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Dark Devil Slayer Magic (闇の滅悪魔法, Yami no Metsuaku Mahō), occasionally referred to as, "Dark Devil Slayer Magic", is a Lost Caster Magic and a form of Devil Slayer Magic grants its user the ability to produce, manipulate, and consume all forms of darkness. Those who learn this magic are thereby given the ability to slay Devils, and as such are referred to as Exorcist Mages (悪魔祓いの魔導士, Akumaharai no Madōshi). The only known user of this form of magic is Acheron Heolstor.


Dark Devil Slayer Magic, like the rest of its kin magic, must be learned through a Book of Zeref. As such, upon learning, they will gain the properties of a chosen element, which in this case, is darkness as a whole. In addition, like most Slayer Magic, they are given the ability to consume external sources of darkness to recover strength, stamina, and even health, this including the darkness of both Dragon and God Slayers. However, the user cannot consume darkness that which he or she has produced, nor can he or she consume darkness that has been produced by a Curse which revolves around the element of darkness.


Basic Spells

Dark Devil's Rage (闇の激昂, Yami no Gekikō):

Advance Spells


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