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Deltra City

デルトラ シティ


derutora shiti

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Deltra Mayor

Deltra City (デルトラ シティ derutora shiti): is a city located in Fiore and is home to the Warrior Angel Guild.


Deltra has a population of over 80,000 inhabitants, and is a merchant city that has been prosperous in Magic since the ancient era. Such reputation was supported by the fact that the town houses one of the strongest Guild in Fiore, Warrior Angel Guild.

The people of the city welcomes any and all wizards and travelers who pass by with welcome arms. The people of the city put all their faith in the Guild to keep them safe and are able to live happily because they all know their under the protection of the Warrior Angel Guild.

Many of the people look up to the Warrior Angel members as their hero's and treat them with loyal and respect and the Guild wizards do the same. The guild and the city work in a perfect balance, the city counts on the guild for protections and support while the city provides with repairing a wizards arsenal and selling magic tools to help the wizards do better and provide various jobs form them to accomplish.


Notable events

Warrior Angels Magic Talent Show

Once a year the City holds a special event that the members of the Warrior Angel Guild participates in special contest. Its a talent show where all the members who are currently in the city get on stage and show off their magic in a beautiful and cool way that amazes the crowd. Some members can either pair up with others or they can participate on their own. The hole event was meant to amaze the crowd but the mayor makes it a competition and judges them based on how excellent their performance was and awards the top 3 performers for a congratulation on giving an amazing performance; the 1st place winner get a prize of 1,000,000 jewels, 2nd gets 500,000 and 3rd place gets 50,000, while everyone else who participated gets 1,000. The event is famous to not just everyone in the city but for many others in the surrounding area. Even the members are excited to participate in the event.


  • Warrior Angel Guild Building
  • Magical Academy
  • Rainbow Flower Park
  • Magic Shop
  • Deltra Memorial
  • Deltra Train Station
  • Den's Grocery
  • Shopping Store
  • West Bay

Locations Outside of the City

  • North Forest
  • South Forest
  • East Forest
  • Alana's Residence
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