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Heroic Chronicles
"My reason for living isn't a noble one; hell, I might be going to the underworld once all of this is over. However, not before taking the heads of the bastards who cause me so much suffering over these past few years. The road I walk is a bloody one and there will be many sins that I'll bear; as long as it helps me reach my ends, anything would work — even selling my soul to the devil for a greater power. So yeah, if you're gonna stand there and lecture me about how I should change my ways, then save it. I've heard that speech a million times. And to be honest, no one's a fucking saint here."
— Devin to Severus about his way of life.
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Devin Westbrook



Debin Uesutoburukku


White Samurai of the Afterlife (白武士の当来, Byakubushi no Tourai)
Grim Reaper of Vice (罪悪の死神, Zaiaku no Shinigami)
Silver-Haired Super Soldier (蒼白髪超兵, Souhakugami Chōhei)


Human (Corrupted)


Male.png Male


25+ (Never explicitly stated)


5'7" (170.18 cm)


145 lbs (65.7709 kg)


October 30

Hair Color


Eye Color

Pale Blue

Blood Type


Professional Status

Sniper Guild Insignia.png Sniper Raid

Previous Affiliation

Unknown Magic School

Guild Mark Location

Center of the Back (Sniper Raid)


Bodyguard (Occasionally)
Guild Master of Sniper Raid
"True" Leader of the Band of Seven

Previous Occupation

Independent Mage
Delivery Boy


Band of Seven

Previous Team



Alyssa Lucifuge (Occasionally)
Severus Rickman

Previous Partner(s)


Base of Operations

Sniper Raid Guild Headquarters (Occasionally)

Personal Status



Unknown Parents (Deceased)


Blood Magic (Minor)
Sword Magic (Spellblade)
Praesepe Magic
Ethereal Body Subordination Magic
Nullification Magic (Minor)
Strengthening Magic (Minor)
Darkness Magic
Teleportation Magic (Minor)


Intetsukijin (陰鉄鬼神, lit. "Shadow Iron Demonic Psyche")

Japanese Voice

Sōma Saitō

English Voice

Joel McDonald

"May the spirits forever guide him on his path to retribution."
Lord Arceus

Devin Westbrook (デビン·ウエストブルック, Debin Uesutoburukku) is a young Mage carrying a lot of burdens, most of which affect him in ways no one would begin to fathom; the tragic events of his past led to him to what he is today: one hellbent on vengeance and meeding out justice, something that he believes that isn't upheld in modern society — especially by those in power.

He's a well-known mercenary known throughout Ishgar, gaining various epithets denoting to some of his skills and inherent qualities; some of these would include "White Samurai of the Afterlife" (白武士の当来, Byakubushi no Tourai) — alluding to his ability to commune with spirits and utilize them in-tandem for his swordsmanship, allowing normally impossible feats to be performed, "Grim Reaper of Vice" (罪悪の死神, Zaiaku no Shinigami) — making reference to kill line of thinking and the way he "eliminates" his targets, and "Silver-Haired Super Soldier" (蒼白髪超兵, Souhakugami Chōhei) — coinciding with his silvery-hair, something that's been pointed out to be unnatural and one of the reasons he's been picked on since he was younger, and his human physique being "superhuman" — garnered through intense training regiments and giving him the ability to perform near godlike feats.

A close friend of Samarra Inari, he later split ways with her in pursuit of his own ideals; however, he seems to deeply care about her to the point that he'll put his very life on the line to see her safe. This is due to seeing her as an elder sister figure of sorts, something he hasn't had for most of his life time — typically living as an orphan. By extension, he respects all of the members in Koma Inu — the guild she leads, as they're wise enough to follow one of such virtue and incredulous wisdom. He's also friends with others like Adam D. Draco — whom he respects for his power and the family he comes from, Alyssa Lucifuge — a young Elf who possesses nearly the same powers and mindset as him, thus naturally makes them compatible with one another, and Severus Rickman — his best friend and confident, having worked together on various occasions and known to possess good synergy with each other.

Becoming permanently affiliated with several clients through the missions he's partaken over the years in his quest to become stronger and sate his vengeance, he eventually creates the well-known mercenary guild, Sniper Raid and becomes its official Guild Master. Having gathered many mercenaries across the continent and expanding the guild's size over time, he's become one of the more influential figures of Ishgar to-date. It's said that he's one of the few individuals that's on-par with the Spriggan Twelve — the Alvarez Empire's elite guard, noted to equate the strongest member of the Ten Wizard Saints in strength & power, and the twelve strongest mages the western continent, Alakitasia, has to offer.


"Have you heard? Apparently, there's a white-haired demon that's been lurking about. He comes after criminals and various thugs, always killing them and their cronies with a single katana he always carries; there's not one person who's been spared. The most craziest thing is that people say that spirits are visible whenever he's near by; not only that, they constantly surround him, as if he's enchanting them through some magic. Do you think he collects the soul of his victims for his own? Maaaan, that's scary just thinking about it. I can see why people call him a Grim Reaper."
— One of the various rumor about Devin, making allusions to his appearance and his title.

Devin's casual outfit when he's out in public, making him capable of blending in with his peers without arousing suspicion.

Devin's general appearance is described as one that's closer to a civilian above any other, beguiling his status as both a mercenary and a mage; this misconception is further enhanced by current age, which teeters between late adolescence and early adulthood. It's because of this that people tend not to take him as seriously as he wants, which forces his hand at instances — causing him to show his true power, thus making others bend to his whims. Despite this, he notes that such misconceptions have its advantages, as it hides his true identity; this makes it harder for his enemies to find him, believing that he's an adult instead of a bratty teenager — most of whom have never gotten a good look at his overall appearance. Even the general public and his own guildmates wouldn't believe that the merciless mercenary who's able to manipulate souls to his liking and the moody self-hating silver-haired teen are one in the same.

He's overt to have unusual traits, most notably his wavy silvery-white hair; it's believed that he's albino, but it stems from his status as a human with demonic blood running in his veins. It's also the partial cause for his sensitivity towards the realm of spirits, something he slowly grew accustom to with the mastery of his signature weapon and eventual growth of his magical talents, even though such a "gift" nearly drove him to the brink of committing suicide. It's most likely inherited from one of his parents, who was known to be a famous Devil Slayer — mastering the Devil Synchronization transformation shortly before their untimely end. He's noted to have exhibited other traits, but only when he's using his magic or the powers of his signature weapon — one of which includes the color shift of his irises, going from the usual blue to a golden-yellow and gaining black sclera; this makes it appear as if he's possessed by an evil force, which is partially true due to the nature of the magic he wields. For him, this trait is fitting as it enhances the fear he instills into his targets — making it all the more believable that he's some sort of Grim Reaper.

It's recognized that the tragic events of his past has let a deep scar on him — metaphorically-speaking, which serves as an aid for his personal desire to become stronger; this is further enhanced when he received his signature weapon from an unknown benefactor, finally founding a way to silence the spirits that's been haunting him for quite a while since his awakening to the spiritual realm. For many years, he's trained both his body and his mind — making sure each balances out the other. Not only did he gain mastery over certain types of magics and an enhanced intellect, but his body has gained a certain amount of muscle tone that's more than suitable for combat, despite his young age; this is seen by his well-toned mid-section, his buffed up and muscular arms, legs, and neck, and his improved back area. Despite this, such a tone tends to be hidden by his various articles of clothing, thus making him seem frail and scrawny to others and makes him an "easier target" for bullying and intimidation by those much larger than him. This serves to his advantage in most cases, as it allows him to put down such people with ease during fights — baffling not only his targets, but the onlookers as well — most wondering how he can pull off such amazing feats with his "small frame". He's also noted to have a few scars covering his body, which notes the hard work he's put in improving himself overall; the noticeable scar is the one on his right eye — though it's minuscule and insignificant to the normal perception.

Despite possessing a scowl he wears on his face constantly — which puts distance between him and others, most likely due to him being affected by his past, he's noted to be quite handsome, having soft rugged features worthy of a man; it's been noted by Devin that he may have inherited such traits from both of his parents — who were known to be outstandingly attractive in their own right. At times, he's usually seen with a blank or confused expression — stating his feelings towards certain events. He has the common height of someone his age, and possesses a sturdy frame from all the training he's done — letting him stand the brunt of most offensive measures and keep on going, in comparison with his weak and waifish frame he had before the tragic incident, when he was living blissfully as a normal school teen. Only in rare instances, does he smile; when that happens, it's noted to be very charming — enticing the individuals around him, making them have some sort of attraction to him. Somewhat of a comical note, he's noted to be a "well-endowed" individual by most older people and those of his age; combined with his attractiveness, this earns Devin the comedic ire of his peers — something that he tends to be ignorant to.

Devin's signature attire when he's doing his mercenary work; it's the partial reason that he's gotten his most well-known title.

In lieu of his physical traits, his apparel.... doesn't really fit the bill; it's lackluster and doesn't make him stand out too much. For him, this is a good thing, yet a bad thing. The good aspect of it is that it helps him blend in with the crowd; the bad aspect is that it doesn't make him look "mage material", but rather as some moody teen. While he may finds this to be annoying at times, it tends to be for the best — allowing him to accomplish his given tasks without arousing suspicion from his enemies and allies alike. Though he has a variety of casual outfits he wears on occasions, he holds preference to two in particular — one for his missions and the other for when he's in public or going through his usual therapy sessions; despite this, both of them having very similar traits that they share, especially in terms of accessories (if any are usually found) and in color.

For the one that he wears in public, it consists of a light grey buttoned-up dress with a normal grey t-shirt underneath, a pair of light black denim jeans with three horizontal rips on the right kneecap, and a pair of sneakers; he's usually seen with his silver-colored pants chain on the left side of his jeans and wears three beaded-string bracelets on his right hand. He has a special necklace he wears that's made from an inexpensive material, noted to be his most prized possession as it's the last thing that reminds him of his parents. Like his sword, he's never seen without it; speaking of which, he keeps his sword in a round cylinder case strapped to his back. Whenever people see the case, they think that he's an artist — a typical forethought considering that's what the case is usually used for — storing large poster drawings or things of a similar manner, unbeknownst to what's really hidden in there.

When he's on his mission, donning the identity of the "White Samurai" or "Grim Reaper" — there's a slight shift in his clothing, but nothing major — retaining the traits of normal civilian apparel. He wears a thick, yet insulated blood-red zip-up hoodie — something that's made from an extremely durable material, thus able to take the brunt of most attacks suffering little damage — providing some sort of adequate protection, a darker shade of his usual denim, and a pair of gray-colored high-top combat boots that's good for all-terrain — making it much easier to move in, thus suitable for combat. Instead of his usual pants chain, its swapped out for his signature chain-shuriken; on the other hand, he's now seen with his signature katana strapped and hanging on the opposite end of his pants by a small pair of chains — donned in an iaidō-style, which is part of his signature fighting style. In any given moment, he can unhook his blade from his side, letting him hold it and its sheathe freely. The most noticeable aspect of this outfit is the oni mask that obscures the lower-half of his face; this is key to not only hiding his true identity, but emphasizing his epithet that people refer to him by. It's black in color and known to be frowning, which helps compliment the scowl that Devin always has on; like with most of his possessions, it's known to be very durable — capable of surviving insurmountable blows while suffering little damage. It has a special mechanism that muffles his voice, giving it a certain level of baritone and making it deeper than normal; this serves to further conceal his real identity, while instilling fear into his enemies.

In short, while Devin doesn't come off as the most approachable individual, he's not to be underestimated; looks can be deceiving after all, something he proves on multiple occasions. Despite his hardened exterior, it truly masks the remnants of any feelings and doubts that he's still plagued by and sometimes succumbs to; this makes it harder for a person to perceive who he truly is — a moody teenager, a heartless killer, or a young man who's internally crying for help and solace.


