself rather than fighting, Damon actually picked up the fighting style and used it in conjunction with his Slayer Style. However, it should be noted he was trained in physical combat by almost every one of his family in order for him to know how to counter-attack many situations during battles. At first lessons, Damon mostly used already created movements as Honorium stated it all came to him naturally. Actually, he uses mostly his instinct with his fighting style. Damon attacks with a wild, no-holds-barred style, tying pragmatism into his way of combat. He prefers to bombard his opponent with a flurry of bone-shattering kicks and punches delivered at breakneck speeds, though he will occasionally throw in a headbutt or two for good measure. While he prefers to utilize his Shadow Flame Dragon Slayer Magic in conjunction with his close-combat skills in order to morph his body into a makeshift weapon unique to himself, it has been shown that he is able to defeat even powerful foes with brute strength alone. Indeed, Damon is naturally attuned to solving things with his fists and feet, devastating opponents through his sheer brute force and speed, more often than not taking the unsuspecting target by surprise through his sheer skill, allowing Damon to land a blow upon blow on their helpless form. Damon's fighting style is freestyle and improvised; it follows no particular code of honor at all, and so if necessary, he is capable of actually attacking females as well as striking below the belt in every way imaginable- even capable of doing the unthinkable such as using his enemies and allies as human shields- even tripping opponents over as well. In addition, he seems fond of using his teeth in battle. While attacking, Damon tends to use his feet when launching physical blows. Overall, Damon strikes in a highly fast-paced manner, striking so swiftly and strongly that opponents more often than not will be unable to properly keep up with his attacks, leaving them constantly on the defensive against Damon's vicious onslaught, even when he is pushed back by a powerful attack Damon will try to go back to the fight as quickly as he can by turning himself into a stretchable sphere to bounce in a wall to 'kick' himself back towards the opponent.

Profficent Weapons Specialist: Damon is skilled with numerous kinds of weapons; though his favorite is a blade. Using his Pythias Artifact, Damon is able to bring out any weapon that he wishes—and he is extremely capable with the ones he always uses. However, Damon mostly focuses on swordsmanship. In any case, Damon battles in a decidedly offensive style—eschewing any type of defensive technique, in favor of speed, and strength; focusing on powerful strikes that "start in a split second" and "end in a split second", meaning that energy isn't miss-used outside the attack. He fights with no-holds-barred, attacking relentlessly, swinging his weapon with wild abandon as to slice into the bodies of his weak opponents; his fighting style focuses on strong, concise strikes that yield heavy damage, attacking viciously with large, slow, sweeping movements.

Instinctual Strategist:

Assorted Others

Leadership Skills: Inherited from the many males of his family, Damon is shown to possess great leader skills. During the Hireling Test, Damon was appointed to be the leader of his team by both the Test's Judges and his adoptive brothers, in the end, the slayer truly led his team to ultimate victory. Years later, he would be competent enough to raise a team in his guild without any of the members being officially from the guild. Despite the members' many quirks, Damon is still able to handle them.

Expert Cooking Skills: Due to his grandmother's incentive, the fact Reggie is a master at the cooking arts and also because Damon is always hungry, the latter has learned many things about cooking. By using his highly trained sense of smell, Damon is capable of detecting the ingredients used on a dish should he smell deeply its scent. The man's smell is sharp enough to determine if something is still edible or not. With that, once he smells a dish, Damon is virtually capable of preparing it as long as he has the needed ingredients within his possession. So far, everyone has liked the dishes the slayer has prepared, although few people did taste it, their only complaint was Damon's usage of his magic when cooking anything.

Underwater Intolerance: Damon showed himself to be nearly inutile in underwater since he can't hold his breath for long periods of time, while his flames powers just become inactive. Although he could just heat them up or even expand his lungs using his magic. It's unknown why he even developed this much fear from water, which is big enough that he lost his will to even learn how to swim. He already showed fear towards minor amounts of water, panicking a bit at the thought of going into a lake. Despite that, he still drinks water and takes a bath, also normally traveling on a ship.

