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Devil Dogs Patch

Unit's Patch

Devil Dogs


Professional Status

Fiore Royal Military

Base of Operations

Classified (decommissioned)



Professional Status

Neyo Vista (former)

Former Members

Neyo Vista

"Ain't nothin' tougher than a devil dog!"
— Motto

The Devil Dogs (悪魔犬, Akuma Inu), officially known as the 1st Mage Recon Regiment (甲魔道士偵察連隊, Kō Madōshi Teisatsu Rentai) was a special forces unit within Fiore's army founded and lead by Neyo Vista prior to his tenure as the military's Supreme Commander. The iconic and deadly effective team was comprised of several key figures with command over a force of one hundred foot soldiers trained in the art of stealth and covert combat. They served in numerous incidents and conflicts as a first response team on the ground and recon squad. The old dogs were called by many names by allies and enemies alike and made their name in events such as the False War in the Summer Isles, the Liberation of Sin, the Guild War over Yuma, and were amongst the first to hunt down key members of the organized crime world. It is said that when they needed to be quiet, they were quiet and when they needed to be loud, they brought hell and were often the first boots on the battlefield. The group was seen as arrogant by many, but their surgical precision in missions was undeniable. Even today, they were arguably the most powerful team of mages to ever be produced within the borders of Fiore—though given the kingdom's rich guild history, this is disputed.

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