"Well, aren't you just a pocket full of sunshine? Can you get anymore depressing?"
"See, when you have all your loved ones and the people you know slaughtered in front of you by a homicidal maniac from an unknown terrorist organization, who's motives for such acts are unknown I mind you, and that causes you to go on the brink of insanity — turning you into some unstable little prick hellbent on seeking vengeance, it does a shit ton to you. So yeah, in answer to your questions: No, I'm not and I don't think I can get any sadder than what you're seeing right now.
— Devin's retort on his current state-of-mind to a comrade, alluding to his gruesome past that had a severe effect on it.


"Even if it takes me for an eternity, even if I'm abandoned by the world, even if my body & soul are destroyed in the process... I will have my revenge!"
— Devin exuding his purpose in life, affected by the events that lead to it.

Devin's earlier days as a delivery boy.

Devin upon witnessing the corpses of his fellow students, questioning why something so tragic had happened.

The killer confronting Devin, moments before sparing his life out of pity.

Devin's attempt at suicide, no longer capable of dealing with the spirits surrounding him and finding no other reason to continue living.

Devin receiving his signature weapon from an unknown sender; it was there that his life of vengeance would begin.


Devin wielding his signature and most-prized weapon; it's known he's never seen without it.

Intetsukijin (陰鉄鬼神, lit. "Shadow Iron Demonic Psyche"): Intetsukijin an incredibly dangerous weapon that's beguiled by its somewhat unostentatious appearance; according to Devin, whenever he touched the blade, he felt an aura unlike any other — describing as a force that's derived from a different plane of existence altogether; this is partially true due to the blade's overall purpose — the manipulation of souls and spiritual entities. Originally an unnamed black katana forged through the power of Blade Blacksmith — which would explain its incredible durability and power, accompanied by its uncanny ability that grew over the years from its usage, it was given a name by Devin, it's current owner — finding it to be truly fitting, alluding to the various presences residing within, which is known to drive the wielder insane if not mastered within a certain time frame.

The ominous aura emitted by the weapon, said to be the festering negative emotions of its victims locked within its cold steel confines.

Despite being hundreds upon hundreds of years old and used throughout various generations — killing and stealing the souls of its victims, some of which includes the previous users, it still looks brand new, having no signs of wear or rust on its edges; according from the letter that Devin got along with the blade upon receival through a mysterious package from his unknown benefactor, the blade was known to be flawed by the judgment of its creator — failing to meet the basic specifications of a sword: the blade is too sharp, its edge is too smooth, it never chips or scratches from use, and all forms of filth slides off it immediately — which is ironic, considering the sword's ability of absorption of a target's essence upon death through physical contact. It's because of these reasons that no sheath can hold it; however, through some unknown means, Devin was able to craft a proper sheath to withstand its immense powers. He stated that it was only possible because he understood and eventually mastered the nature of the weapon — subjugating it, and by extension — all the spirits trapped within, to his whim.

The dimension located within the blade, a place where its victims float freely within its cosmic-like skies; it's considered to be one of the most breathtaking places in existence, despite its status as a prison.

It's noted that the weapon is one of the few magical tools capable of producing and subsequentially utilizing its own magical power — most likely derived from the myriad of souls that it uses as an energy source; this serves as an adage of sorts for Devin, as he doesn't have to waste his own power to call forth certain techniques relating to the blade. Not only that, he can empower himself using the blade's energies — although this can be seen as dangerous, as myriad voices of the souls trapped within can damage his psyche should he go through with the process. It's very compatible to Darkness Magic and anything of a similar nature — empowering it to certain degrees; it may be due to such magics feeding off of the negativity of victims, bolstering its effects greatly. Though somewhat of a rumor, it's stated that the blade has the ability to cut anything and everything it touches without fail — most likely derived from its incredible sharpness; not only that, anything that it cuts can never be healed, thus having the ability of complete annihilation. This makes it even more dangerous to combat, making it one of the few weapons of unparalleled strength and capability. It's one of the few weapons that can cut through things of a spiritual and conceptual nature, thus excellent against beings and magics that make use of such things. Devin notes that he always keeps the blade on his person, never letting it go even once; he notes that it's the only thing that eases his thoughts and keeps the constant spirits surrounding him from driving him to the brink of insanity. It's one of the few items he has that he's sensitive about people touching, going into a frenzy if someone else so much as even make an attempt at wielding the blade against him. It's truly one of his most valuable and synonymous weapons, using it in nearly all of his jobs and battles; when combined with his high-level of swordsmanship, he's able to do what no other user thought possible — bring out the dangerous powers lying within to its maximum capacity.

A previous user of Intetsukijin summoning a few of the various spirits trapped within utilizing said magic as a medium.

  • Ethereal Body Subordination Magic (幽体隷属魔法, Yuutai Reizoku Mahō): The magic that's equipped to the blade, considered to be the real source of its abilities to freely manipulate and subjugate souls — especially in large numbers, thus growing in power as a result; it's considered to be a heinous magic, as it strips the free will of its specified targets — spirits and spiritual entities. This is rather fitting for a magic belonging to the Black Arts — all of whom are known to violate the natural laws of magic on some level, breaking & defiling various taboos to meet its ends. Like with Human Subordination Magic — which subjugates Humans, and Demon Subordination Magic — which subjugates Demons, Ethereal Body Subordination Magic sticks to bending and controlling the whims of various spirits and spiritual entities — regardless of their origins or modes of power; should this magic be used on any other that's not of spiritual origins, it will backfire on the caster without fail — turning them into a spirit in-turn. Like all other forms of Lost Magic, this uses up a hefty amount of one's energy for casting; however, this is not case when used from a weapon capable of producing its own form of energy via. the myriad spirits trapped within. Due to this, the wielder of this weapon capable of calling upon the immense and versatile capabilities of this heinous magic, but only when they're able of mastering the blade itself to a certain extent.

    Having trained years upon years — his distinct goal is gain power to sat his thirst for vengeance while taming the beckoning spirits that constantly surround him, Devin surpassed the precipice of mastering the blade in order to use the magic; in fact, as stated before, he's the only one who's able to bring out the full capabilities of the weapon — far surpassing the usage of its previous wielders. In recognition of such a feat, his weapon allows him full usage of this deadly magic, letting him control the spirits residing within — manipulating them to his liking; not only, it also allows him to add-on any spirit he deems suitable, regardless of its power. Due to his strong affinity for the realm of the beyond, he's able to understand the nature of this magic and subsequentially utilize it in the utmost manner. When combined with the usage of his Praesepe Magic — a lesser magic that also allows him to manipulate souls, and/or his Darkness Magic, Devin becomes a force to be reckoned with — living up the epithets that people refer to him by on a constant basis. Whenever this magic is used, the blade glows a purple-colored, ominous hue — most likely a response to the spirits being summoned through its power. Due to the magic being more potent — being focused into an object and gaining power over the years, it serves as an excellent counter against mages who employ spirits in one fashion or another; this is due to the magic itself creating a unique frequency that causes some anomaly in all spiritual entities within a certain radius, disabling them from properly functioning — typical of the magic capable of subjugating all things of a spiritual nature without effort.

Devin summoning his spirits through the bolts of malignant energy exuded by the technique; it's known to be somewhat of a flashy process.

  • Necroblade (死神招請の不気味刃(ネクロブレイド), Nekurobureido; lit. "Ominous Edge of the Death God's Invitation"): The signature technique of the blade and the variation of the Phantasia Raise; through this technique, Devin is able to summon and manipulate the myriad spirits trapped within the blade or happen to be near his surroundings — holding true to its given name. It's considered to be more deadly than its original counterpart, as it's higher in power because of the amount of energy concentrated in it via. the blade's own powers. As the blade glows immensely with the ominous aura it emits, Devin hoists the blade up in the air — concentrating its incredible energies to a single point, manifesting itself as an orb of darkness; upon a given queue, the orb releases strands of energies similar to thunderbolts, which affect the entire area surrounding Devin. As if reacting to said energy, the spirits are drawn from their prison and beckoned to the world of the living, crawling from various surfaces — reminiscent of zombies rising up from the earth; when summoning his strongest spirits, he recites an incantation — similar to the ones found in Celestial Spirit Magic. Devin notes that despite its flashiness, it serves as a diversionary tactic, as his opponents believe that he's recklessly attacking — ignorant to the true purpose of the technique. When used on subjugating a spirit, the bolts entangle around them like chains — draining them of their energy and forcibly drawing them inside of their new prison. For spirits who are known to be a bit disobedient, the energy bolts can be used as shackles — manipulating them like puppet while binding their movements; it also causes them extreme amounts of pain, but this is only plausible if Devin wishes it to be. This makes the technique as cruel as the magic itself, as it embodies the concept of enslavement; there's no freedom for spirits bound by this technique. While its main purpose is to summon, manipulate, and/or subjugate spirits on various scales, it also has offensive usages as well — especially seen when used with either Darkness Magic — which its commonly mistaken for, Spellblade, or in rare cases both — the effects varying on which one is used in-tandem with it; this makes it all the more versatile, fitting for one of Devin's signature moves.
  • Anamnesis (追懐, Tsuikai; lit. "Remembrance"): Considered to be one of the useful techniques, it allows Devin to call back his spirits — returning them to their cold steel confines. However, this technique can automatically invoked if the spirit in-question has taken major damage — preventing them from being completely destroyed; if done in this manner, they can't be used for quite some time unless Devin uses a certain procedure to recover their strength. When this technique is used, the spirit tend to dissipate in a purple miasma-like manner.
  • Inquiry: Devin has been known to do an "inquiry" of his spirits, checking on their conditions and searching for any anomalies they may retain from combat. This is done through a screen that's displayed whenever the technique is invoked, which is similar to the one used in Archive. It's also through this technique that he can strengthen or limit a spirit's overall capabilities for various reasons; most importantly, he can either heal or release a spirit — letting him control what's contained in his blade. (Unnamed)
  • Multiple Summons: Something of a special skill that he developed overtime — serving as absolute proof over his mastery of the Black Art, Devin has gained the ability to summon several spirits at will with little to no effort on his part — even with the necessary power needed to summon each one of them. With such a technique at his beck and call, he can perform feats that require the aid of many individuals — thus performing a form of "self teamwork", such as surveillance of larger areas or analyzing enemy movements without being noticed. In a sense, this skill is significant to a person such as Devin, who tends to work alone. It should be mentioned that such a skill would obviously increase the efficiency rates of his given tasks and the success rates of his missions; he quoted that development and subsequent mastery of this skill made his life "much easier", metaphorically speaking. His heavy dependence on it is such that it acts as a key cornerstone of his overall fighting style, summoning many spirits at once to overwhelm the opposition — giving them little chance to fight back; due to many spirits being present at once, they tend to serve as foils for one another — communicating with each other and covering any weaknesses the other might have. Not only that, they can fuse some of their own skills with each other to form more versatile or powerful ones. Due to his summons being near instantaneous, Devin can call forth a medley of spirits at once at a moments' notice — capable of mixing more powerful ones with those of weaker stature. (Unnamed)
  • Kideía (万般霊界夜行(キー ディア), Kīdeia; Greek for "Funeral", Japanese for "Night Parade of All Things in the Spiritual Realm"): A combination spell of incredible power, fusing the basic aspects of both Praesepe Magic and Ethereal Body Subordination Magic and taking it to such extremes. Based on the Japanese folklore — Hyakki Yagyō, and fitting the theme of spirits, this technique calls forth every known spirit trapped within the blade and possibly from the surroundings, gathering them all around Devin and taking on a physical manifestation of their former selves; the more spirits summoned, the greater the technique's power. It's noted that both Devin and the blade are outlined in an intensely ominous purple hue during the technique's activation. Upon the given queue, the spirits attack the target(s) in question with the various skills in their possession, the end result being an onslaught that's nearly equivalent to a cataclysm — proof being the devastation inflicted on the surroundings itself; nothing is spared from the technique's wrath, as even a lush greenery can be turned into a barren wasteland. It's nearly impossible to avoid nor properly defend due to the number of spirits and the power behind each skills they unleash at a time. This makes the technique one of the powerful in Devin possessions; but, as with all moves of extreme power, it's accompanied by an equally extreme backlash — turning said technique into a double-edged sword.

