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Demon Scar







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Apophis Serpentenes

Katherine Tron


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Demon Scar, is a Legal Guild, but most view it as an independent guild. Prior to its purposeful entrance into public view, it was an enigmatic guild, that very few knew about, having virtually no jobs. It is led by the ominous Re-Set, who controls the guild ruthlessly.


Little is known about Demon Scar, but it is considered by many to be a dark guild, despite not being one in the eyes of the Magic Council. It is lead by a sinister, mysterious individual named Re-Set, who possesses dark, ancient magic, that few can fully understand. Many of the members of Demon Scar also possess enigmatic forms of magic, that are strange, and mysterious.

Despite not being a very prominent guild, Demon Scar is fairly wealthy, capable of funding the entire Grand Magic Games. Most people believe that it gains its wealth through underhanded means, though the guild itself maintains it gets its wealth through the diamond mines it has control over.


Although it is a guild that most people do not know about, when members of Demon Scar fight, they are a force to be reckoned with. The most powerful team is known as "The Five Aspects of God", and they on their own, possess immense powers. The guild master, Re-Set, is very strong in his own right, often channeling his powers through dark beings, that Re-Set refers to as "gods".



The Demon Scar guild.

The Demon Scar guild hall is designed like an enormous pyramid, with obelisks coming out of the corners. The pyramid has a complex inner design, with multiple chambers and hallways. The guild members interact in a very large room, which is directly above Re-Set's sanctum.


Re-Set's inner sanctum.

Re-Set's Sanctum

In the very core of the pyramid, is Re-Set's inner sanctum, where he has the statues of the Ancient Spirits of Evil . No one is permitted to enter the sanctum, unless they have Re-Set's permissions. The Five Aspects of God , however, are allowed to enter if necessary. In the sanctum, is a large pool of water, that allows Re-Set to see anywhere at anytime, where his sacred raven is.


Name: Rank Team Status
Re-Set Master none Deceased
Mahabharata Master Five Aspects of God/Team Demon Scar Active
Apophis Kaa


Five Aspects of God/Team Demon Scar Left Guild
Katherine Tron S-Class Five Aspects of God/Team Demon Scar Active
Dex Acolyte Mage Five Aspects of God/Team Demon Scar Active
Katsumi Seiko Mage Five Aspects of God/Team Demon Scar Active
Sokar S-Class Fallen Divines Active
Freyr Mage Fallen Divines Active
Quetzalcoatl Mage Fallen Divines Active
Hectate Mage Fallen Divines Active
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