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Dragon | Human
Ddraig Goch - Dragon Form
Ddraig Goch



Doraigu Gotchi


The Red Dragon (赤龍, Akaryū)
The Blistering Heat Dragon (大暑の竜, Taisho no Ryū)




Female Female






78 kg


June 21, X341

Hair Color


Eye Color

Amber (Dragon)
Crimson (Human)

Professional Status

SymboloftheHOTLD Wyrm's Scale

Previous Affiliation

Dragon Royal Army


Leader of Wyrm's Scale



Personal Status



Belenus (Father)
Genghis Breningoch (Foster Son)


Heat Dragon Slayer Magic
Compact Regression

Ddraig Goch (ドライグ・ゴッチ, Doraigu Gotchi), also known as The Red Dragon (赤龍, Akaryū) and The Blistering Heat Dragon (大暑の竜, Taisho no Ryū), is a Dragon who fought during the Dragon King Festival and the foster mother of Genghis Breningoch.


Dragon | Human

Ddraig Goch - Dragon Appearance

Ddraig Goch in her dragon form.




Magic and Abilities

Natural Abilities

Ddraig Goch - Hand-to-Hand Combat
Master Hand-to-Hand Combat Specialist:

Immense Strength:

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes:

Enhanced Endurance and Durability:

Magical Abilities

Ddraig Goch - Magical Power

Ddraig Goch manifesting her magic power as a heat wave.

Immense Magical Power:

Compact Regression (コムパクト・レグレシオン, Komupakuto Reguresion): A Caster-Type Transformation Magic exclusive to the race of Dragon, being created during the time of Dragon King Festival. Being comparable to a saving throw, it allows them to save themselves in times of life-threatening injuries by using their remaining magical power to transform into a humanoid form and healing their body of wounds. However, as a result, the parameters of the body and magic are noticeably diminished to a mere fraction of their former glory. While they still have the ability to utilize Dragon Slayer Magic, they are unable to easily access Dragon Force, finding it just as difficult as First Generation Dragon Slayers. Fortunately, Compacted Dragons can train in order to unlock a state which allows them to temprorarily shift back into a Dragon and utilize their true power.

  • Dragon Promotion (竜変化・命還(ドラゴン・プロモーション), Doragon Promōshon; lit. "Dragon Metamorphosis: Life Return")

Heat Dragon Slayer Magic

Ddraig Goch - Vermillion Dragon Slayer Magic

By utilzing her physilogoy, Ddraig Goch is able to manipulate heat.

Heat Dragon Slayer Magic (暑の滅竜魔法, Sho no Metsuryū Mahō)
  • Ddraig Goch - Vermillion Dragon's Roar

    Ddraig Goch unleashing a blast of heat to act as a beacon.

    Heat Dragon's Roar (暑竜の咆哮, Shoryū no Hōkō): The most basic technique within Dragon Slayer Magic, Vermillion Dragon's Roar is an interpretation of the signature Dragon's Roar attuned to the element of heat. As the first spell that any Dragon Slayer learns when training under their dragon parent, it is considered a staple within the user's arsenal. When performing Vermillion Dragon's Roar, the user will gather and condense the isolated eternano within the air around them into their mouth to bolster the internal supply of heat energy residing in the user's body. Once this is done, the user spews forth the mixed energies from their mouth, resulting in a cataclysmic blast of heat energy being discharged towards the target. Similar to Fire Dragon's Roar, Vermillion Dragon's Roar is capable of burning virtually anything that happens to be within its trajectory while simultaneously delivering a "bludgeoning" effect upon contact. The cataclysmic blast of heat energy travels at breakneck speeds far beyond normal human comprehension with enough impact to obliterate a wall made of titanium with ease while leaving second-degree burns on the opponent. However, an experienced user is capable of lowering the temperature to the level of lukewarm in order to be used as a distraction against enemies. Unlike other variation of this spell, Vermillion Dragon's Roar possesses a unique ability which allows it assimilate pre-existing sources of heat—including the element of fire—into the blast upon being fired in order to amplify the strength of the spell. This ability won't work against classes of heat that are "higher" in rank to those produced by this spell such as the flames of a Purgatory Dragon Slayer and will usually overwhelm the user due to heat being considered inferior in the Dragon Slayer hierarchy. Upon achieving mastery with Vermillion Dragon's Roar, the user will generally display the ability to modify certain traits of the spell to their preference depending on the situation.
  • Heat Dragon's Red-Hot Iron Fist (暑竜の鉄火拳, Shoryū no Tekkaken):
  • Ddraig Goch - Vermillion Dragon's Extreme Melting Blade

    Ddraig Goch unleashing a blade of concentrated heat at a Demon.

    Heat Dragon's Extreme Melting Blade (暑竜の最冶刃, Shoryū no Saiya-jin):



Behind The Scenes

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