    The first is that due to the number of spirits trapped within the blade, it takes a considerable amount of power to call forth all of them; this would mean that Devin would have to pour all of his strength into the blade, which is then used to perform the deed. This leaves him on the brink of exhaustion to the point where he can no longer move, let alone properly fight — turning him into an "easy pickings" by his adversaries. Secondly, such a technique takes time to prepare; if Devin is interrupted while performing the technique — not only will he lose all the power he's gathered, but he will have to start the process over again. Thus, it's good for him to have allies backing him while he's getting ready to unleash such a devastating force. It should be noted that he needs to recall every active spirit he's currently controlling before unleashing it. Third, due to the sheer number of spirits summoned, it's nearly impossible to control them all — even with someone of extreme mastery like Devin; not only that, the unleashing of multiple destructive skills in one location can cause harm to everyone and everything — Devin and his allies included; thus a hasty retreat is in order whenever he unleashes it lest they get caught up in the fire. Lastly, because it's a one-shot move — it can never be used consecutively within a short time span; Devin notes that he can use this technique once every seven days, which is only fair due to power it exerts. Not only that, he can't use the power of his sword or summon spirits for quite some time — the time frame spanning from three to six days; this is due to the sword's own power being severely weakened, thus in need of some recuperation. During this time, it becomes a plain ol' katana of substantial power and capability. Though it should be obvious, Devin would have to rely on his other magics in order to get by until such a time limit expires.

    In conclusion, while this technique possesses powers like no other, it has weaknesses that are considered to be too risky; Devin notes that the reason he created it was because of the need to take out multiple high-level targets at the same time, leaving no room for error. It's without a doubt that this is the most powerful spell in his possession — true to the epithet of his "ultimate trump card", surpassing all others both in power and in versatility.

The physical manifestation of Intetsukijin offering his power to Devin; it's considered to be the most powerful Dark Necrospirit, having control over the others due to its status as the blade's extension & its abilities being unrestricted while in said state.

  • Meidōha Kigenyomi (冥道波気現黄泉, lit. "Dark-Path Undulation, Ghastly Embodiment of the Yellow Springs"): Seen as an outward sign of one's mastery over Intetsukijin, this technique allows the blade — or rather the main spirit residing within, to materialize into the physical plane; it can be seen as a form of summoning — the user calling out to blade to do battle on their behalf, not unlike the spirits subjugated by Ethereal Body Subordination Magic. This technique happens near instantaneously, having no prior need of preparation — only needing the technique's name to be invoked; the only thing that's noted is that the blade glows an intensely ominous black hue — its power covers a large area around Devin. True to it being ominous, said power changes others' perception of the surrounding environment, making them perceive it as darkened, bleak and gloomy, and causes others to feel varying levels of melancholy and despair. Due to the blade being sentient to a certain extent — acting separately apart from its owner's wishes, it's not surprising that the spirit — which in itself acts as the representative of the weapon, has the same amount; despite being a spiritual entity, it has a rather demonic appearance, making others believe that its a Demon. Even Devin was convinced that it was a Demon just by its looks upon first making contact with the spirit, until its revelation of its true nature; it's the coalescent result of the residual energies lingering in the blade, which festered over many years of the blade's use and steady rise in power.

    In this state, Intetsukijin appears as an androgynous adolescent male with long purple hair that goes beyond his feet; his bangs cover his left eye. He has red eyes, sharp canines, and pointy ears — traits found in most demons; he wears a headband formed of two parallel golden strips that match the horns piercing through his hair from the edge of his hairline. His attire consists of a sleeveless open-back dress, a collar covering his throat; the chest piece is black while the rest of the dress is white. The gown splits open at his outer thighs, freeing his legs for movement. He wears black sleeves separated from the gown that reach his mid-upper arms and come down to his arms to his middle fingers, where each sleeve is attached to a ring. Typical for a spirit, he's consistently barefoot — having no need for footwear.

    Through this technique, when Intetsukijin is manifested — all of its abilities are magnified to the utmost extremes, its usage outclassing Devin's own; in fact, he once stated that its usage of spiritual manipulation and Ethereal Body Subordination Magic is nearly godlike — showing its capabilities of manipulating every spirit it has collected over the years, stripping them of their free will and bending them to his whims without resistance. This holds true to the other necrospirits — all of whom are incredibly powerful in their own right, as they are merciless before his power. Devin dubs the spirit as the "Ultimate Dark Necrospirit", a testament to its capabilities and origins. However, the manifestation had told Devin that he allowed him to use a fraction of his power each and every time, despite him gaining mastery over his abilities; he states that should he give Devin all of his powers at once, he would suffer immense pain, both physically and psychologically — as Devin is only human, thus having standard limits despite his incredible strength. It's for his safety rather than out of selfishness, something that it openly admits. However, when exiting from its confines, it turns the supernatural blade into a normal tool of bloodshed, losing all of its abilities; this leaves Devin to fend for himself using his other magics, something he doesn't mind as he's relying heavily on the manifestation of Intetsukijin — its unrestricted powers be of use with Devin's own magical talents. It's known that the two have a telepathic communication with each other, even when Intetsukijin was still sealed; this is due to Devin's sensitivity to spiritual beings coming into play, only growing stronger when the spirit is out in the open. This is useful as said spirit and master can communicate with each other without having to say a word openly; also, due to their communication links being private, it can't be hacked by outside influences — thus having no risks when used in the presence of other telepaths. The spirit can manifest its blade form at any given time — thus allowing it to pull off sword-based combinations with its master or allow it to engage in kenjutsu whenever the situation arises; aside from this, it has a medley of other given abilities — most of which are derived from its current master or from the spirits its subjugated over the years, letting it fight independently upon a whim. It tends to favor the use of Darkness Magic above all else, having a strong affinity for the element. As a phantasmagorical being, it can take on a variety of forms to fool its adversaries. It can also traverse the dream realms, causing interference with a person's mentality — which can lead to either minor or severe psychological damage, or take over a person entirely — albeit for a short time.

    It's unknown if this technique has any general weaknesses, Intetsukijin notes that its barely visible due to Devin mastering the blade to its utmost limit, covering said weaknesses with his other skills; the summoning has no needed preparation and its instantaneous, as mentioned before. However, the manifestation tends to stay within a certain radius of its confines — the reason being unknown. He hints that it may be due to him feeling a bit weaker if he strays too far, as he's only a spirit. Despite this, the technique is pretty useful overall; Devin only employs it when he feels that he's in immediate danger or when his enemy is stronger than anticipated.

Devin about to use one of his myriad shurikens strapped to the chain of his belt, which serves as one of his long-range tactical weapons.

Chained Throwing Knives: Something that he had custom-made — using unique methods to craft the, Devin is always seen carrying around a set of shuriken strapped to the chain of his paints, detachable through a special magnetic mechanism on said chain; it serves as his primary offensive long-range weapon. He finds them to be very handy, as it allows him to stroke his targets from the distance while not letting them know of his position. Having been self-taught in wielding these small, dangerously sharp blades — most of which was done through witnessing other users' proficiency with such a weapon, copying their movements through eidetic memory, Devin has high amounts of skill in shurikenjutsu — proficient enough to control their trajectory at will by the position he launches them; this makes it possible to have multiple shuriken assault his target from multiple angles, making it almost impossible to block them all. They are known to be very responsive to magic, their power and accuracy increases if infused with a small amount — making them all the more deadly.

These shuriken are made from a durable metal, thus can't be cut through or deflected easily; not only that, they are lightweight, thus able to travel through the air at incredible speeds — having no additional lag. These serves as factors for its easy usage. Though usually carrying a set, Devin has some hidden underneath his hoodie — usable through a mechanism that allows for automatic summoning and/or fire, letting him catch his enemies off-guard. Though he tends to finish off his targets using his sword or his magic, he uses his shuriken to off opponents he deems either "weak" or "unworthy to die by his blade".

Devin skillfully employing his switchblade he keeps on his person, which serves as a backup to his katana and throwing knives.

Hidden Switchblade: Another weapon at Devin's disposal, it tends to be used either in minor circumstances — when he's either threatening or interrogating others, or when he's separated from his sword for any reason; in comparison to the rest of his weaponry, it's significantly more..... mundane. It has no magical properties whatsoever, being a plain switchblade knife; this doesn't stop it from being useful nonetheless. Like his shuriken, he usually keeps it hidden on his person — springing it on his adversaries the moment they think that he's unarmed; it should also be noted that it's not as fragile or as dull as the standard switchblade, being made from enhanced material so it's usable for longer periods.

As with most of his things on hand, it's very durable — being able to take the brunt of most attacks, suffering little damage, and the blade is incredibly sharp — able to cut through solid material with ease and pierce the flesh of its targets upon contact. Because it's a bladed object, it's very effective when used in-conjunction with his swordsmanship — though not as powerful when such skills are used with an actual sword, especially one as powerful as Intetsukijin. Regardless, it serves as one of his most reliable assets; somewhat of a comical note, he's usually seen masterfully flipping the blade in and out — either when he's alone or when he's having a conversation with others. This tends to put others on edge, as they believe he will use it to mug them in some manner — although such is not the case; in other instances, people would think that he's some sort of emo or suicidal maniac — which is only complimented by his blank expression and the scar he has on his right eye. Apparently he finds the activity to be very relaxing, much to the chagrin of others.

Magics & Abilities

"That young man in the mask.... from all my years of combat experience, I can easily meed out an opponent's strength just by a glance, and I can tell — he means business; the sheer levels of strength simply oozes out of his body. I don't know what he went through to reach such level of power at a young age, but it must have been effective to instill me with such fear; it feels like I'm being swallowed up by the pressure alone. But most of all, it's his eyes.... His eyes have a cold gaze to them, eyes that are able to look deep into the abyss without fear. It's that damn gaze he's giving me that sends chills down my spine! What the hell is he?! WHY DOES IT FEEL LIKE I'M LOOKING AT DEATH ITSELF?!"
— An analysis made about Devin's power by an opponent, sending him into a state of utter despair.

Despite his somewhat young age, Devin is noted to be a powerful individual in his own right — showing efforts of his gains of power through the various feats he's accomplished, most of which couldn't be done by a normal mage's strength; however, as Devin is aware of his nearly abysmal power, he holds back at certain times in fear of accidentally hurting others or startling those much weaker than himself. Due to his long-term desire for vengeance and his occupation — which calls for him to put his life at risk at all times, Devin must uphold a certain standard of power, something he's very savvy to; as he's naturally talented, inheriting such traits from his parents, this holds no problem — acting as one of his greatest assets, allowing him to master a variety of skills in a shorter time period than others.

While donning his epithet, his display of power was enough to instill fear into his enemies — so much so that some of them had put aside their differences and band together just to combat him, and not even that was enough, as Devin would showcase his prowess — slaughtering them with little to no harm done to his being; it should be noted that he was displaying large amounts of killing intent towards them — something that was likened to the most unfathomable of nightmares, causing such beings to enter a state of confusion and disorder — some of them taking their lives in opting to face him head-on, making his job a bit easier. There are various tales and urban legends told about his person by citizens and warriors alike after pulling off similar feats to those deemed his targets, making him seem like a being born out of mere fiction in eyes of others and serving to boost his ever-growing infamy. Such infamy has allowed him to form his own guild, Sniper Raid — noted to be filled with powerful, yet like-minded individuals who swore their utter loyalty to the silver-haired man in respect of his incredible power and innate kindness he holds for them, which later gains much infamy all over the continent thanks to his "guidance".

