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"Death comes quickly to those that seek it out"
— Constantine



Death is a tall, well fit man with odd pale skin, green eyes, and black hair. He wears ether black robes over light armor, bandoleers and metal vambraces. That, or goes shirtless with just a scarf and pants with armored boots and gauntlets. He is often seen with his two guns, Dust and Decay, or with his scythes.


Death, decay, all things turn to dust in time. Death as a person is the embodiment of these things in his own way. Morality and legality mean nothing to him. All lives are equal in the eyes of Death, equally worthless that is. Cold and uncaring, this is a man with a black heart beating in his chest, if he even has one that is. 


Death, once known as Constantine Parish, was just a man. But this was long ago. Constantine and his brother Gregory were both twisted, even as kids. Having an odd fascination with death and decay. Constantine and his broth parted way, learning there own magics before both being sought out an recruited as member of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. 

Magic & Abilities

  • Enhanced and senses
  • Absurd durability, strength, and endurance
  • Melee combat and martial arts master
  • Immune to Death Magic, might even be immortal

Domain of Death

Death's main magic, Domain of Death, is not a standard magic. Though it uses up ethernano like another magic, Domain acts more like a passive to semi-passive aura with a range of several hundred feet (estimated at about 500-800 ft). Domain of Death is like a slower acting and weaker, yet more controllable version of the effect Lord Zerif has. It kills, albeit slowly, any living thing in the field. Death's control is grate enough to turn on and off the power as well as change it's range and whether or not it kills plants as well. Known limits are the range, as well as the fact that it has no effect on non-living or otherwise immortal beings. Though Death seems to prefer to kill things himself and watch them die as the life leaves there eyes.
  • a boomerang weapon made from three scythes
  • Sickles/Kamas
  • the Death Fang
  • the Soul Cutter
  • Despair
  • Redemption
  • Salvation
  • Absolution

Requip, The Reaper

Death uses requip as well as his own magic, with his requip he calls for various scythes and scythe like weapons such as sickles/kamas and even a boomerang like weapon. He also uses it to store his guns and ammo as well as his more armored outfit.


Death can use the magic known as Aero, it creates a set of raven like wings and lets him magically fly for a time.


  • Parish is a real last name, so no jokes on puns. First name is after the comic figure "Constantine"
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