Motion Sickness: Damon's motion sickness is shown to be at a very great level. When riding on any form of transportation, should he notice it is a transport, Damon will quickly become sick and fall down. Even if the transportation happens to be another person, as once he was carried around by a chased guard, the movements making him sick quickly. Should he not notice it, Damon will continue acting normal and will only fall down once someone tells him he's on a vehicle.

Magical Abilities

Damon's Aura

Damon's immense magical aura.

Immense Magical Power: Despite Damon not being born with this magic, he has an immense amount of magical power. Due to being a Dragon Slayer, his reserves are even bigger. Upon releasing his aura, Damon makes a burst of magic that essentially dominates those who have weak wills knocking them out unconscious, the number of people depends on Damon's own strength and will. The victims of said burst become unconscious and even when waking up have chills through his body, if the burst is powerful enough it will not only knock out those of weak wills around Damon but also put pressure on the surroundings, actually affecting other physical objects besides living beings, in Damon case, the targets suffers slightly burns. He can control it to the way he doesn't affect innocent people, being able to tame monsters and knock out groups, however, this doesn't mean he will make innocent fall unconscious if needed. Damon is capable of executing several spells and techniques either of low-tier or high-tier without tiring himself, still having enough magical power left in order to execute far more spells for a high amount of time, as stated and shared by all Slayers, Damon is capable of eating either fire or shadows in order to replenish his strength while also healing damages done to him, Damon's reserves are said to top even those of many S-Class mages or strong individuals out there.
  • Profficent Eternano Control:
  • Thermal Resistance: Since his young age, Damon was thrown in many places by Honorium, in order for him to adapt to them. One of the many would be very hot environments so that the boy could develop some resistance to the heat. Having to survive many deserts, he eventually developed the durability towards temperatures considered too much for the normal body, having now some resistance towards fire spells as well. Indeed, after getting the Flaming Lacrima implanted on him, Damon developed the resistance to heat to higher levels. He could now walk on fire with no visible damage or even walk over very hot surfaces showing near to zero bother. He is shown taking on very strong fire spells and suffering only minor burns. While Honorium also threw Damon out in deserts, the dragon would also carry the boy out for very cold areas such as very high mountains which rarely didn't have any snow. The little man would stay out in the open area nearly nude, should he start to freeze, his foster father would unfreeze him and begin the process entirely again. They'd repeat it as long as necessary, each attempt increasing Damon's overall resistance. Years later, Damon is hardly fazed by any type of cold area or even spell hitting him, going as far to walk with normal clothes through a snow plain. Despite that, there are times in which Damon will bother to use snow-themed clothes.
  • Shadow Resistance: Due to his mastery in Shadow Slayer Magic, Damon is also quite resistant towards shadow-based attacks and spells. Most physical based spells would simply hit Damon and do not much effect on him, whereas pure shadow spells simply hit his body and dissipate in the air. It should be noted that this doesn't happen with every spell as it does depend on the attack's power level and the such, but indeed most of the basic ones simply have no effect on the Draco that he will ignore them. At first, Damon would think that those spells would have any effect on him, by even screaming as if he was feeling something while the spell really did nothing. Damon may either deflect them effortlessly or he won't even bother to me and simply let it hit.


Shadow Flame Dragon Slayer Magic (影炎の滅竜魔法 Eien no Metsuryū Mahō) is a Lost Magic, Caster Magic and most importantly a type of Dragon Slayer Magic, falling into the Dual Element category. It can handle two elements at once, in this case, shadows and flames, either together for deadly combinations without the user mixing up the fighting styles completely or separated for a greater variety. Unknown to many, this magic is actually a byproduct of the mixing between the natural Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic via the teaching of a Dragon and Flame Dragon Slayer Magic due to lacrima implantation, both of the elements co-existing because of the light-shadow relation between them. In fact, said use of the Shadow element is thought to be rare even amongst Dragon Slayer Magics themselves.