His most notable achievement is the mastery of Intetsukijin — a weapon of extreme power that's considered to be an unnatural force that's existed for many millennia; he's able to bring out its full power, something the others tried to do, but died trying to accomplish. By extension, he's able to use its powers freely to bolster his own — achieving even greater heights, some of which include overpowering multiple S-class or higher opponents, take on small armies of lower-class mages and warriors, and destroy various obstacles — regardless of their property, with little difficulty. It's assumed that when the blade is in hand, Devin is practically invincible — something that's believed by most who've battled him, noting his skillful execution of such an ominous weapon in tandem with his other magical talents.

Physical Abilities

Devin constantly training his body to maintain its perfect condition; it's known that his regiments are gruesome and extensive, focusing on each area he feels lacking.

Modified Physical Stature:
Inhuman Adaptability Rate:

Garyū Shōdōshūken (我流衝動集拳, lit. "Self-Taught Impulsive Compilation Fist"): The overall definition of Devin's combat style, it's something that can never be taught by another individual; if such was the case, it would contradict the style's namesake. The style is something that constantly evolves with time and practice, improving as the user gets stronger. It's because of this that it's considered to be Devin's preferred method of hand-to-hand combat, having many applications that can either be assimilated from other sources or made up through one's own efforts. Something implied in part of the name, the term "garyū" (我流, lit. "Self-Taught") refers to one learning on their own and teaching themselves a variety of skills to fit certain needs; it's not something that can only be applied to martial arts, but to various aspects of everyday life. This is seen as how a person grows up and develops, garnering skills needed to overcome certain obstacles in order to move forward. In this sense, Devin's style is based on the principle of evolving during various situations — combat or otherwise, developing new skills in order to solve the problem at hand; either assimilating other skills from his opponents or allies, or developing certain skills that utilize current ones at a basis. As he's forged himself through extreme training regimens in order to keep up with various types of opponents, this allows such a style to exist within Devin's vast arsenal, as it calls for the user to discern the nature of certain actions within a given moment. As stated before, this is not limited to just hand to hand combat alone, but to all areas; Devin takes advantage of such a fact, using such a style to improve various aspects of his being — going from his intellect, to his swordsmanship, to even his magical prowess. This fighting style serves as the basis to everything that Devin is capable of doing and then some; without it, he couldn't mold himself into what he is today.

Ways of Combat

Even without his weapon, Devin is able to subdue his opponents with the simplest of precise hand movements — leaving them at his mercy.

Advanced Hand-to-Hand Combatant:

High-Level Kenjutsu

"My blade and I are one in the same, acting as extensions of one another; it's because of this that we go beyond the limitations set by reality. Even with all the magic in existence at my disposal, they still fall short to the feats that's accomplished through my swordsmanship. Any schmuck can swing a blade around, but if they can't find a way to make full use of its given potential — it's no different than a caveman swinging around a club. I know of this fact and trained myself in such a way that I deter from this path, one considered to be unruly to other swordsmen. The art of the sword is something sacred, something that's refined since the dawn of man; its entire purpose is the severing of all things deemed unnecessary while protecting the aspects that one cherishes. When one learns of this fact, only then that they become true swordsman."
— Devin exuding his faith in his swordsmanship while explaining the entire point behind the art.

Magical Prowess

High-Level Magician: By his standing as an S-class level mage — despite his youthful appearance, Devin is considered to be one of the more powerful spell casters that's seen to-date; his skill in the magical arts has been apparent since a younger age, something noted by many individuals. This only continued to grow as he got older — developing into what it is today. Typical of someone of his skill level, he can pull off feats that would be normally considered impossible by an average mage; someone of these include changing the nature of his spells to suit his needs, combining one or more spells to form more powerful ones, hiding spells within other spells and implanting certain ones in objects or on a person — activating when certain conditions are met, and anything else similar. With weaker spells, he's able to take out a multitude of opponents or subdue larger ones. There have been times where he's unconsciously used magic or magical energy to fend himself or execute certain actions, acting as if he would've done it naturally in any other situation. Magic is pure energy even form by the end of the day; in the proper hands of a master like Devin, anything is possible.

  • Refined Control of Various Energies: A key part in spell casting is the manipulation of one's energy and that of the surroundings, turning it into power that's needed for their spells; however, without proper control of such energies, such spells can backfire — dealing more harm to the user than intended. It's a basic principle that every mage adheres to, no one foolish enough to ignore it; it's something innate, as if it's a natural extension of a person's body. World itself is made up of various energies, all of which are manipulated to some degree to cause the phenomena that occur on a daily basis. Devin's natural talent for the magical arts extends to various areas, this one not excluded; in fact, it's considered to be something he excels in as it allows him to utilize energy flow in unique ways. Devin always strives to control his own magical flow in such a way that he's able to accomplish things with his magic without wasting it; this is something he noticed done unintentionally by most mages, casting their spells that utilize more energy than needed — exhausting themselves earlier on than intended. Through rigorous amounts of training and much needed research did Devin reach the precipice he ever so sought, controlling his energy in such a way that it allowed him to execute the most powerful of spells without having it take a major toll on neither his reserves nor his body. Not only that, he's able to utilize the various energies around him — shaping it and controlling the flow to his liking; it's due to this that he can cast spells much longer than those around him, the only exceptions being mages of equal energy control. He can not only control the powers of his spells, but those around him — increasing or decreasing their efficiency by manipulating the energies contained within. The art of energy manipulation is key to spell casting, and as a fellow master — Devin is considered to be one of the few that can truly be called a "mage".

Devin preparing to use a spell with the intention of killing his opponent, seen by his given "suggestion".

General Magic Prowess: Ever since he was young, Devin has exuded his talents for the magical arts — one of the many traits he's inherited from his deceased parents; this is clearly seen in his magical energy levels, noted to be particularly high for someone his age. His affinity for such arts was apparent to the naked eye, earning him both the praise and ire of those around him; this is seen in his ability to quickly grasp the concepts of and utilize spells that would take many years for others to perform. This only improved after going through arduous training and having a variety of tutors at the magic school he's previously attended. When he reached the apex of his overall stature — seeing significant improvements in all areas, his magical skills had reached such limits that it's considered to be on a level of its own. Devin has become one of the rare few mages that's able to reach a precipice that's considered to be unobtainable, freely using magic in any given desire without consequence. In fact, the sheer number of magics and spells in his possession — all of which were obtained in a short period of time, is a fine example of such a precipice being reached, as no mage is able to specialize in various types without years of training and studying while fulfilling the needed requirements. Out of everyone in his guild, Devin is noted to have the most magics on-hand — surpassing even that of the guild master herself; in his words, he's mastered magics that would compliment him as an individual, thus leading to the current types under his control. As Devin constantly trains himself, his magical talents continue to grow and evolve — one day possibly becoming unrivaled.

By releasing some of the limits on his power, Devin's magical energy taking shape in the form of a large grey pillar that affects his surroundings.

Unfathomably Bleak Magical Power: Something that he was innately born with, Devin has unusually high amounts of magical power — something that only compliments his already blossoming magical talents; this is another thing that he's inherited from his parents, both of whom were skilled mages who possessed large amounts of power in their own right. Originally uncontrollable and wild for even a youngster like him, he later developed methods of subduing it and bending it to his whim — similar to a slave and their owner, but less mortifying. The sheer volumes of energy under his command are unlike that of any other; there have been some who've stated that it can't even be called energy — believing it's something else entirely, more like an ocean or something of a similar regard. Such volumes tend to serve to his advantage, as when combined with his refined control of his energy, it serves a variety of purposes; some of them include longer casting of spells, disrupting other forms of energy within the area — preventing other spells from being cast or distorting any active ones, including summonings, use of high-tier spells in succession — showing no signs of wear, and a form of protection against certain types of techniques. There are certain times where his magical power is used as a form of an intimidation tactic, preventing the opposition from making reckless moves against his person; its commonly done by exerting it outward in an ashen grayish-white colored pillar of energy, one that dwarfs a larger area while consuming all within its range. It's said that those who are exposed to Devin's magical energy have instilled with the feeling that their very presence is being stifled and being wiped out from existence.

The usual reaction to those who've either sensed Devin's magical power or entered its range, influenced by its various negative aspects and being instilled with fear and dread unlike any other.

One of the most notable aspects of Devin's magical power is the sensation it gives off; since such energy is an extension of his very being, it's not strange that it would fluctuate according to the user's given state. To those who could possibly sense Devin's energy, they tend to be affected in a negative manner. What they are sensing is not energy, but the emotions locked within. As Devin is considered to be a "troubled youth with a painful past", his energy tends to play on that; his strong desire for revenge, mercilessness, and given blood thirst is exuded from the energies contained within his body — enough to frighten anyone who happens to pick up on it. Due to this that people become aware of what type of person Devin truly is, reacting accordingly. Though something that's considered to be a subconscious matter, the energy can affect the environment in such a way — manifesting itself as various phenomena; on certain occasions, its enough to cause the temperature to lower in certain areas, sending chills upon the spines of those that happen to be around. Acting as an extension of his killing intent, Devin's magical power can cause "phantom pain" to occur — making others believe that they've been attacked when in actuality, nothing happened to them. This serves as a warning to their eventual demise by his hand. Depending on how much is exerted at once, such sensations can be felt from miles away, affecting everyone in said vicinity. There have been times where Devin's magical energy is mistaken that for a Demon's curse power by quality alone, as both have an evil feeling to it — even though Devin is someone of very high levels of morality.

  • Second Origin Activation (二原解放, Nigen Kaihō): Second Origin is a force known as the "second container" of magical energy in an individual. This container exists due to the mage in question constantly, and passively, absorbing a quantity of magic from the environment to renew their original reserves. Any excess is placed within this container and kept sealed until absolutely necessary, or unlocked through a Second Origin Release spell. This Second Origin, when initially activated, places an enormous level of stress on the body unless it is awoken in gradual amounts, as the body isn't accustomed to handling so much magical energy in the body at one time. This can be circumvented by mages with control of their magic, however, allowing them to restore the magical power as a reserve that can be accessed whenever required, therefore providing an extremely useful backup. Second Origin Activation can only be taken place, as said before, by mages who have control over their own magical energy. It generally only works when one is in a magic-rich environment and has nearly exhausted their initial supplies. By absorbing a copious quantity of magic from the surrounding environment passively (which can be noticed through a tingling sensation in the body), the user's internal reserves can be released at the same time. This, in turn, allows for an immense quantity of magic to replace the initial, depleting reserves. Notably, one can allow the Second Origin to passively increase the quantity of magic that is within it, so long as it isn't used during this period of time, otherwise it has to accumulate magic once again. The overall effects of activating the Second Origin are quite evident: an enormous boost in magical energy, empowered spells, ability to enhance physical strikes with magical reinforcements, temporarily breaking the "laws" of magic with specific equipment, and the rest. Notably, Second Origin is thought to be powerful enough to make an S-Class Candidate become as strong as a fully fledged S-Class Mage, while making an experienced S-Class Mage even stronger. Though it should be noted that most S-Class Mages are nearing this level of magical power in any case.

Otherworldly Communication

Darkness Magic

"Only in the darkness can I find true strength; it's truly my greatest ally — the very thing that embodies me...."
— Devin exuding his beliefs in the element he favors so much.

Devin's emitting his form of the magic from his body, known to be more malleable and possessing high offensive and destructive properties than the standard darkness used by other users; it's noted to have an ominous feel to it, typical since it's fueled by his negativity.

Darkness Magic: Evil Truth of the Abyss (天地晦冥具象否定万象(エビル·トゥルース·オフ·ザ·アビス), Ebiru Tourūsu Ofu Za Abisu; lit. "World-Covering Darkness that Represents all Negativity in Creation"): Darkness Magic is as it states; it's a magic that allows the user to manipulate the element of darkness. With it, the user can manifest shadows and physical forms of darkness from the spiritual realm to the material plane, controlling it in any way they see fit. It was originally considered to be a form of the Black Arts. However, it was later disproven as it carried no side-effects when using it — being like any other elemental magic. According to various tomes and ancient texts, the magic utilizes the inverse of the "magic = feeling" concept; by fueling one's magic with negative emotions, they will go through the process fusing the surrounding eternano with their magical power. From there, they open a gateway of sorts that connects to the spiritual realm from the material plane; this part tends to go unnoticed, as humans don't have a high-enough awareness of the spiritual realm and dimensions beyond the third. Using their fused power, they will call upon the darkness lurking within the dimensions and summon it to their realm. They usually use a medium in order to manipulate such "malevolent power", normally their bodies or their own shadow. The color of the user's darkness is in tandem with their personality and the natural color of their magical aura. Not only that, the quality and the properties of their darkness are said to be unique amongst each Darkness Magic user. Some more powerful than others. Thus, there are different forms of Darkness Magic in the world; this holds true for other magics making use of the element in-question, such as the Black Arts themselves and various forms of Slayer Magic — all of which follows the same basic principle.

