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Death Denier Magic

Caster Magic


Spirits and Humans

A unique magic that only the Spirits and Humans can possess. This is a rare caster magic.


A magic that only happens when a person is killed with a strong enough goal that a spirit of death walks to them to claim them. But, instead of claiming them, they make a deal with them. To continue walking the Earth while sharing the experiences with the spirit until they get their ultimate goal. Once the goal is met, they will resume dying at that spot.

Most of the users that are given extra time on the Earth by this spirit will have them as a constant companion. And will often be the only one that can see them. A Death Denier Mage can use any magic that they had in their life with the exception that their spells almost always of an aura around them. This aura is the lent magical power from the spirit to the human contracted. And it makes the nature of their spells a bit different than before. Depending on the user, the effects are different, because every contract is different.


  • Perchan has approved of this magic.
  • This magic was made in my mind about 2 years ago when I started watching Fairy Tail. And a cousin of mine died. I hoped that she could still live and find love. This magic was created with her in mind. Rest in Peace, Robyn.
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