As with all other Slayer Magics, Damon gains and adopts the physiology of the Shadow Flame Dragon Slayer with this magic. Due to originally having only the Shadow power, Damon is much more proficient with its use than with Flames. His body is much more enhanced than the normal, due to this unique style of shadows, Damon can either cover or shift any part of his body into shadows, doing so in order to further enhance its durability or even create extensions through such power as to stretch. In fact, it could be said that this style stands out because of its sheer potential for usefulness and variability. Even though shadows are a daily thing, Damon can have a hard time with feasting them as the ones he can eat are either solid shadows from spells, therefore shadows with magic in them.

As stated beforehand, Damon can shift any part of his body, including internal organs, into this solid shadow and then manipulate it akin to his own liking. By that, he is capable of stretching his own limbs while also enhancing their overall durability, then moving them in order to perform a variety of spells and unarmed attacks. It's even pointed out by Honorium that this is a basic thing when employing this magic, therefore Damon can do things such as stretching, expanding and hardening, effortlessly. This shadow substance is often compared to rubber in a way, as Damon can stretch any part of his body either to attack or do his bidding. Another reason for this magic standing out is the fact that it can be offensive, defensive and even supplementary depending on the situation. For instance, by shifting different parts of himself into shadows, Damon can augment his physical prowess as he is much more durable, agile, all of those contributing for him to do far more better movements. His body can be compressed as if it was some kind of rubber, effectively enabling him to use some parts as if they were springs, in order to enhance the power behind his blows. Additionally, Damon could jump higher into mid-air by doing this process to both his legs. Aside from being more durable, Damon's body can also absorb little impact from physical blows as the shadows act like they're partially made of rubber. Even Damon's bones and organs can be affected by his magic.

Sometime after becoming a mercenary, Damon acquired and got implanted a Flaming Dragon Lacrima within himself, which would give him access to the element of fire itself. Such flames can be generated and manipulated in a variety of ways due to Damon's intense training throughout the years, something which also provoked the lacrima to fully merge with his body. Aside from their natural burn, those flames also possess a blunt effect, meaning they can also cause impact through sheer force. This wouldn't mean however that Damon's flames aren't hot, that's but the last thing they are, they can burn out for a long period of time, affecting even the moisture in the surrounding area, capable of melting strong ice.

Usual objects made out of common material can be burned up to ashes or a really decayed state upon contact with Damon's flames. The mage also being capable of temporarily shifting his own essence into that of flames. They are strong enough to withstand low temperatures, contact with quite some amount of water and also resist when being blown off by the wind, also being capable of consuming opposing fire magic of lesser quality by assimilating it into themselves. Damon can produce off those flames from any part of his body if he so wishes, preferring to augment his hand-to-hand combat instead. In fact, he is capable of controlling already existing fire and even expanding it, maybe as an explosion. Damon can also enhance his blows by erupting fire which will act like a rocket of sorts and further increase the damage done, by doing said eruption from his feet, Damon can temporarily fly.

Along with all of that, Damon has also gained immense resistant towards both hot and cold temperatures, his body being a natural heat-device which allows him to resist other heat's sources and keep himself warm while in contact with the cold. As naturally for a Dragon Slayer, he can consume any external source of fire in order to replenish his reserves, the replenish being equivalent to the amount devoured. Damon has also shown some ability by shaping his flames into a variety of weapons. It is pointed out that Damon has much more affinity and training with Shadows as they're his main element and he gained access to fire much later in his life, but even then he is very capable at the art of using both of these elements either separated or together.