Out of all the known users of the element, Devin's usage is considered to be one of the most powerful — embodying the negative connotations associated with it. This is due to the element finding its power and overall capabilities in his raw negative emotions and strong desires for vengeance; it doesn't have any other source, in opposition to the opinions from others. The ominous feel that it gives off whenever Devin employs it serves as proof, acting as an extension of said emotions that's been festering for many years after the tragic events of his childhood and the loneliness he's experienced before and after his brief period of happiness. There have been many comparisons made about Devin's version of the magic — all of which relate to its ability to instill fear into others whenever it's used; in fact, it's been given many titles as recognition, one of which is "Erebea" (異界の魔性実質(エレベア), Latin for "Darkness", Japanese for "Impish Essence of the Spirit World") — alluding to the fact that it's derived from the very pits of the underworld itself. Devin doesn't seem to care in the end, as long as the magic suits his purposes — typically destructive and stealthy ones.

It seems that this magic comes natural to him, seeing how long it took him to master it in comparison with the others in his possession; in fact, he notes that a possible reason for this is because of his subsequent mastery of Intetsukijin, and by extension — the Dark Necrospirits residing within, each one having a specialization in the art to some degree; this is later proven to be true in a conversation Devin had with Decarigorn — the most notable user in the group, stating that the sword implanted some of their knowledge of said magic into Devin through a spiritual connection, thus the reason it seems to be natural to him. It may be due to the sword being ominous and has strong ties with the darkness, thus in order to bring out its full potential and make use of its abilities, one must also master this magic to the best of their capabilities — turning it into a unique weapon entirely, in order to subjugate the blade's powers. As a result of his mastery over Darkness Magic, he was able to unleash the full powers of his blade without succumbing to its corruption — making him the only known user to accomplish such a feat.

For those who dare an attack from this magic head-on, utter destruction awaits....

As one of the most feared forms of Darkness Magic, Devin's version embody's the concepts of "death", "the void", and "annihilation" wholeheartedly; a single usage is able to eviscerate any and all things that stand within its path. It's such that people tend to mistake it as a form of Destruction Magic — one of the most powerful Caster-Type magics in existence, as the Devin's darkness emulates the same effects to nearly the same degree. Unlike others which has a coloration to it — signifying its uniqueness to the caster, Devin's darkness is considered to be pure, untainted by any other source or influence; in a sense, this is how the magic is supposed to be, as the element is free and chaotic by nature — unhindered by the machinations of man. Thus, Devin's darkness is the same as the one found in nature in terms of coloration — pitch-black; this has remained unchanged, even when he tries to add more of his own power to it. As the main source of his darkness is the raw negative emotions festering over his heart for nearly more than a decade — the power is proportionate to his emotional levels; the angrier or sadder he gets, the powerful. This is typical, as the element is the most compatible when it comes to the conceptual and the like. The darkness emitted from Devin's being or taken from the surroundings is noted to be very inky and sluggish texture-wise, while coming in very large amounts volume wise; Devin tends to use this to his advantage, either filling the area with the element in a mere instance — having it acting as an extension of himself while hindering his opponents, or overwhelming the opposition through the form of continuous chains of spells derived from various classes.

In his quest for power, needing the necessary levels of strength to carry out his vengeance — Devin decided to master all the skills in his possession to the extreme; this way, he becomes unrivaled in said area. This is seen in mainly his swordsmanship, his spiritual skills and his physical capabilities. However, it also holds true for this area as well; after assimilating even more knowledge of the element from the Dark Necrospirits and spent long nights alone in the darkness — learning how to harness its essence even further, he's reached a point where nearly all forms of darkness becomes accessible to him; according to him, he was "enlightened" to the truth; it's said that the name of his brand of darkness came from said enlightenment — something that partially horrified him upon discovery. All forms of the element — regardless of properties or uniqueness, all originate from the same source. By manipulating that source — hinted to be the very essence of the spiritual realm and one's imagination, they are able to obtain all forms, regardless of their given specialty. In that sense, Devin is able to access various branches associated with the element in-question — thus giving him a wider variety of abilities, as he's able to ingress said source freely due to his level of knowledge and mastery — identifying him as a "true master of the darkness".

He's considered to be on a level of his own when wielding this magic, untouchable by the common mage; the scope of his umbra manipulation remains unrivaled by any known darkness-based magic user — even Slayers and Molders, regardless of their type. His darkness has reached an extent where it's much stronger than the regular darkness conjured by Darkness Mages and Dark Dragon Slayers, as well as the jet-black darkness of Black God Slayers and the shadows of Shadow Mages. In fact, Devin's darkness is unable to be consumed by any opposing darkness magic user of any type — the darkness being too concentrated and filled with various emotions that's not only emitted from himself, but taken from the surrounding area, and he can actually transform opposing sources of darkness into his own, meaning that he has full control over the element of darkness in every way, shape, and form — seen by the black gloomy aura that constantly surrounds his being whenever he employs it in a given fashion; even the night sky bends to Devin's whims, being one of the most well-known forms of darkness, as he can easily draw his power from it without restriction to boost his own capabilities. In the end, however, the element is merely another source of energy at Devin's disposal — moving at his whims and mowing down all that stands in his way.

The black-colored makeshift sword of darkness, crafted with the intention of acting as one of Devin's backup weapons; it's known to have high offensive power and incredible durability in lieu of appearances.

  • Arondight (光駆除器の悪神(アロンダイト), Arondaito; lit. "Evil God's Light Destruction Weapon"): The first of many spells under this category, it's considered to be very simplistic in nature; by taking the darkness that constantly surrounds him, Devin gathers it into his hand and crafts it into the shape of his Intetsukijin — generating a second katana as a result. Due to it being concentrated darkness, it's power is incredibly high and the weapon itself is incredibly durable — being able to clash with other weapons without being damaged. It can also fire off crescent waves of darkness from its being, something typical of a weapon made from the same substance; also, Devin can craft many versions of the incorporeal blade — manipulating them in any way he sees fit. In this sense, he can overwhelm his opponent through this method, gaining the upper hand. Devin commonly uses this technique whenever he wants to perform dual-wielding or when his weapon is out of reach for any reason.

The ominous aura of darkness generated around the user, shielding them from enemy offenses and acting as a deterrent of sorts.

  • Undead Imperial Wrath (不死逆鱗, Fushi Gekirin): This technique was created as a way of protection, thus can be seen as Devin's only defensive spell in this category; by gathering the darkness around him and re-absorbing it back into his being, he's able to emit it as form of magical aura. As this new magical aura holds the same property as the darkness itself, it's known to be very destructive — eviscerating anything and everything that it makes contact with; magical techniques will be dispersed and physical techniques will reduce their users into utter nothingness. It's due to the nature of the technique that it's seen as a form of a deterrent, preventing opponent from making reckless moves against Devin's being; the spell also destroys the user's surrounding unintentionally, nothing being safe from its onslaught. However, Devin notes that the technique requires one to have excellent magical energy control, lest the properties of the technique destroys the user — making the techniques only backlash. Apparently, Devin state that this technique serves as a foil to its light counterpart — seeing how he based the spell after it.

The black soundwaves produced by the technique rebuffing the opposition while destroying the surroundings.

  • Pandemonium (阿鼻叫喚, Jabikyoukan; lit. "Agonizing Cries"): A spell that Devin modeled after the various roar-based spells found in Slayer Magic, it's known to be very effective against certain types of opponent; it also finds its basis in Sound Magic, making use of sound waves and frequencies in order to induce its destructive potential. By gathering the darkness surrounding him in his mouth and combining it with the air in his lungs & stomach and the magic energy in his body, he releases it in the form of a sound-deafening screech of incredible power; Devin notes that the louder he screams when the technique is unleashed, the more effective the technique becomes; it's been noted by those who hear it that such a screech sounds like the wails of the dead and those who are eternally suffering — denoting to the etymology of the technique. It tends to make a person's ear ring violently whenever its heard, throwing off their equilibrium while damaging their body in some way. As this technique has varying sound frequencies, it can produce various effects — some of which affect certain types of opponents. Typically enough, he releases a wave of darkness in the form of sound frequencies that destroys everything in its path; it's enough to counter the roar variants of other slayers, regardless of types — alluding to its origins of creation. Apparently, the only weakness of the technique is that if Devin doesn't line his throat with magical energy before releasing the technique, the technique can potentially damage his throat — something he complains about whenever he uses it.

The great orb of darkness being formed, ready to destroy all that stands in its path; it's noted to hold power similar to that of a meteor.

  • Lucifer Breaker (天来晦冥の大天軸瓦解(ルシファー·ブレーカ), Rushifā Burēka; lit. "Great Celestial Axis Downfall of the Heavenly Darkness"): One of the few basic spells of incredible power, it's something that Devin created with the intention of causing large-scale damage without wasting too much magical power — making it optimal for multiple usage, something that Devin tries not to take advantage of due to its destructive capabilities. By crossing his hands together, he gathers all the surrounding darkness and condenses it into a single point; this causes it to grow larger and larger, forming a sphere of such volume and mass. This sphere has an incredible gravitational pull, dragging everything in the surroundings into it in the similar fashion to a black hole; this includes various energies and energy-based constructs, thus serving as a bane to most spells. When reaching critical mass, Devin drops the technique onto his target in question; despite it's slow speed, it still retains its gravitational pull, thus can pull the opponent in — preventing any and all attempts at escape. Upon making contact, it momentarily implodes in on itself — trapping said target, before being unleash outward in an explosion that eclipse most of the landscape where its used, reducing it to pure nothingness. Devin notes that this spell has the power reminiscent of an actual meteor, seeing how the impact can create an explosion of such magnitude and utterly destroys the surrounding landscape with ease. The reason why this technique is considered to be truly advantageous to Devin's person is because it doesn't make use of his own energy and can be used even when he's exhausted; it's one that's an energy collection attack and thus becomes far more powerful the later it's used. It is most useful when activated towards the end of a battle between high-level opponents, since the area will be saturated with excess energy from their attacks. It is a recycling of the magic particles just used and spread over the battlefield. It serves as one of his final trump cards to ensure that his target is destroyed by all means, should anything tragic happens to his person.

The umbral rings developed on the back of the user, ready to create whatever the user desires out of its energies.

  • Shaded Karmic Ring (冥暗天命輪, Meian Tenmeirin): Something that's seen as one of Devin's most versatile spells in his arsenal, it allows him easier control over his darkness that he creates and allows him to bring out their maximum potential; he admits that he was inspired by the Aqua Ring technique used by water-based mages, able to maximize their element through such a simplistic method. By gathering the darkness around him in such a way and compressing it to its utmost limits, he creates a three solid rings of darkness that's similar to chakrams that floats behind his back and rotates at high-speed, which helps to keep the technique together and its effects stay efficient. The more rings that he creates, the greater amount of magical power needed to maintain them — one of the main faults of the techniques; even with his perfect control of his energy, Devin can't evade this weakness. He usually creates a maximum of three rings, which he finds to be more than enough — able to accomplish much while not needlessly wasting his own power. The entire point of this spell is as stated before: the enhanced control of his darkness; through this spell, Devin can craft various objects and creatures through the rings created by the technique — simulating Molding Magic in some sense; in fact, whenever he uses this technique in such a fashion, many mistake him for a Molder Mage, something that's considered to be untrue. However, with each creation the rings grow smaller and smaller until they disappear, causing Devin to go through the entire process all over again. He's also able to manipulate the existing darkness in the area through this technique, and at a much more efficient rate than prior. This makes it more dangerous to face Devin head-on, succumbing to the vast amounts of the element under his control. Devin notes that the technique is more suited to those who are naturally capable of controlling their energies and that of the surroundings to the highest degree — as they are the ones who are able to bring out the spell's full potential.

