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Demon Supremacy Magic

魔主権魔法 ましゅけんまほう


Caster Magic


Sanki Kokuten

Demon Supremacy Magic (魔主権魔法, Ma Shuken Mahō) is a secret Caster Magic invented and used by Sanki Kokuten that allows him to control Demons and allow him to at least partially control Etherious or false demons.


Demon Supremacy Magic allows allows Sanki to control and interact with demons telepathically; he uses the former to make them do his bidding or fight among themselves. This essentially allows him to reduce and subjugate their will to the point where the demons are even incapable of thinking on their own and require his commands for everything. However, this magic can only partially control or influence an Etherious and does not work on beings like E.N.D or the Lord of Demons. Also, if large amounts of Demons are present, Sanki will have difficulty maintaining their control over them. However, people who posses the ability to cast this magic can free his "Slaves" and a strong enough Demon can resist control for an extended period of time.

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