The combination, depending on which path is taken, can be very deadly. By attacking using both of the elements in a fusion fashion, Damon can pretty much hit someone twice with one hit as the shadows work for the blunt effect and the flames are marked upon impact, exploding afterward. With such a thing, Damon can damage his opponent even if said person manages to block the hit, as the fire will explode afterward. Even when being used separated, in a way, the elements can be deadly, for instance, Damon could fool a very fast opponent by temporarily blinding them with the bright of his flames and then hit his target with a shadow-enhanced blow. It should be noted that due to the lacrima being forcefully implanted and being of different lacrima, Damon's brain was damaged in a little area.

Honorium describes it as the last of its type, coming from an unknown old tribe of Dragons, making Damon the Last Dragonborn (ラストドラゴンボーン (最終の竜天成) Rasuto Doragonbōn lit. Dragonkind-Hunter Born). In reality, it is a fake title Honorium came up with to make Damon feel more special, as he had apparently felt lame despite the uniqueness of the magic.

  • Damon'sPower

    Damon shifting/coating his left arm.

    Shadow Shifting:
  • Damon training

    Damon using the power of flames.

    Flame Generation:



Damon's Shadow Drive

Damon activating his Shadow Drive.

Shadow Drive (シャドウ・ドライブ Shadō Doraibu)

Colossal Mode (巨人形式(コロッサル・モード) Korossaru Mōdo lit. Giant Form) is an exclusive technique to Damon himself, being its creator, which basically revolves around the use of his shadows in order to expand instead of just stretching. Damon basically sucks in and accumulates many shadows inside his body, using them in order to expand the size of his muscles and bones, increasing his overall defense, attack power and speed at times.

Colossal Attack Mode

Damon activating Attack Mode.

Colossal Attack Mode (巨人兵形式(コロッサル・アタック・モード) Korossaru Atakku Mōdo lit. Giant Warrior): Damon starts by biting his finger with his teeth, then accumulates shadows onto his mouth and blows them into his hand. He is able to transfer the shadows through his entire body, with the torso acting as an interface for his various limbs. Damon accumulates so many shadows into his body that when they are all focused on a single limb, they become the size equivalent to that of a giant. This gives his limbs more mass and a larger area to attack with greater strength, but he sacrifices his speed for this strength, as his limbs are now so large that he has trouble moving. This is usually used when a great strength is needed, being the shadows the main purpose here, as they are able to create "meat" replacing Damon inside parts giving him more and more larger proportions. Upon blowing onto his finger such shadows, they will automatically create such new parts making his limbs bigger. Damon's strength lets him move his giant parts with ease.

At the first time seen, Damon had difficult while employing this technique, being hard to move while a part of his body is big, making him vulnerable to enemies with great speed such as Death Watches and Yaegers. To deactivate this mode, Damon needs to execute a Shadow Dragon's Roar, eliminating all shadows inside him. Upon deactivating it, he becomes weak and slow, being harder to move with his damaged limbs, his only way of defense is hiding or eating something like Shadows or Flames. Upon improving it, Damon has now much more control over his mode, now he controls where shadows can be, in this case at a single point like his fist, instead of the shadows being present in all of his arms. His attacks now are faster, making easy to him hit enemies, he can also withdraw the shadows with more ease and speed. Now he didn't become weaker after using it.


Damon in Defense Mode.

Colossal Defense Mode (巨人保形式(コロッサル・ディフェンス・モード) Korossaru Difensu Mōdo lit. Giant Guardian): Through the absorption of surrounding shadows, Damon begins to inflate himself; becoming bloated. His skin also transforms darker, especially at his torso. This proceeds to expand to the rest of his body, causing his skin to appear as a dark blue hue. This is due to the influence of magic upon the melanin within the skin. Through this transformation, he gains a large boost in stature, gaining the height to be as tall, or taller than a Death Watch. He also gains an enormous physical boost from this spell, in part due to the magical energy of shadows circulating within his body, each attack is reinforced with a "shadow" hit, so to speak.