The appearance of the ghastly specters created through the technique, noted to be lifelike and have intimidating appearances in the eyes of others.

  • Mephistopheles (メフィストフェレス, Mefisutoferesu): Named after the Demon he's recently slain during one of his missions, this spell is based on the Demon's curse to create spectral-like beings from its own energy — serving him and following his commands; after much in-depth observation, Devin was able to grasp the basic concepts behind said power and apply it to his own darkness. In a sense, it was thanks to the Demon that Devin was able to create a new spell for his ever-expanding arsenal of techniques. By gathering the darkness to the palm of either of his hands, he condenses it to a single point until it's formed into an orb, similar to the previous technique; he takes this further, gathering more darkness around the orb, creating rings surrounding it. When reaching such a point deemed fit, he releases it outward in the form of a dark-colored mist; he then shapes said mist into ghost-like entities. Originally the process was slow because of the many steps in the technique's activation, thus deemed by Devin as not battle-worthy; it's until he gotten used to the technique, practicing over and over again that the speed increases — reaching more than adequate levels. The ghosts appear as hooded, ghoulish entities — having similar appearances to the ones used through another well-known magic; they're also able to be manipulated either remotely or by giving them their own autonomy. Apparently, besides being able to phase through objects and be resistant to all attacks below a certain level, they're also able to release blasts of darkness and steal other's magical energy just by going through them — weakening them in the process; they can increase their strength by absorbing more darkness from other sources, regardless of origins — putting them on entirely new levels of power. The only way this technique can be defeated is through the use of mid to high-tier magic or through light manipulation on any level. It's said that this technique is also based on Devin's awakened ability to see spirits, something he eventually mastered with time. Devin notes that he opts for using this technique than the souls trapped in his blade, developing an attachment to them and seeing the ghosts created through magic as "expendable".

The black flame-like darkness generated from the technique, having the capabilities of destroying all things it makes contact with.

  • Grendel Flare Judgment (邪炎殺闇彎月の暗竜帝(グレンデル·フレアー·ジャッジメント), Gurenderu Fureā Jajjimento; lit. "Black Dragon Emperor's Wicked Immolating Darkness Crescent"): This spell is considered to be one of the most powerful of its kind, being one of the highest form of shape manipulation — giving it an entirely new appearance while sticking to its original properties; it also serves as the basis for Devin's unique form of Spellblade — known to very destructive in its own right. The name of the technique was based on a mythological dragon who had the ability to create black flames with very destructive power — razing the lands with it and causing much chaos; it was eventually slain by the combine efforts of many Dragon Slayers, all of whom later died of their wounds inflicted by said black flames. As the spell is one that uses much magical power and requires one to have considerable amount of control, it can only be used by high-leveled and competent mages; Devin considers this to be one of his signature techniques by-far, being one the embodiments of his fury and desire for vengeance. By manipulating the darkness around him, he gathers it to a single point — surrounding him in a circular fashion. It's then that he uses his considerable skill in magic control to summon the energies around him and fuse it with the darkness he's gathered, shaping said darkness' overall form into that of conflagrations; it takes mere seconds to perform for someone at Devin's level. To the view of the witnesses, it's as if the darkness being lit by friction — suffering from spontaneous combustion, thus gaining their new form. Due to its new form, it tends to move in the similar fashion to an inferno while maintaining its original powers of destruction and disintegration — overwhelming everything that comes in contact with them. As its a malleable substance, it's typically shaped in the form of a serpentine creature — commonly thrown at the opponent, who destroys them upon contact. As long as Devin is able to wield such a force, he becomes untouchable; however, this technique takes a considerable toll to keep stable, thus can only be used a few times within a given time span. Devin uses this technique when he feels that he's out of options and wants to rely on unbridled force to destroy those who dare oppose him.

Devin calling forth an expansive whirlwind of darkness, noted to be extremely powerful; it's seen as one of his favored spells.

  • Tornado of Terror (黄泉の邪圧制者渦中(トルネード·オッフ·テロル), Toruneedo Offu Teroru; lit. "Evil Tyrant Maelstrom of the Yellow Springs"): Something considered to be one of his favorites, it's easily considered to be one of, if not his most versatile technique in this series; this is due to the properties of the technique mimicking another element while still retaining its nature as a Darkness Magic spell at its core — not unlike the Grendel Flare Judgment. In fact, Devin states that one of the reason for this technique's existence is to bolster the power of the former — becoming an unbridled force unlike no other; this means that the true power of this technique is only seen when combined with the aforementioned one. In order for this technique to be invoked, he must first gather a certain amount of darkness to his hand, letting it swirl around in his person; using shape manipulation and his excellent control over energy, he forms the darkness's form into that of wind while still retaining its black coloration; in said state, the darkness becomes less concentrated and lets out many wisps. It's known that the process is near instantaneous due to the low level of difficulty to achieve such a form, given that wind is naturally thin. With this new form of darkness in tow, Devin's able to naturally manipulate it in however he sees it — gaining much speed while a slight decrease in its overall power; it's recognized that because of its natural state, Devin manipulates it in the same way that one would utilize Wind Magic or Air Magic. Also, since it's still darkness at its core, it can't be absorbed or manipulated by other wind-based mages — in lieu of misconceptions on how they perceive such an attack. The true terror of this technique, however, is alluded by its namesake; Devin is able to create a mastodonic tornado of wind-shaped darkness that's known to have a high velocity and great destructive power. It's done by gathering all the darkness surrounding him and focusing it into the palm of his hand, using the very methods that created said darkness into its wind-based form, he generates a small tornado-like structure that grows upon command — absorbing energy, air currents, and various forms of darkness to continually increase in size. Like a vacuum, it has a strong gravitational force that pulls in anything and everything within its range — trapping them in its dark windy center; as the technique also follows the same principle as an actual tornado, it's able to suck up all the air when one is in said center — suffocating them while succumbing to the destructive energies that the tornado itself exudes at a constant. As it has a high velocity rate and a sturdy centrifugal force, it can easily repel low-level spells and clash with high-level ones, albeit for a short time. It's unknown what other properties that this technique possesses, but it's hinted that — when used in the right manner, it can easily outclass any other technique Devin owns in terms of versatility — sword techniques included. The name of this spell is based off of the character of the same name from the series, Onepunch-man; she's considered to be one of the author's favorites in said series thus far. It should also be noted that the etymology of the technique is rather fitting, given that its size and power are able to instill fear into those that go up against it.
Megidolaon Quadrumvirate
"These four techniques are considered to be the very embodiment of element we refer to as the "darkness"; they're the only things in existence that can swallow the light without resistance. The destructive potential is unlike any other, putting them on a level of their own. Personally, I'm not sure if there are any other techniques that could match them in terms of power. As they embody all the negativity in the universe, everything within the vicinity in which they're used either withers away or eventually succumbs to fear. It's impossible to overestimate their capabilities, fitting for techniques that are considered to be godlike in nature."
— Decarigorn giving a brief description about these techniques during his conversation with Devin.

The Megidolaon Quadrumvirate (黄泉無明長夜流の原始具体化(メガロドン・クアドラムヴィレート), Megarodon Kuadoramuvuirēto; lit. "Primordial Embodiment of The Underworld's Long Night of Spiritual Darkness Style") are a series of four powerful spells that make use of the most potent forms of darkness known to creation; they are stated to be the embodiments of the element itself and considered to be one of the first few spells to exist. It's believed that they were created by a supreme god who ruled the darkness for many eons, hoping that the techniques would maintain his hold on all things existing within its primordial void; it's unknown how the common man got a hold of its secrets, but it's theorized that it was done through an arcane ritual that's esoteric in nature — the exact details being unclear. These four techniques are alternatively referred to as the Eternal Darkness Ultimate Arts (常暗極義, Tokoyami Gōkugi), denoting to their position as the highest known spells deriving from the very darkness itself.

There have been few users of these techniques, some of whom were consumed by the power these moves exuded; this marked them as forbidden techniques by those who knew of them. Only individuals of a certain quality can wield them, specifically those who've experienced the true terror the darkness had to offer in the form of an event in their lifetime so tragic that it had corrupted their views of reality in one way or another. It's said that due to their overwhelming destructive power — rumored of having capabilities of destroying the world many times over, they were sought by many Demons and Dark Mages — common users of the element in-question, hoping to enslave the world at-large and bend all of creation to their whim. It's due to such a desire, that the techniques were passed down to a select few — all of whom were considered to be individuals of incredible power and honor; this made it nearly impossible for such techniques to fall into the wrong hands. Currently, these technique fell into obscurity — their existence known to a select few; it's said that those who've mastered the four techniques were referred to as an "Angra Mazdelis" (天地終結の不吉使者(アンリ・マズデリス), Anri Mazuderisu; lit. "Ominous Bringers of Creation's End"), being true masters of the darkness itself — utilizing it as they see fit while remaining somewhat untouched by its incredible influence. Each one can only invoked by the incantation created with it, serving as a seal on their incredible power, and the users are surrounded by an incredibly thick, visible, and somewhat maliciously repugnant jet-black aura of darkness — denoting to the activation of such a destructive force.

Devin is has known to have mastered these four techniques in his quest for power — learning of their existence from Decarigorn, another well-known user, and going through the proper training to wield their incredible power without succumbing to their influence like most past users; it took him many years to master — something he stated to be very worth it. He sees them as one of his few trump cards, using them as a last resort.

Assorted Spells & Charms

As a display of his magical prowess, Devin has mastered an array of various other magics aside from the ones he normally uses; this is due to his belief that one must always be prepared for any situation, having as many trump cards to play in the right moments as possible. Despite this, he mastered magics that he felt met his given purposes while fitting in to the centralized theme he set for himself; the ones in his possession are noted to be very advanced to the average mage, but to one such as himself — he was able to understand the concepts behind them, thus subsequentially mastered them. While most mages have a variety of spell associated with their magics, Devin has created one spell for each of them — believing that's all he really needs; he notes that a true mage is able to get as much done by using their magic wisely, and because of such views — he's convinced that mastering more than what he needs is not only a waste of time, but can be a burden on the road ahead. Each one of these miscellaneous spells are known to be either versatile — focusing on more than one aspect, or deadly — containing grand amounts of power.

Due to their relation to his occupation and their overall purpose of finding different ways to end a person's life, he dubs them as "Five Points of the Assassin" (刺客の五法, Shikaku no Gohou) — each governing a law concerning the art.

Considered to be a gruesome site, an enemy dying from a small scratch created from Devin's blade — only to be magnified to such extremes by the laws of his unique Blood Magic.

