"Seperate the Heavens. Split the Earth. And Die."
— Activation command for Decidium
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高存在の殺剣 (ディシディアム)




Magic Item


Lamia (Creator)

Deicidium (高存在の殺剣 (ディシディアム), Dishidiamu, Latin for "God Killing" and Japanese for "Killing Blade of Higher Existance") is one of Lamia's strongest weapons, being granted the title of "God's Sword" (神剣, Shinken), thus being one of Lamia's "God-class" weapons that she created. Unlike the other two "God-class" weapons, World King and Kurobako, Deicidium's current location remains unknown.


Despite possessing the title "God's Sword", Deicidium does not possess the traditional appearance of one. It possesses a golden handguard and hilt, made perfectly for gripping and using. However, its "blade" is a unique structure for a sword. It is a black, cylinder-shaped structure, with various red lines across it. The structure is split into three independent segments that rotate upon activation, and the red lines glow brightly, thus it has a drill-like functionality.



Deicidium being activated and utilized

Upon chanting the activation command, Deicidium begins spinning, its black, cylinder structure spins faster and faster, and the red lines on it begin glowing a bright crimson. It was created by Lamia in order to manipulate the red energy from Red Lacrima, and allow it to be utilized by anyone, even by Mages. This is achieved by structuring and modifying a Red Lacrima within the black cylinder, making it so the red energy only releases when the cylinder begins rotating, when the verbal command is given.

When activated, the red energy released can be manipulated accordingly to the user wielding Deicidium. This is, however, difficult. The energy, upon release, rotates in a tornado-like motion, and shoots forward as a result. This makes controlling the energy difficult, if done so manually. Fortunately, Lamia installed "verbal commands", that once spoken, the structures of the "blade" rotate at different directions and speed, resulting in the energy changing shape or form, increases and decreasing.

However, due to it being red energy released, it still makes Mages unable of utilizing their magic when it is activated, and as a result, it can only be used at the cost of no Magic by Mages who do not heavily rely on their magic.


  • According to Lamia, Deicidium was made as "tribute to an old friend". The friend she speaks of is unknown, and was confirmed it wasn't Amon.
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