Damon's strength increases a certain amount, he is capable of executing many more feats with relatively ease such as lifting up houses & buildings, causing mini-shockwaves with arm's motions or explosions with punches. His body got much more durable due to the shadows accumulated inside it, with it being now capable of resisting against far more attacks than before without being cut open or pierced, Damon's body became strong enough to break a blade/sword which comes into contact with it or many other sharp objects. Even though he got bigger, Damon's speed didn't decrease but didn't increase exponentially either, as stated, he moves with a velocity near to that of Shadow Drive but does not disappear when running, therefore he is capable of keeping up with many opponents even though his body's mass increased.

Damon's Dragon Force

Jake imagines something with a strong resemblance to Damon's Dragon Force.

Dragon Force (竜の力(ドラゴン・フォース) Doragon Fōsu lit. Dragon's Power), as a Third Generation Dragon Slayer, Damon is able to access this transformation known as Dragon Force at any given moment. However, he retains from doing so after what happened the first time when he did so, only using it when he is desperate.

As a Dual Element Dragon Slayer, Damon's Dragon Force looks and acts differently than most users. Upon activating his Dragon Force, Damon's entire body will be covered in black shadows, acting like a second layer of skin, and fire will slowly be released from his head, specifically his mouth and eyes, and general torso area, making him look more demon-like than a dragon. Damon also acquires a set of sharp canine teeth and razor-edged nails that can slice through steel. Hilariously, Damon often causes his shirt to disintegrate the moment he enters this form. However what makes Damon not want to use this form is the fact that he can't control himself as becoming a berserker and attacking stands in his way. He does not speak while he is in this form, only communicating through loud, tremendous roars that are signs of uncontrollable rage and defiance.

As such, Damon has earned the title of Berserk Dragon of the Black Flames (黒炎の暴竜 Kurohomura no Bōryū) and Black Demon from the Burning West (火西の黒鬼 Kanishi no Kuroki) as he once went on a rampage when a Dark Guild slaughtered a village. As mentioned, Damon's attributes, both magical and physical, are severely enhanced, being considered inhuman at this point. His magical power becomes visible to his enemies, taking the appearance of the Dragon that appearance when he utilizes his Aura Synthesis. When using his Dragon Slayer Magic, Damon's Shadow Flames now have the special ability to devour the opponent's opposing magic and adding it to his own strength, as it will increase slowly over time. He is also stronger, faster and more durable as he can dish out and take as much punishment as possible, forcing his opponent beneath his feet until they no longer move. Overall, Damon is a beast that should not be cornered while he is in this form as he will attack with everything he has. Damon is currently learning to control Dragon Force and eventually does so by the time of Fairy Tail: Uprising.

  • Monstrous Magical Power:
  • Enhanced Prowess:
  • Buddha's Blessing (大聖の霊験(ブッダのブレッシング) Budda no Buresshingu lit. Miracle of the Great Sage): Is a supplementary and amplification spell possessed by Damon once he was taught by Daniel as the latter showed and demonstrated the technique in front of the former who got interested. Damon learnt this spell from Daniel who is quite old and experienced at it, the young mage would need months in order to master this spell and effectively use it in combat, he does so in conjunction with his Controlled Dragon Force leaving him in a state which he deems as similar to Draconic Sovereign meaning this possibly is the peak of his strength.


Dark Flaming Blade

The Furious State.

Artifact Of Pythias (ピシアスの珍品(アーチファクト) Pishiasu no Chinpin) is a mysterious magical artifact which was given to Damon by an yet unknown person. As of yet, no one has studied the weapon or know anything about it, in other words, its origins are unknown. Its material was never brought to any scientist, so its nature is also unknown, all that is known about it is that the material may be somehow magical. Within Damon's possession, the artifact is shown to take three varied forms or states, Furious, Calm and True. The difference between these forms being that the Calm State doesn't have anything special at all, aside from its incredible endurance, it is mostly used as a close-combat sword or for one-on-one fights. While the Furious State is capable of doing a variety of things, it analyzes a person's elemental magic and applies it to itself, being now capable of molding various weapons out of it similar to a Molding Magic. Its True or Balanced State can only be brought out by those whose magical power is seen as comfortable by the artifact. This last state is capable of gathering the ethernano in the air in order to produce hardened flames which could attack and protect the blade. In other words, this state has the properties of both forms, it is durable and can unleash powerful magical attacks.