  • Blood Magic: Zelretch Olvendia (血の魔法·炯然紅蓮の惨死(ゼルレッチ·オルベンディア), Chi no Mahō: Zerurecchi Orubendia; lit. "Tragic Death of the Brilliant Crimson Lotus"): This is a spell derived from Blood Magic, using the very nature of it to either severely injure his enemies or put an end to their miserable lives; it's considered to be one of the more gruesome spells in his arsenal, as he notes that there's so much blood spilled whenever it's used — ironically denoting to its nature. The entire point of this spell is the amplification of wounds inflicted, making them more grievous than originally perceived; through it alone, Devin has made others die from blood loss or prevented internal problems — such as rupture of certain points in the body, disabling them in the process. He notes that the spell can only be used when in-tandem with a weapon, it's given weakness; it can't be applied any other way. He commonly uses it with his signature sword — known for its incredible offensive capabilities and destructive power. By using his perfect control over his magical power, flows some of it towards the edge of the blade; due to it only being a little amount, it's barely noticeable and can applied at any given time. When Devin makes an incision in the opponent in some way, said magical power is flowed into the wound and attaches to the arteries, capillaries, veins, blood cells, and the area where the wound is located. Upon a given signal, the magical power attached to these areas act in an erratic way — causing them to rupture in an unusual way; this causes the wound to grow even larger and causes blood to flow out uncontrollably. It's noted that because of the capillaries and arteries were damaged, it diverts the direction of the blood flow to a different area; this is considered dangerous as it can leak into other parts of the body, causing the areas affected to become dysfunctional and certain parts to be cut off — leading to an eventual death of the cells, and by extension — the part where the wound in located. It should be noted that this technique also prevents blood-clotting — essential for self-repair; this means that the body won't heal itself, leaving the open wound to be exposed to the natural elements. Because the technique goes unnoticed, most think that the cause for such an enlargement of their wounds are due to the blade's abilities — unaware of this spell's existence. However, every time a wound is inflicted, the spell can't be used until Devin flows more magic into the blade; this means that Devin can only make a certain amount of cuts proportionate to the magical power he currently has stored; since this technique relies on proper magic control, this shouldn't be a problem. Devin tends to use this technique in combat, but can control the degree of the wound so as not to kill off his opponent — merely disabling them, making them submit to his mercy.
Law: "The target's death is absolute. There is no compromise. It's either their death or yours."
  • Teleportation Magic: Dis Meliaphet (瞬間の魔法・縮地·幻像の神無(ディス・メルイアフェット), Shunkan no Mahō: Disu Meruiafetto; lit. "Reduced Earth — Phantom Step of the Godless World"): This spell is derived from Teleportation Magic; through this spell, Devin is able to translocate himself from one place to another — serving as one of his various modes of transportation. It also should be noted that this technique shares some similarities with Spatial Magic, considered to be the parent to all other magics dealing with the shifting of space in some manner. Like with the previous technique, this spell takes consider amount of magical control into the equation; if Devin employs the wrong amount, it would to catastrophic effects when performed. In order to employ this spell, Devin releases extremely high purified magical particle concentrations — causing his body to be outlined in a magical aura; in that instant he's reduced to elementary particles, which travels through a wormhole created in front of him. It's known that he momentarily comes in contact with space-time continuum located between the two points, traveling at incredible speeds. He later reconvenes in the location he wishes to appear in, reassembling himself — thus performing the act of teleportation. Since all of that was instantaneous, it's impossible to fully perceive; to the view of the opponent, it's like he existed from one place to another without making any suddle movements. This technique is considered to be very versatile, as it allows him to teleport at any given range — proportionate to how much magical energy he puts into it; in the midst of battle, this will prove to be advantageous as he can perform short-distance warps — thus able to either catch up to his opponent or avoid their offensive maneuvers. Something considered to be an aftereffect of the spell, it leaves an afterimage of Devin; when struck, it turns into a silver-colored blur. This is something that Devin tends to use to his advantage, leading his opponents into a false sense of security and taking the opportunity to strike a fatal blow; it can be used in mid-air combat, allowing him to perform combos in such a state. Devin states that it's possible to teleport objects, as well as other people — but he can only do it for a certain amount of kilometers, the exact amount being unknown; this makes it possible for others to be teleported with him. As this technique's main use is for travelling great distances and evading his adversaries, it's considered to be one of the more useful tools in his ever-expanding arsenal. According to him, this is based on the concept of Shukuchi, a famous martial arts technique employing high-speed movement; in this case, there no steps taken while moving to the highest limit thought possible. Due to a silver blur seen whenever the technique is performed, it's sometimes coined as the "Silver Flash Technique" (銀色閃光の術, Giniro Senkō no Jutsu); this makes allusions to a certain character.
Law: "One's presence must always be hidden from their prey, should they do the deed."

A sheer example of the parental magic taken to an extent, Devin's prowess becomes superhuman — letting him execute actions he couldn't do prior.

  • Strengthening Magic: Veritaseni (激化の魔法·人間限界純然超絶(ベアイートスゼニー), Gekika no Mahō: Beaītosuzenī; lit. "Complete Transcendence of Human Limitations"): The embodiment of his desire to get stronger, this technique employs the simplistic concepts of Strengthening Magic; it's considered to be one of the few magics that employs a form of "status boost" — increasing Devin's parameters to further heights, putting on levels thought impossible to reach by man. While it's another technique that requires one to have precise control of their magical energy, it's not as severe as the prior technique — assuring their given safety, with the only consequence being the increase in fatigue. Devin mainly uses this technique when he finds his physical abilities are meeting up to his expectations and he's solely dependent on his swordsmanship and close-range combat skills, finding his other magics to be to.... over-excessive. By focusing his magical energy within his body, he momentarily flares it outward before circumventing it around himself; this surge of energy creates a Formula under his feet, known to have intricate designs and gray in color. Such a circle rotates at high speed, exuding special energy waves that control the rampant magical power surrounding Devin — taming it and cloaking him; this outlines him in a brilliant silvery aura of his own energy. Under such influence, all of his physical parameters transcends normal human limitations — putting him on the level of superhuman; his speed, strength, and everything in-between are considered to be near godlike, with only a few individuals being able to stand up against him whilst in this state. The reason for such an substantial increase is because the magical aura that cloaks him stimulates every muscle fiber and nerves in his body, increasing their overall functionality. As an extension of such improvements, his already powerful and flexible martial arts and swordsmanship are boosted even further — becoming all the more deadly. A single swing from his sword or a punch thrown whilst in this state can cause considerable damage to the surroundings, creating shockwaves of varying degrees while dealing life-threatening damage to whatever it comes in contact with. Devin has shown the ability to manipulate the spell so it affects certain parts of the body, causing a further increase and leading them to be near godlike; however, he does note that it can cause considerable strain on said part, as it's affected by large amounts of magic for a long period — making said part unusable for a time, thus opts against this method unless needed. While this technique can maintained for longer periods, its duration is proportionate to how much magical energy is used; this means that this technique can be employed in short burst or for quite a bit — the latter, however, would cause him be somewhat drained of his power, despite his excellent handling of it. It should be noted as this technique only affects his physical stats, it leaves his magical ones untouched — leaving them with the same amounts of power when cast; although this technique can be used with other spells, its duration becomes shorter as magical power is being diverted to another source. Devin uses this technique on occasions, especially in battles where he wants to put a swift end to.
Law: "An assassin must always improvise when the situation isn't to their favor."
  • Nullification Magic: Rho Gigas (無効の魔法・聖母の常愛(ロー・ギガス), Mukō no Mahō: Rō Gigasu; lit. "Holy Mother's Unending Affection"): A defensive spell in nature, this technique affords Devin a certain degree of resistance towards techniques of a magical nature; it's derived from the basic concepts of Nullification Magic while requiring him to have excellent control of his overall magical power. As the technique is about cancelling out or de-powering other techniques through use of equal or less force, Devin needs to channel a certain amount of power to perform the deed; however, because Devin is an excellent mage who's able to manipulate the energies that are either around him or inside him to various degrees, this poses no problem. By exerting his magical power outwards in the form of a faint grey hue, he's able to cause it to emit certain frequencies that re-acts to other things of a magical nature; when a magical technique makes contact with Devin's person, it momentarily flares up — gathering up the necessary amount of energy needed to counter the technique in-question, before returning its original state. Thus, when an opponent think that their magical attack landed on Devin's person, they're commonly shocked that it had no effect — barely leaving a scratch on his person. Devin notes that this technique is an "automatic defense", sometimes activating without him willing it — even though he has complete control over it; he hints that it may be that his body's reflexes are behind such actions, using any means to prevent damage from occurring. Despite this, Devin states that the technique isn't good with Magical Barrier Particles — the natural bane to all things magical; this means that this technique is useless when fighting a demon, beings made from such a substance and rely on their curses. It's also susceptible to all other attacks that do not use magic, as the aim of this technique to counter those affiliated with such a source of energy. Though something mentioned on multiple occasions, one of the reasons why it's hard to put Devin down with magic is due to the existence of this technique, thus people opt to face him at close-range — ignorant to the fact that he also excels in such areas; Devin personally states that the overall point of this technique is to limit a person's battle options and lead them into the direction he wants. It's considered to be the only technique he constantly keeps active, needing to master it since most of his opponents and targets are highly-skilled and competent mages; while this technique took at least two years to master, it's considered to be one of his most reliable assets. Since he's reached the pinnacle of mastery, he can keep this technique active — making it nearly passive in nature. This is seen by the faint hue that surrounds Devin at nearly all times, acting as a border between him and anything magical. Devin notes that the technique's etymology is derived from a mother's love for their child, doing anything to protect him from harm — something that this spell does very well, seeing how Devin is rarely hurt from most magical techniques. However, it does make him reflect on the life he always wanted, wishing that his loved ones were still alive and able to raise him properly.
Law: "An assassin must always watch his back. There's a possibility that the enemy isn't alone."

The flame-like darkness covering Intetsukijin, bolstering its already immense destructive capabilities; like its parent, a single swipe can annihilate anything it touches.

  • Spellblade: Tenebrous Longsword Annihilation (魔法煎剣・魔族器純然潰滅業火(スペルブレード・テネブラス・ロングソード・アナイヒルアション), Superuburēdo: Teneburasu Rongusōdo Anaihiruashon; lit. "Sorcery-Infused Blade: Demonic Treasure Completely Obliterated by Hellfire "): Considered to be his version of the Spellblade technique, it utilizes his version of Darkness Magic — noted to be extremely destructive, high in offensive properties, and ominous in nature — influenced by his killing intent and various negative emotions exuded and festering over many years. Whenever Devin uses it, he notes that his target's death is imminent without a doubt — nothing being able to save them from the technique's wrath; by this alone, it may allude to the sword's true nature whilst in this state. By flowing his "darkness" onto the blade and flaring it up to its very limits, it manifests itself outwards — layering the blade and turning it pitch-black; as the blade now holds the same qualities as the darkness it's cloaked in, it exudes a somewhat melancholy aura, being able to affect the environment in such a way, instilling fear and doubt in whoever happens to be in the area. Obviously, the only one unaffected by such a change is Devin himself — the originator of such machinations. Using his excellent abilities of energy manipulation, he's able to shape the darkness lining his blade — causing it to flare outward and turning it into a raging inferno of black flames; despite its appearance, it's still considered to be darkness — unable to burn, but destroys utterly; Devin states that the reason he chose the darkness to be manifested as such a state is because he that the flames are representations of his passion for the head of his enemies while the coloration and powers represents their sins committed against him, taking away everything he ever worked for. In a sense, this technique is the manifestation of his revenge against those who've wronged him. Aside from the further increase in offensive power — making it dangerous to face Devin head-on, it can be used in-conjunction with other Darkness Magic spells and sword techniques — bolstering them to such degrees. Apparently, the flame-like darkness moves in such a way that it overwhelms and consumes their targets, destroying them without fail — similarly to an inferno; Devin can mentally manipulate such an ominous energy, shaping it to his liking. Also, it has the ability to break down whatever it touches — similar to a disease; it's said that through this technique, it nullifies all forms of regeneration — providing the target's imminent demise, and causes extreme amounts of pain — thus can be considered a form of torture. Anything else that comes with the "infected" will suffer the same fate, thus dangerous when used in the presence of comrades, as they can get caught up in the technique's rampaging effects. This is something intentional on Devin's part, as it represents his desire of inflicting the same amount of pain to others that he's lived with for so many years. However, he notes that this aspect of the technique is optional — activating and de-activating it on will. It's said that whenever this technique is used, the skies are darkened — affected by the darkness emitting from the blade; Devin quotes that the darkness of the blade is "tainting the heavens themselves, returning them to its primordial state". His skill with this technique is such that he can activate and de-activate it at will and can use it for prolonged periods of time; it's alternatively called "Pitch-Black Sinful Embodiment Blade" (射干玉悪業具刀, Nubatama Akugyōgutō) — referring to the coloration it gives off at all times & all that it represents.
Law: "One must prepare as many weapons and strategies as possible, should one fail. It's foolish to have dependence on a single thing."

