Demons may refer to any of these similar articles:

  • Etherious (Fanon) — the Demons from the Books of Zeref; one of the strongest classification of 'demons' seen in the canon series, created by Zeref in the hopes of killing him.
  • Demon (Wolf) — a sentient race of ogre-like creatures; the weaker breed of demon seen in canon.
  • Demon (Kai) — an all encompassing group of 'demons'.
  • Maken — artificial demons created by the scientist and demon Azazel.
  • Ahriman — enhanced demons created from corpses of demons and energy residue of the Original Demon.
  • Mask of Truth — a magic whose users are considered 'demi-demons'.
  • Queen Lilith — the Queen of Demonic Entities.
  • Demon (TheDeerity) — A species of other-dimensional beings.
  • Demon (DeathGr) — Evil spirits that create material bodies via negativity and can empower themselves through it.
  • Daedra — A interdimensional demonic race from the Inferno.
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