  • Furious State: When in the furious form, the artifact takes the shape of a double straight black sword, its handguard is thin and takes the shape of a crescent moon joining the hilt near its end. This state's hilt is totally black with a little swirl at its end. The Pythias doesn't have any sheath while on this form. The artifact will analyze the wielder's magical power and apply it to itself, as it is now capable of creating hard elemental constructs. After the application is done, the element will be exposed and constantly go out in minor quantities from the blade, as shown how the artifact burns in Damon's grip. He can transform the artifact into any construct, from blades to ropes and use them during or out of combat. Spears, swords, daggers and various others can be made, including trivial things such as scissors to cut a variety of things or a whip to grab his targets or even to hop somewhere and serve as some sort of sustainment.
  • Calm State: When entering its calm form, the weapon will take on a new form, which is that of a traditional katana. Its length is enough that Damon must carry it on his shoulder. Its handguard has a circular form surrounded by white fur, while its sheath is totally black with some white crosses through its entirety. The sheath also has a red rope tied near its opening.
Damon Healing Bandages

The wrap's design.

Holy Wrap (聖覆い(ホーリーラップ) Hijiriōi (Hōrīrappu) lit. Shroud Of Cure), so far not much is known about this magical artifact, it was given by Damon by his grandmother and it seems this artifact takes the form of a pure white sash which can be wrapped around any part of Damon's body, it will start to heal said area of his body, it's full capability is not known as of yet however it should be noted Damon used it in order to heal a nearly broken bone of his and also to heal a major wound in his palm.

L-Phone (魔法電話(ラクリマフォン) Mahōdenwa (Rakurima Fon) lit. Cellphone of Magic): Bought by Daniel Sitriver as a present and to keep contact, Damon owns one of the latest models of the Lacrima Phone.

Battles & Events

Battles Events

Red Hawk


  • Red Hawk vs. Bounty Hunters — Win
    • Damon vs. Helena — Win
  • Damon vs Honorium — Lose
  • Damon vs. Narfall — Win
  • Damon vs. Bishop Laxal (Labyrinth) — Inconclusive
  • Damon vs. Bishop Laxal (First Block) — Lose
  • Damon vs. Dealok (Secon Island) — Lose
  • Damon & Shin Shinri vs. Caribou Nightwalker & Triple J — Inconclusive
  • Damon vs. Thir Island's Police Force — Win
  • Damon vs. Caribou Nightwalker (Plaza) — Lose


Red Hawk


  • Seven Tournament
    • First Block



"I'm excited for it!"
Damon's signature catchphrase.

"Are you saying...that you killed that innocent girl....just for fun?! I bet you have seven lives, cuz I'm not gonna forget you! She would have grown and turned unto a beautiful woman, she would live enough to see what the world is, but YOU destroyed her chances, I might have to destroy yours too, why? Everyone deserves a chance of living, you just wasted yours!"
Damon, brimming with rage.

"You know what is people's weakness? It's giving up! In order to achieve your goals, you should keep trying...I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!!!"
Damon never gives up.

Creation & Conception

"A long and pleasant journey!"
Mr. Draco about Damon after 3 years.

Damon's initial appearance.

The idea to make this character rose upon the author after he read some chapters of his own light novel: FORCE, whose main character is Damon Draco. The author joined the wiki after catching up completely with the Fairy Tail manga back in September 2013, motivated he decided to start his career as a writer and make his ideas in the wiki. As initially, he wasn't capable of creating a Dragon Slayer, he opted to release other ideas first until he would be capable of doing his slayer who would be Damon Dammy Draco. The author decided that his main character would be a Dragon Slayer because of the latter's sheer potential to have a good backstory and setup storyline.