Other Skills

Devin skillfully killing his target from afar without being noticed, leaving those surrounding them in utter shock and confusion.

Master Assassin: As one who has a strong desire to end the lives of those who've caused him so much pain in the past, it's not unnatural that Devin would have skills in the art of killing, something that he always employs when carrying out his given works. The term "assassin" is very broad; while it does refer to an individual that makes several attempts to take another's life, the methods tend to vary. In the case of Devin, while he's savvy to various methods of assassination — his preference is through bladed weaponry and his advanced skill in kenjutsu; in fact, he often prides himself at always ending the life of his targets through the blade alone — not relying on anything else except for his given surroundings. He utilizes the basic aspects of his swordsmanship and combines it with the incredibly high offensive power that his blade possesses, performing strikes with such precision that it can't be seen or felt until after the attack has been initiated. This makes it near to almost impossible for his targets to defend against such an overwhelming force of skill, making their deaths inevitable; regardless of how well-guarded they are or regardless of their location, as long as they're within Devin's peripheral, his slash will reach them without fail. Such slashes turn even the most serene of environments into scenes of carnage, the target's blood and remains decorating their surroundings while evidence of the slash are seen in the area where it took place.

There are rare times where he uses his skills in shurikenjutsu to end his target's life, aiming said shurikens in such a way that his target are unable to evade or defend it properly or within a certain span of time. As stated before, Devin has many known ways of assassinating a person under his belt, but such methods are rarely used; one of these include his use of his knowledge over chemicals and poisons; he would use his chemical expertise inherited from his deceased adoptive grandfather to create types of gases and bombs that utilize certain lethal effects — causing the target's body to undergo a painful metamorphosis, subsequentially distorting, disabling and possibly killing them. Like with combat, Devin uses every part of being in order to perform his assassinations without fail, most notably his speed, flexibility, and heightened awareness. It's known that he has a very high kill count, numbering somewhere in the thousands; according to him, he lost count after his thousandth kill — all of it being repetitive at a certain point, being the preface to his actual vengeance. Despite his age, Devin is considered to be one of the top assassins in the world, his prowess only rivaled by a few.

Poison and Chemical Utilization: One of the many myriad skills under his belt, Devin is known to make various types of poisons and chemicals to fit his needs; this helps in dealing with people who delves into such things, allowing him to come up with ways to counteract their various concoctions. He's learned such a skill from his adoptive grandfather Jägeryst, who's known as the "Old Man of Nuclear Winter" (核の冬の老翁, Kakunofuyo no Rouou), all over the continent of Ishgar for his various potions and poisons he's crafted over the years — most of which was banned by the Magic Council due to the danger they posed. Most of Devin's personal creations consist of makeshift bombs and poisons that either affect the nervous of muscular systems; he admits his inferiority to his adoptive grandfather, stating that he doesn't really practice or even use such methods unless the need arises. Despite this, such skills show Devin intelligence and handling of certain dangerous goods — a single mistake can cause him to forfeit his life and the possible lives of those around him.

Combat Will: Devin is known to be a stubborn individual who refuses to give up; he always fights until the end, even when the odds are against him. Though people think that he's fool-hearty in such a regard — mistaking it for being arrogant and reckless, it serves as a testament to his goal of getting revenge and putting an end to the long years of nightmarish torment he's been through. Such a will is manifested in various ways, whether its in the things that he does on a mundane basis or whenever he's locked in combat, the latter more so than the former. In fact, it's because of such a strong will that Devin is able to evolve and become more powerful — pushing past his given limitations; this specific trait being linked to his incredible rate to adapting to various situations. Even when training, his will to get stronger manifests in his body suddenly gaining more energy, albeit for a brief time, thus letting him continue his regiments where as most people would need to rest. Such a will can inspire others at times, encouraging them to keep fighting and never give up; albeit unintentionally, whenever Devin exudes such a will in front of others, it causes them to either fear him — believing that he can't go down regardless of what happens to him, or admire him — seeing him as a man of valor and bravery. When a person has a strong enough will, they are able to overcome anything — regardless of its given nature; in such a case, because Devin's will is considered to be abnormally strong and obstinate, he's somewhat immune to most forms of torture, can endure large amounts of pain, be resistant to certain telepathic abilities, and fend off certain types of magics dealing with the manipulation of an opponent's body in some manner. As he rarely doubt his actions and stays true to his path, Devin's will remains ever so unyielding, serving as a weapon in its own right.

The bestial visage that's seen in Devin's magical aura, representing his strong willpower and bloodthirsty nature; it's noted to be very frightening, enough to deter those from fighting him upon seeing it.

  • Strong Killing Intent: Somewhat of an extension of his incredibly strong willpower, Devin's killing intent is unlike any other; when one feels Devin's blood thirst, it often sends chills down their spine and puts them in a state of confusion and fear. As his killing intent is based on his desires for revenge and rectifying what he has lost, it's considered to be a type of emotion in its own right — having some relation to his anger and sorrow kept deep within his heart. Since emotions tend to be mixed in with one's magical energy — giving it certain qualities, when exerted — his killing intent bathes it entirely like morning dew on grass; this makes it incredibly dangerous for one to feel out Devin's magical energy, as they will also feel out his innate desire to kill amongst other things negative.

    As Devin has complete control over his immense reservoir of magical power, he often uses it to bathe the environment around him — changing it to meet his needs. Thus, when one enters the area where his magical power is located — they can feel his blood lust from all around, making it difficult to track his presence while giving them the feeling of being hunted down like a wild animal. It's said that his killing intent is such that it's manifested as a form of a Haetae's face, who are known to be very vicious animals in Chinese mythology; it's known to unleash a bone-chilling roar at times, frightening all those who hear it.

Devin comically making sense of someone's explanation through imagery, one of his various learning methods.

Genius-level Intellect & Natural Talent: In contrast to his somewhat lone wolf and bestial nature, Devin is known to be a bright and talented individual; this is most noted in his use of magic and swordsmanship, both of which he excels in. He's known to take grasp of concepts considered to be harder to his peers and put them into practice immediately, albeit with a bit of training; even when he was still attending school, he had one of the highest grades, thus considered to be an honor student. His knowledge only grew as he focused on getting vengeance and putting to rest the souls of his classmates, teachers and friends — studying and practicing various theories in a variety of topics. One can say that current physique is due to him finding the right combinations and setting up a regiment that focused on areas he found lacking. As he mastered Intetsukijin, he also gained access to the spirits trapped within and by extension, their knowledge; though he's considered to be a genius in his own right, he admits that his knowledge is severely lacking, thus depends on the advice and tips that the other spirits give him during their conversations.

He seems to be highly skilled in games relying on strategy, such as chess and gō, relating the pieces to combat situations — making moves that could be theorized as possible answers usable in said situations. He's noted to have a keen understanding on certain subjects and theories that he doesn't specialize in, enough that he can partake in it without dragging down those involved. As a calm and collected individual, he tends to come up with strategies on how to go about things, using his senses and enhanced awareness to read the situation before taking any course of action — preventing him from making mistakes that could be avoided. He tends to be very meticulous to the way he approaches others at times, finding ways to make it into a way in which he can somehow benefit. Due to his habit of reading advanced books on various subjects during his free time, his knowledge only grows as times pass.

Homemaking Skills: As a young man who's lived alone for quite some time, Devin has developed the necessary skills to survive on his own; most of the skills under his belt were either learned through trial-and-error or through witnessing it from another source. As they are merely fit for mundane purposes, Devin only utilizes them during times of relaxation or survival; his culinary skills tends to shine the most out of all, being able to prepare most dishes while making them very flavorful and tasty — some of them being randomly thrown together with ingredients he happens to find. He's also good with repairs, as most things around them tends to break down for one reason or another. Due to his clothes getting dirtied or torn from the missions he partakes in, he's developed some skills in sewing and washing — developing them to the point where his clothes can come out as if its brand new. He's able to clean efficiently and organize things neatly, making it easier for him to locate them later on. It's unknown what other skills he tends to utilize on a basis, but it's noted to be enough for him to get by; such asset are necessary when one depends on themselves for support.


  • "For you, there's no hope, there's no light, there's no mercy, and definitely no future. At the end of the road, only despair, suffering, and darkness awaits for you! Your demise is apparent at this point!" (あなたため、何の未来はそこには慈悲がないですし、確かに、光がありません、何の希望もありません。道の終わりには、唯一の絶望、苦しみ、そして闇があなたのため待っ!あなたの死亡この時点で明らかである!, Anata tame, nani no mirai wa soko ni wa jihi ga naidesushi, tashika ni, hikari ga arimasen, nani no kibō mo arimasen. Michi no owari ni wa, yuiitsu no zetsubō, kurushimi, soshite yami ga anata no tame ma~tsu! Anata no shibō kono jiten de akirakadearu!) — Devin signature catchphrase, capturing his apparent mercilessness towards his target.
  • "If you wanna place your hope on a false notion, that's on you. But just be warned, it will turn into your greatest despair eventually. Take it from a person who's experienced something like this first-hand. If you want something done, do it yourself." — Devin giving a warning to a victim's desire for revenge.
  • "There's one thing I'm sure of; it's my new lot in life. I'm gonna kill every fucker who was involved in that damn massacre and threw me into this unforgiving hell, just for the sake of their pleasure. No one is gonna be spared, that much I know! I will kill as many people as I have to so long as they are part of them. Even if I sell my soul to the devil himself, I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!" — Devin displaying his desire for revenge.
  • "I guess this is what I get for placing my faith in humanity...." — Devin disappointed after a few of his mercenary comrades betray him during a mission, nearly leaving him to die.
  • "I have long since closed my eyes... My only goal is in the darkness." — Devin's realization of himself and his ambitions.


  • Devin's full name was picked from a name randomizer because the author couldn't come up with any proper names for him; all the names that came to mind were — for lack of a better phrase, "sounded ghetto". Yeah that's right, I suck with names. Wanna fight about it?
  • Though something he doesn't like to admit easily, Devin can be seen as a shoutout to Kagemusha — one of the major villains in Fairy Tail: Dawn and created by Aha. The reason for this is due to his love-hate relationship over the character, thus one of the few articles on the site he has mixed feelings about, in a good way.
  • It should also be noted that his somewhat ode to the Madara Uchiha of Dawn masked villain gave the author some excuse to use some of the magics he's created some time prior, but never had a chance to use.
  • The main reason for his creation is because the author thinks that he should be more pro-active with other users and expand his horizon a bit.
  • In terms of power, Devin is purposefully meant to emulate an S-rank Mage — having little to no prior restraints; this makes him somewhat of a foil to Joshua Rabbitfoot, who's meant to do the same thing — but have as many restraints as possible in the form of the number of magics and spells in his possession.
  • When looked at from a certain angle, he's sorta the basic equivalent of a Soul Reaper from the anime/manga series, Bleach.
  • If anything, he's wholly based on Yu-Jin from Blade Note — a manhwa that the author finds to be a bit graphic, but done right; this is seen from his choice of weaponry, to his spiritual communication abilities, to his personality and past — the latter two being intertwined with one another. In fact, the author considers him to be one of his favorite comic characters of all time, despite said manwha coming out recently.
  • The powers of his signature blade are based on the Yatsufusa: March of the Dead from the anime/manga series Akame ga Kill!, and So'unga from the movie Inuyasha Movie 3: Sword of an Honorable Ruler. However, it should be noted that it leans more towards the former than the latter, as seen by the sword's magic and signature skill.
  • "I.... am an avenger." Wait, wrong series :P
  • Bitch, I'm Batman!
  • Should there be a theme song for this character, it would be Rain by SID; it's something considered to be rather fitting, explaining Devin's entirety.