"Defile the very laws of life and death? What "laws"? What...defilement? Death never had a consequence and neither did life. It is free reign. Its mere existence is but the chemicals of the body ceasing to function, resulting in the motionless state of nothingness for the deceased. There is no "law". If there was one! Then where is the law keeper?! Where is the Angel of Death, swooping down to punish me for my heinous acts?! Where is your...God of Death? Well? I'm waiting for Maviel's punishment. I have been waiting for five years."
— Deathdealer's typical response when berated for his employment of Preta Magic
"We're open for buisness! 1000 Jewels to bring back a loved one from beyond the grave! But everything after that, is your responsibility."
— "Deathdealer" announcing his buisness for people
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Deathdealer (ディアスディアラー, Diasudiaraa)
Necromancer (妖術師, Yōjutsushi)




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"Necromancer" (Self-proclaimed)
Dark Mage

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Preta Magic

The man simply known as "Deathdealer" (ディアスディアラー, Diasudiaraa), and less commonly known as Necromancer (妖術師, Yōjutsushi), is a user of Preta Magic who takes advantage of the Magic's ability to revive the dead as a means of "business", doing so illegally of course. He charges a large amount of fee, generally in the thousands, for a resurrection, as long as the ingredients are delivered. He constantly travels and moves between towns, cities and even countries, in order to avoid being caught by staying in the same place for too long. In addition, he also does part time work as a mercenary for hire, doing anything his employer asks as long as the payment fee is generous enough



Deathdealer's general appearance

Deathdealer is a man of average height, much of his appearance is, however, concealed primarily by his robes and cloak, complete with a dark shade of yellow, with black, flame-like patterns on it. What is seen of his appearance is his short, spikey black hair, and single red eye, with black pupil. His skin is also visible, primarily by his hands and feet not being concealed, revealing he has a fair skin tone. Deathdealer's build is considered "average" at first glance, being nothing fascinating, though it is hard to determine with his robes concealing his entire figure to begin with.

He typically wears a pair of sandals on his feet, and underneath his black robes, which also possess a hood to cover up his head and shadow his masked face, he wears a black battle gear, a simple pair of black pants and black shirt, which are infact weighted clothing, being made out of a special, magical fiber that is incredibly heavy, despite its visual appearance resembling cloth. In addition, Deathdealer always wears a pair of handcuffs on each wrist, with a chain connecting the two, though the reason why he has it, beyond some combat-usage, is unknown.


Powers & Abilities

Physical Prowess

Magical Abilities

Preta Magic (餓鬼の魔法(ドप्रेत), Gaki no Mahō; literally "Hungry Ghost Magic"; Sankskrit "Deceased Person"):


  • Deathdealer's appearance is based off of Obito Uchiha from Naruto.
  • The price for reviving the dead is calculating by how long the person was dead, starting from 1000 for one year.
  • The name "Deathdealer" was inspired by Askin Nakk Le Vaar's designation D, for the "Deathdealing", from Bleach.
  • Deathdealer's concept of using resurrection as a business is inspired by the manga "Necromancer".
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