The author would also develop all of his other ideas though focusing on his "favorite" one, being Damon. He tried to keep it in a way that he saw all of his articles as equals. Initially he was designing his slayer after himself, in reality, using Shu Ouma from the Guilty Crown Series, though much later he was inspired by Aru to choose a much more fitting look. The author then chose the appearance of three characters of the One Piece series, based on his likeability on the series and also due to thinking that their appearance greatly fit his character. He would also explain that the differences in appearance through Damon's ages are based on the sheer maturity he has gained.

The author initially was inspired by Gajeel's seemingly great appearance when using his Dual Mode, to create Damon's powers. Gajeel modified his body in order to execute many of his spells, also inspired by Monkey D. Luffy's Gomu Gomu powers, the author found a way to explain his Slayer's. Though much later Dual Slayers weren't simply approved as Dual-Elemental dragons didn't exist, the author found an exit with the help of Phantom and Perchan. In the end, Damon got a lot more varied spells than he was supposed to have, as he was based on Gajeel.

For the character's personality, the author tried to make it so that the character is and is not a typical Shounen hero. All of Damon's quirks and the such can be simply justified by the events he has passed through, with him developing each time according to the author's storyline. He once explained that he wanted his main character to be charismatic and likable through the entire course of his existence. And for the character's development, the author was heavily inspired by Zeon who talked with him on the matter.


  • His appearance is partially based on Monkey D. Luffy, Portgas D. Ace & Trafalgar D. Water Law from the One Piece Series.
  • Curiously Damon has the D. in his name much like the characters he was based off, however, his D. doesn't have anything to do with theirs.
  • The name Damon comes from English and can mean Has Claw, a reference to his willpower. Draco comes from Greek and can mean either Dragon or Rigorous a reference to his self-rigorousness during training.
    • His birth name has some references to the Mongol's Battles such as the Battle Of Mohi and the Battle Of Sit River. These may be seen as a reference to Damon's opposition towards Genghis Breningoch whose name derives from the infamous Genghis Khan.[3]
  • Like the author's other main characters, his name starts with D.[4]

  • His birthday is the same as the author's, June 10th.[1]
  • While as an article Damon is exceptionally powerful, he still has to reach this peak on the current storyline.
  • Damon's laugh is sometimes written as Meshishishishi referring to the Japanese word for Food: Meshi (飯).
  • Damon considers Arukana Shinjitsu to be one of his greatest friends since they both arrived at Hydra Head at the same time.
  • Despite Damon opposing Genghis even in name, the latter has met the former only once in their life. In fact, most of the opposition comes from Damon's actions disturbing Genghis' plans.

  • Damon's Main Theme, throughout the entire series, is shown to be Breakdown. Oddly, it alludes more to a single story than the entire series.[5]
  • According to the Journalist Michael:
    • Damon's special skill is his charisma.
    • His hobby is tasting different stuff.
    • Damon's most known routine is training.
    • His favorite food is Lasagna, having no dislike with food.
    • His favorite drink is Orange Juice.
    • Damon's charm is his smile.
    • His favorite smell is that of Lasagna.
    • He is right-handed.
    • The thing Damon wanted to do the most would've been to hug his mother.
    • He was born in Gecko's Island, Fiore.
    • Damon's complex is unknown.
    • His most respected people are Shan, Honorium, Genghis, and Ash. While the people he doesn't want to make enemies with are Shan D. Draco and Honorium.
  • According to the Author, if Damon lived in the real world:
    • He would be either British or Italian.
    • His profession would be Medic or Writer.
    • He would like all types of Rock and Electronica Music.
    • His favorite game types would be RPG and Open-World.
    • He would still be 25 years old.
    • The middle D. of his name wouldn't exist.


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